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[PS4] Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition $15.96 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not a bad price if someone would like to try this game.
Same price for the standard edition.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The game got a big patch recently. Seems to be getting back on track. Worth it for $15~ IMO.

  • Cheaper at JB
    Or maybe not.
    I sweat I saw $15 price tags, but online shows $19

  • How low can you go

  • +2

    Worth $5

    • +3

      Even though you're getting downvoted and you're attempting to take a jab at the low hanging fruit of review scores, I'd say it should be free to play. Like every other multiplayer only games. They have such a short lifespan given player bases migrate to new and better games over time and then servers get shut down leaving users with a useless disc/used up space on their hard drives.

  • They must have warehouses full of copies that aren't being sold.

  • Paid $5 for the standard edition incl shipping from HN previously. The game is still sealed…

    • I’ll buy it off you for $4

  • I wouldn't say it's worth $15. For $5 I'd get it, but $15 is a really hard sell for me.

  • newbie qn: do i need those monthly psn subscription in order to play this?

    • I'm going to assume yes as I couldn't pass the start screen without an Xbox live subscription

      • thanks, giving it a pass for now

  • This game is dead….

    • surprisingly my friend actually likes this game and preordered the legion of dawn edition. welp $104 down the drain for him

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