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[Pre Order] Samsung Tab S6 Wi-Fi 256GB $1099 or 4G LTE 256GB $1299 ($200 Discount) @ Samsung AU


Samsung Tab S6 is now available for pre-order at a discount of $200 off for 256GB French Blue versions in both Wifi and 4G. So you pay for 128Gb and get 128Gb free.
Samsung Tab S6 Wifi 256Gb in French Blue $1099 (instead of $1299)
Samsung Tab S6 4G 256Gb in French Blue $1299 (instead of $1499)

Things to note:
+ Bonus only available for the French Blue version. Grey version is not in stock (support do not know when it will be).
+ Keyboard case is now (updated) available for pre-order at $199
+ Headphones are not included, but stylus is.
+ 4G version is available for pre-order once again, only in blue.
+ 128Gb versions are not available yet (although listed on pre-order)
+ Preorder expires 12/9/2019

JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Amazon, Qantas Q Store

Specifications available here

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    You are not new, price in the title.

    • good suggestion. updated. I got the two prices in for a similar title length.

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    256GB WIFI $879.20
    256GB 4G $1,199.20

    • Orders shipped 9 Sep for both wifi and 4g versions

    • But still only blue? I really don't want a blue

      • you'll put the tab inside a case/cover anyway?

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    For those with access to the Samsung education store, the 256GB WiFi model is $879.20 and 4G is $1199.20.

    • Tempting at those prices. Wonder how it really holds up to the iPad Pro (ecosystem aside).

      • Would be similar to how an S10 holds up to an iPhone XS.

  • How much of a boost over the Tab S4 10.5 is it? My Tab S4 runs everything perfectly already. Not sure why i'd need this.

    • For me I do a lot of presenting with a tablet. The placement of the fingerprint reader and the reduced weight are key for my use. I'm yet to be convinced on the pen gestures but I could see them being useful. If I had a Tab S4 and not a Tab A 2016 (s-pen) then I would be sticking with the S4.

    • My Tab S4 runs everything perfectly already. Not sure why i'd need this.

      My Tab S4 runs well too, but in DeX mode, I can feel it struggling when I open lots of apps or tabs. The S6 should be noticeably better with double the RAM and a 2-generations-newer processor.

      The new keyboard case with built-in touchpad will make DeX mode more viable too - the lack of a touchpad on the S4's keyboard case makes it still feel like a tablet.

      • I use a mouse.

        But the touchpad on the new keyboard is not very big. They just don't have the space. I'd still end up using the mouse.

        Keyboard covers are expensive. $200 RRP. If you're going to add that to the cost of the already expensive tablet just so you can have a track pad, I feel it will make this thing more expensive than its worth.

        • I use a mouse.

          When I just need to do quick tasks I would find it convenient to have a trackpad built in to the keyboard.

          Keyboard covers are expensive.

          Yup. I got lucky with my Tab S3 and S4 keyboard cases, I bought them used for really cheap. Doubt I'd find a cheap used one for the S6 anytime soon though. I'll probably just stick with the S4 for now.

    • I have the S4. My only gripe with it is that there's no place to store the pen unless you buy an official case. But it can still fall out of the holder.

      The S6 has a magnetic place behind the pad to store it in, which is tucked behind an alcove on the official cover securing it in place.

      I find the S4 performs well enough in everything I need it to do (I don't play games though). Not an essential upgrade. Unless you're sick of it, I'd hold out for another year.

      • (I don't play games though)

        I do and it has enough chops for anything I throw at it. I don't play PubG or anything like that on it though.

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    They make good tablets but do not update them enough. You pay big bucks and they abandon you. Never Samsung again.

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    This vs iPad Pro?

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      it is really an eco-system question. If you're apple, go iPad Pro. If you're a windows, onenote, evernote, google kind of person then this will be perfect. It offers a more functional semi-computer experience (sort of, and only for now as Apple sorts out their own version of this which isn't working the best yet). Purchase price is better, but then resale will always be worse.

      • You will get bigger up front discounts on this than with iPad. That would counter the resale value.

        • Need more than the discounts here. Maybe later into its life

          • @RevBargain: Samsung products get discounted quickly. Apple products take longer and hold onto their price tag even years later.

            You'll get more back when you sell it but it will cost you more up front.

            S10 phone was 35% off within a month. XS which is last year's phone has yet to get a discount of that size. I have yet to even see 20% off.

            • @lostn:

              Samsung products get discounted quickly.

              Yeah but the discounts don't go deep on the high end tablets. I only get the Tab S4 10.5 256gb wifi at less than $700 earlier this year and I think that was as cheap as they went and now even in run out mode they don't get that cheap anymore.

              • @serpserpserp:

                Yeah but the discounts don't go deep on the high end tablets. I only get the Tab S4 10.5 256gb wifi at less than $700 earlier this year and I think that was as cheap

                Hmm, might be worth mentioning this isn't the cheapest the S4 has been… it was $559 last month.

                • @eug:

                  Hmm, might be worth mentioning this isn't the cheapest the S4 has been

                  The Tab S4 256gb I mentioned is $719 in that deal.

                  • @serpserpserp: Oh sorry, I missed the 256GB part. Last year's amazing Optus deals were a great way to get the 256GB 4G model.

                    For my use, it makes more sense to just get a large micro SD card, if the storage is for things like videos and photos. It makes upgrading easier as I can just plug the card into whatever new tablet I get.

                    • @eug: for sure, I think at the time the deals for the 64gb was only $100 cheaper so I just got the 256gb.

  • Is the kick stand part of the tablet or part of the case accessory?

    • Case accessory with keyboard. Book cover is different

  • And the keyboard cover is now available for pre order at $199 with no discount
    I'm definitely not pre-ordering now!

    • Yeah the official accessories for the Tab S4 are hopelessly expensive.

      I ended up with a cheap chunky $30 rubber/silicone one from ebay for the kids and found that I don't mind using it that way with its ridiculous heft!

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