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Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $99 (C&C Only) @ Officeworks


On the weekend realized I need a portable hard drive.
Checked at Officeworks site and there it is - the "Seagate 3TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive - Product Code: SGEXP3000" is still there.
Bought it online - Click & Collect.
Late afternoon on Monday received a message that it is ready to be collected.

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  • Ymmv

    I ordered one of these roughly 6 weeks ago when it was posted here previously. I wanted to C&C from Sydney CBD. Long story short, they couldn't locate stock, and eventually processed a refund yesterday.

  • Apparently the stock varies. I am in Victoria. I was tracking the stages of the delivery and it was the whole day on a stage two - "preparing" . Last checked at 5:00PM and then at about 5:45 came the message for collection.
    Try again.

    • In my experience hard disk failures are hard to figure out. There are many factors that might affect their longevity and differs between users.
      I'd say go for the best deal and warranty, and make redundant backups of important stuff. The reply is for the below question about reliability.

  • Is this hd actually reliable and be likely to not corrupt at some point, as every hd i've had has. :S

    • Try Western Digital. I bought Seagate only once and it died on me, but bought only WD after that and haven't had one go bad for a over a decade now. I have about half a dozen of WD HDs and they're all running with no issues at all.

      • Got WD My Passport Ultra for 4-5 years now. Nil complains, but maybe because I don't use it alot.

        • I second WD. I have 2 of them, 4 year old Passport Ultra and 1 year old Passport and have had no issues.

          • @hanke: I've owned TWO WD MyBooks, and both died after 2 years. WD have a reasonable reputation but most of the stuff I have bought has died sooner than I had expected. Seagate have a bad reputation, but all HDDs I've owned have lasted just as long as every other brand.

            They probably all come out of the same factory anyway…

      • im guessing it varies, while i have never had a WD, but my Seagate is still running fine for 5yrs now

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        I've got 8 year old seagate portables still working, and a variety of both Seagate and WDs still trucking along after 6-7 years.

      • I've had the following brands of storage media fail on me (just from memory):
        - Verbatim
        - Mitsubishi
        - Western Digital (4 drives!)
        - Seagate
        - TDK
        - Samsung
        - Kingston
        - Sony
        - Maxtor
        - Sandisk

        I'd still happily buy any of these brands again. Shit happens with all the storage brands, make sure you have a backup.

        • I had one of the classic IBM Deathstars that despite all the clanking sounds it made, it never actually died! Still sent the hard drive back for replacement, replacement was fine and hard drive most likely sold off at some point. Since then the business has changed hands a few times, not sure who owns it now, either Seagate or WD.

          If you value your data, keep a 2nd copy of it somewhere with redundant storage, be it in the cloud or your own on-prem solution (Raid, Tape backup etc).

      • I've been running 3x 2TB Seagate drives like this for a few years now 24/7. But yeah, go Western Digital because they use a decoder board, that when it fails you lose ALL your data immediately and cannot access it by shucking the drive either… instead of using another brand like Seagate which (with these drives at least) doesn't have one, thus you can still copy many of your files over if you notice (or have software installed that warns you) your drive starts to lose sectors.

        I've owned a WD passport whose board died. You can shuck the drive, discard the board, and use the drive as a normal HDD. But leave it in its box to write data through that board - and it's all lost in an instant. Never again.

    • All hard drives are certain to corrupt at some point, that's why you should keep backups in multiple locations.

  • Arg. I brought 2x 2TB Seagate Blue's yesterday for $89.

    Damn… oh well.

  • I find the WD Blue drives manufactured in the last few years quite disappointing compared to the same models made about four years ago. Although the newer ones are quicker, they are generate more noise because they have different software configuration. I've read the same applies to WD Red.

  • I've had 2 Seagate's for about 4-5 years now. One for school and one for my Xbox, so both are used regularly for long periods of time. I guess it's just luck of the draw.

  • is this drive shuckable for ps4
    or is it too thick?

  • Just ordered one. It was free delivery to my home address.

    I work 100m away from my local OW but gotta keep the posties in a job.

  • Sweet. Thanks OP.

  • Only compatible with windows OS… pftt

  • Does it matter what year they're manufactured in ? And country made in?

  • Ordered C&c thanks OP

  • Ordered it 11pm last night and it was delivered at 3pm today with free shipping. I guess it's not just click and collect depending on stock availability. Wasn't expecting it to come so fast.
    Needed to update my 1TB seagate, so a good buy!

  • Great deal and even better delivery time. Ordered at 10:30pm last night, selected express next day shipping (which is also free) and it arrived at work today 3:30 Docklands.

  • Delivery charge to metro/suburban locations is free. To regional/rural areas OW have a flat rate of $25.95. There's no way it would cost that much to post it outside city areas. OW obviously hasn't heard about the drought and how regional/rural people are struggling. Or maybe they just don't give a damn. Anyway, I bought a 4 TB Seagate from JB Hi-Fi for $99 and is cost $5.95 in postage so I'm a winner and OW can go **** itself.