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[Back-Order] Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit - Edison Screw E27 $59 (Was $129) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update @ 11:25AM : This is now listed on Back-Order and "Usually ships in 3-5 weeks".

Greetings everyone, Amazon have dropped the price on this Hue Starter Kit to what I believe is the cheapest price so far.

I believe you can get 12% cashback through Cashrewards as it's currently showing 12% for Home and Garden :)

Thanks to bargrin, you can also retrieve a further 20% off if you purchase an Echo Device.


  • Ideal wake up light - mimic sunrise and sunset for a natural wake up/go-to-sleep rhythm Wi-Fi controllable smart LED lights with pre-set light recipes to help you energize in the morning, for your child to concentrate and for you to relax and read in the evening
  • Change your light setting (dimming and pre-set light recipes) with the hue wireless dimmer switch from the comfort of your sofa
  • Connect the Hue Bridge with two bulbs that fit standard-size table lamps and a dimmer to control the light intensity Grow your system with support for up to 50 lights
  • Easily expand your lighting system with up to 12 accessories per system (sold separately), such as a Hue Tap or Hue Motion Sensor Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system
  • Control your lights with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, or Google Assistant Pair it for home automation with your existing Nest or Samsung SmartThings system and others

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As always, enjoy :)

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  • wow, next best price was $96 in July from Bunnings

  • +4

    great price. Wish there is also an offer for the B22 bulb version…

    • +1

      Same. There are B22 to E27 adapters but they add about an inch to the profile - might be viable though.

    • The starter kits don't come in a B22 version. You can only buy those bulbs individually.

      • +3

        Philips Hue 8718699700553 (Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07SSDLGPT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_3...

        Needs to be on sale though.

        • What the?! When did that come out? Last time I checked that product didn't exist!

          • @robinCTS: Yeah…I know, right? I bought the edison screw kit to start with…fortunately had some lamps to use them in.

            I would have picked up this instead, had it been available at a good price.

    • Yeah a shame about the fitting, but great price. Will have to sell the bulbs on Gumtree I guess.

      • hmu - id buy the 2 bulbs

  • +1


  • +1

    If only downlights were cheap, they would sell loads.

  • Thank you!

  • So can I buy this and use the hue bridge and then buy the LED hue strip and a motion sensor and it will all work together? Does the strip or or sensor need to be physically connected to the bridge?

    • +1

      yes, the hue bridge runs on zigbee to send the signals wirelessly,

      you only plug in power and ethernet into the hue bridge.

      • How far away can it be from the bridge?

        • No hard and fast answer, but one floor above/below and a couple of metres away from the bridge should be fine. The Hue products are all connected in a mesh network, so if you have other bulbs/switches etc in range with each other between the Hub and the further away lights, they should all work.

        • +1

          Mines kept under the staircase of a double storey located about centre of the house at table level. Only issue I've had was with a lamp on the second level positioned right at the windows that kept losing signal since it was a bit far. Resolved by lifting the hub up a metre higher. I don't have any other hue lights on that side of the house either for the lights to mesh with.

      • Does it have to stay connected to Ethernet?

        • The bridge? Yes

  • +1

    Was $129, not $149. Still great savings though.

  • anyone use these with Nue gang switches?

    considering adding one of these to control my existing downlights as replacing all the GU10 bulbs will cost a fortune.


    • I use the Nue in ceiling dimmer, with generic downlights and Hue ecosystem/dimmers, so not the same but close. It's an OK experience, but I wish I just went 100% Hue. The difference in dimming performance, smoothness, reliability, latency is noticeable. That said the Nue/Hue combination was a LOT cheaper.

      • oh ok, I'm just looking at the 3-gang switch to replace an existing traditional 3-gang switch so no dimming.

        Would only cost me around $45 compared to replacing 8x GU10 bulbs for $400.

        • If you don't care about dimming, most of my systems problems won't matter to you! :)

          • @tromboc: have any examples of your systems?

            I have home assistant running

            • @impoze: Sorry that is bad english. Most of the problems in my system won't matter! Only the one!

  • +8

    This is the first time I've checked Ozbargain at 12am and I come across this deal… guess I'm getting fancy lights

  • Been looking around at some smart lights and this is a great deal! Thanks OP got a set.

  • +1

    I have home assistant setup which uses philips products among others. If you're like me and don't need the hub, David Jones is selling the dimmer switch plus 1xE27 bulb for $37: https://www.davidjones.com/Product/21294794/Philips-Hue-Dim-...

    • The globe with dimmer at DJ isn’t an ambience one. It’s just warm white. If you’re getting 2 globes for $59 that’s cheap!

    • Thanks, but no stock at DJs.

  • Awesome!! Just what I was looking for

  • +1

    I have a single Yeelight bulb at home currently - what's the advantage of using Phillips Hue in comparison?

    I can currently control my Yeelight outside of the Local Network which is super handy for when I need some lights on/off when not at home - can this kit do the same?

    • +32

      The three common smart light and smart home wireless standard used are Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetotoh. Yeelight and generally most cheaper smart products uses the Wi-Fi standard or Bluetooth. Philips Hue uses Zigbee.

      Wi-Fi lights are cheaper, don't require a hub, and are generally much quicker to set up. The downsides are that their range and the number of lights you can have is limited by your router. You're going to encounter networking issues if you start connecting a lot of Wi-Fi lights to your router, especially if you're using a stock ISP provided router that can't handle many devices.

      Zigbee on the other hand can handle won't have those sort of issues, with the Philips Hue Bridge able to connect up to 50 devices with no problem since it won't be clogging up the congested 2.4GHz band that most Wi-Fi lights use (including Yeelights). Since Zigbee works on as a mesh network, range from the bridge can be effectively increased by the lights themselves since they're all connected to each other. That said, the Philips Hue is more expensive and requires forking out money for a bridge. Set up takes a bit longer. And there aren't many options for devices that work with the Philips Hue, so streamlining all the lights and devices you want under one environment may not be easily accomplished.

      Bluetooth isn't as common. It doesn't bother with the need for a router or a bridge, and instead connects directly with your phone. Of course you lose a lot of functionality this way.

      Long story short: If you're only using a couple of smart lights at home, Wi-Fi lights should just be fine. If you already have a lot of devices on your router, and/or are looking to have an extensive network of smart lights and devices, perhaps a Zigbee light might be better.

      • thanks for the extensive write-up!

      • also bluetooth range isn't as good..as wifi

        so does that mean the zigbee devices needs to be close to hub?

        and can you control the zigbee lights over the internet?

        • Zigbee is 2.4Ghz, same as older wifi connections and has the same range – quite far. Phillips Hue also create a mesh-network so one light out of range of the hub could communicate with a light half way between instead.

          You can turn on cloud access, yes.

      • My Xiaomi gateway also uses zigbee, can I use it to control Philips zigbee devices?

        • The Xiaomi gateway only works with it's ecosystem devices (i.e. Mija and Aqara).

    • +2

      Sounds like you want to buy it because it is cheap even though you don’t need it

      • i-in true ozbargain spirit right?

        • also the yeelight can change colors

          I don't think these phillips lights can change colors
          only thing it can do is dim

    • Yes. I have a Philips Hue bridge+lights setup and can control them from anywhere outside the home using the app.

  • How bright is it? my Philips led in my room is 13w so would that be much worse, like a birhgt room.

    • +2

      9w, so not very bright especially compared to 13w

      i have 2x 15w led's in our lounge, and it's only just bright enough; room isn't even that big either. i blame the 70s paint job :p

      • Ok all good, im getting a lamp for my room anyway and also have one in my lounge so ill use them for that. thanks

    • Your Philips 13W LED would be 1400 lumens. The Philips Hue White Ambiance is rated at 800 something lumens, but that very much depends on colour temperature. There are videos on YouTube that says that you'll probably get something closer to 600-700 on the coolest whites, with the warm whites being closer to 400 lumens.

      • I've just tested and I don't think that's right. I believe the 800 stated for cool white looks correct and easily 600-700 for warm white. The kind of warm where it drops off significantly is what I'd call "too warm" i.e. only looks good dimmed anyway.

        Testing was done in a medium sized loungeroom (standard 80s brick house), with a single floor lamp in the corner. The room is usually lighted by a warm white 10w LED that I consider too bright for most relaxing activities in the room (good for the kids when they're playing).

        Those are my impressions anyway.

  • +3


    Regarding cashback, I don't think the category these are in is Home, it looks like Lighting, so could well be that ShopBack rate of 4.5% is the best you can get.

  • Does anyone know if the hue mirror is wired

  • Thx off to bunnings to pricematch in morning

    • I tried price matching with Harvey Norman, they told me that they can't price match because of high price difference. :(

      • +1

        I had luck at officeworks

  • Wow, ridiculous price

  • Ordered.

  • I wonder what we'll get. Photo doesn't match the A60 kit in the description, but a good deal regardless.

  • Thanks OP, just what i needed to brighten my day

  • Was about to pull the trigger thinking that these may be able to change colors! Its only white shades. Still a good deal at that discount!

  • +1

    Warning to anyone who wants to go Bunnings Bonnyrigg. The staff at the desk were not helpful at all and tried to brush it off as out of stock and that there was no barcode on the box (without any attempt of looking it up on the computer/ aisle) when they saw the advertised price on Amazon.

    Got it from Amazon. Thanks op

    • +1

      That is why you ask if they have it in stock first and that you would like to see the packaging/box physically before handing out the price match cards from Amazon.

  • Never used these before.
    Do they require an electrician to install? Or basically plug and play?

    • +1

      Plug and play.

  • +1

    Bunnings will price beat amazon… so may as well order from them $53

    • Not yet, dammit!

    • This is not the same kit as the one on offer in this deal.

  • Awesome, just in time to mate up with the motion sensor I bought from Bing Lee!

  • Pricematched the adore ceiling at officeworks staff were a pain then tried to say limit of 1 due to price difference argued and got the 2 I was after happy days… thx Amazon for the low prices

    • Is the adore ceiling wired or battery powered? Can't find any video on youtube.

      • Wired i think I couldn't find much info either I want to mount these on a wall also couldn't find that out so just bought to test

    • Do you reckon it will work (look ok) on a non bathroom room? Hard to find good photos online.

  • Thanks! searching for it looong time my self!

  • +2

    Must….Resist….Don't need another hub….!

  • +1

    Exactly what I was waiting for, although I don't need the bridge.

  • Nice price, but a question.

    Why do people go down the individual 'smart' bulb route, when you can get a 'smart' switch and use existing 'dumb' bulbs. So you don't have to worry, if you've got down-lights or traditional light globes? NO additional hub required.

    You can pick up a 'smart' switch for $16-23 that'll work with your WiFi and Alexa / Google Home. They're not user plug and play, but should be more useful and cost effective, combined with an electrician to simply rewire existing light switches.

    • Plug and play.

    • Dimming. Smart switches do not do dimming.
      And a lot of people are uncomfortable doing wiring.

    • Most other solutions require an electrician, which significantly adds to the cost upfront, when things go wrong, and when changing/updating. I went the route you suggest, and regret the upfront saving as it is offset by a lower performing user experience overall.

      • There's probably a good mid point, plenty of people very happy with a z-wave smart switching / smart dimming set ups.

    • +1

      No neutral wire…

  • +16

    For those that are starting off with Hue, some tips:
    - it is addictive and you will probably end up wanting to fit your entire house out with them.
    - a sensor is a lot more suitable than a switch in many locations. So think of every room that you can possibly use hue wall sensors instead of switches - bathroom, kitchen, toilet, hallway, etc. Minimise the number of switches, we limit them to the bedrooms and lounge room.
    - If you cant nail things into the walls, the sensors are magnetic - so use some removable 3M tape on your wall and stick a washer to the tape, then stick the sensor to the washer. OR find something metallic and mount the sensor magnetically to it.
    - the hue gear has significant temporary price drops on amazon fairly often - so set up camelcamelcamel alerts
    - think of your lights as "groups" rather than single lights - so we have a group for our bedroom ceiling light and 2x freestanding side of bed lamps. They are all controlled by a single hue switch (and the app, of course, so you can tell siri to turn off all the lights when you are ready to sleep)
    - the iConnectHue app on iOS is far more powerful than the stock ios app.

    • -using "Scenes" to control the lights rather than "Rooms" can open up a lot more possibilities. Ie. Overcome the 3 room limit for switches.

      • Except scenes are currently more limited than rooms, can't use them with schedules and some other limitation which I forget.

        • Horses for courses.

          There's the "Zone" function in beta. I have mine set up perfect for now but I'm sure I'll be redoing everything when Zone is more mature… or if a new hub can support 150+ bulbs

    • Brilliant advise

  • +4

    Price matched at bunnings this morning. They declined the first time I asked but after talking with them they budged. Receipt: https://imgur.com/a/AbiZuXs (Used $100 gift card so that's why they put 2x$20 gift cards)

    • Thanks mate. Priced matched at Bunnings Epping Vic.

  • Are these bulbs and accessories hard paired to the hub in the kit?

    • No, you just plug everything in - whether from this kit or from standalone bulbs - and the hub finds them.

      • Cool. Just wanted to make sure. I know the kits are all soft paired already (at least newer stock is).

        Some kits like Orbi are hard paired. You still have to go through the pairing process but will not pair with a different base unit.

  • +6

    Get an extra 20% off as it stacks with this deal when buying a discounted echo device which also provides you with 90 day free trial of amazon music unlimited


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