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$2 Medium Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Tea (Normally $3.65) @ Hungry Jack's (Excludes ACT and Delivery)


HJ's are now offering what is probably one of the cheapest Drive Thru hot drinks you can buy at the moment. I would personally recommend still going to 7-Eleven for Coffee if you're happy to get out of your car (especially with the free coffee with reusable cup offer). The price is still showing up in the app as $3.65 but should be updated soon. The app pricing has now been updated with all medium hot drinks listed as $2.

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    People aren't too happy with HJs with the recent removal of vouchers haha.

    Are you able to grab a medium hot chocolate instead do you know OP?

    • The email only mentions "$2 coffee offer is available for medium coffee only" so I would take that as a no for discount hot chocolate or tea. Might be worth trying your luck.

    • yes

  • Coffee any good?

    Is that a dumb question?

    • +1

      Does the job. I only get it via a voucher though. Would not pay full price.

    • I would expect it to be somewhere between 7-Eleven and McCafe in terms of quality, as I believe it comes out of a mostly automated machine.

      • +6

        So between shit and shit…

      • +1

        Yes it's an auto- I have a mocha in an attempt to hide the poor flavour and even then I am underwhelmed. I'd take a pod machine over HJs because that would at least guarantee consistency.

      • Yes might you clarify melbourne guy? Better than 7-Eleven and worse than McCafe?

        • +1

          Jut my opinions based on my tastes. I think it tastes better than 7-eleven and other servos but McCafe beats it. Coffee being such a subjective product, YMMV.

      • The machine at my local HJ is the same machine as 7-Eleven.

    • "Coffee any good?"
      Is that a dumb question?

      Yes, you omitted the auxiliary verb !

    • It is absolutely terrible. 711 is miles above.

      • 711 is miles above.

        So is a 787.

  • The hot chocolates are pretty good. Never paid for one but I seem to get the free medium coffee often enough via Shake and Win which you can pick a hot chocolate for instead.

    • +1

      No they're not, they taste like they got the cheapest chocolate syrup, and chucked it in some warm milk. I absolutely hate them, but I get them all the time since they're free on the shake and win.

    • -2

      hot chocolates are pretty good. Never paid for one

      Surely they have security footage ?

  • +1

    Hjs app doesn't let me place orders online 🤔

    • what about offline?

      • Yeah I guess but you gotta screen shot the barcode.

  • +2

    If you'd like to upgrade your HJ's coffee….
    1 x TBS Bunnings Potting Mix
    300ml Hot Water

    • +2

      Do you have their permission to publish the recipe?

  • I once had a HJ coffee, never again…

    Imo, getting a large 7-eleven coffee but stopping the milk early gets you the closest to a barista coffee at the lowest price.

    • +1

      but stopping the milk early gets you the closest to a barista coffee

      Is 7am early enough? Not sure if I can get there earlier than that.

      • +2

        Can confirm jv, 7am is indeed early enough.

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