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[UNiDAYS] 10% off Catch (Can Stack with Gift Cards) @ UNiDAYS


I felt that 20% off Catch was not quite good enough, so after a bit of searching around I found that Unidays offers 10% of Catch. The best thing is that you can stack with your Coles discounts. I confirmed it with a purchase just before I posted this.

You need to be over 16 and have a student email ([email protected]) to sign up. It's as simple as clicking on the link in Unidays which gives you a one time 10% off code. This code gets put in the coupon code section in your shopping basket on Catch, and the gift cards go just below in the gift card section.

T%C: Discount is valid for UNiDAYS verified members and is available online only at https://www.catch.com.au. Excludes all Marketplace, Apple and Nintendo products, and delivery fees. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer including referral codes and promo codes. Prices are in AUD.

Make sure that what you want to buy is not a Marketplace item. The Xbox One S I got for $214.60 was fine, but the Sony WH-1000MX3 and Bose QC-35II headphones that I was eyeing off are both Marketplace items making them ineligible for this deal.

Thanks to dealbot for the 20% off Catch Gift Cards @ Coles deal

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  • Student emails can be bought on eBay.

    What would you buy off Catch with the 10%? Bit confused

    • You get 10% off Catch and stack it with the 20% off Catch gift cards at Coles.

      I just posted this deal for an Xbox One S with Battlefield V for $214.60

      I'm also looking at getting Sony or Bose headphones

    • Power cubes are back to $30+. With all the gift cards, discount codes, etc, it is still way more expensive than the $9.99 sale.

  • If any student can PM me a code that would be very useful thanks!

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      Check your inbox

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        Thanks so much!

        Edit: my code didn't work, might need to be tied to the same email?

        • if that's the case, it's pointless begging for codes then :(

        • My Catch account isn't tied to the same email. I'll be checking tomorrow to see if it gives me another code.

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            @heal: apparently every 60 minutes you can get a new one.

            • @TEER3X: Thanks, I haven't been able to generate a new one yet, but I'm still logged into Unidays, so I'll log out for an hour or so.

      • Sorry to hijack, but is there any chance you could send me a code too please mate? I’ll pay it forward. Thanks

      • any chance for a UNIDAYS Catch code, much appreciated if you can. tia

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      Can a student help a fellow ozb’ener out here… a pm with a code would be amazing :)

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        • Sorry to hijack, but is there any chance you could send me a code too please mate? I’ll pay it forward. Thanks

  • Please anyone PM me a code as well thanks ?

    • Pmd

      • Sorry to hijack, but is there any chance you could send me a code too please mate? I’ll pay it forward. Thanks

  • Could someone please PM me a code?
    Thanks :)

  • Also looking for a code if someone can please pm me? Thanks

  • Looking at suggestion above for Ebay Student email . Any links for the longest ones ?

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    add me to the list of beggars for 10% off codes.

    haven't signed up to Catch yet, so will also need a referral code for that.

  • Me, as well for the 10% off code please

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    Careful, I got banned from Unidays after sharing my codes in a previous deal.

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    Ahhh excludes marketplace. Was wondering why the code applies but no discount appears.

    • I tried a non marketplace item and still no discount

    • Everything I go to buy is in the marketplace :(

  • Can I get a code too please? About to pull the trigger for a phone for my son, just need to get to a Coles after work and hopefully get this code too!

    • sent you one

      • Sorry to hijack, but is there any chance you could send me a code too please mate? I’ll pay it forward. Thanks

        • Hi, probably I can send you one tomorrow morning. I just generated one so I have to wait for another hour.

          • @twomaos: Thank you so much if you can mate. No rush at all.. I would appreciate it so much. I’ve been asking everywhere and haven’t had any luck. Trying to afford an Xbox one s for my nephews birthday and every bit helps, hence why I’ve been holding off trying to save that extra $20 with a unidays code
            I make wands and hide them in the park for kids to find via art abandonment project. I’ll make a wand and abandon it in your honour. I’ll name it twomaos on the tag :)

  • Think Sage scared off potential code givers .
    For me bought 1 on Ebay .
    Have another of a family member .

    Try this for a free one : https://thetechrim.com/create-free-edu-email-2/

    Be prepared to make up a lot of BS .

  • Can a ozbagainmate help me out with a code as well please? Need to pull a trigger on the Arlo Pro 2 before I go on my holiday! Thanks!

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      • Thanks twomaos!

  • 10% code please.

  • Nobody got it here you need to generate a new code each order and the wait is 1 hr .

    • ohh… so if you use a code, you then go back to unidays and generate a new one to then use it again on another site that accepts it?

  • Anyone got a code?

  • Basically one use code . I'm firing max gift card of 5 X $50 every hr at something discount limited time till midnight 10 % more off . I got no spares neo .

  • anyone could help me with a code please, going to buy a mobile phone, appreciated

  • Please can anyone help me with a code please? Much appreciated!

  • Can someone be kind and send the code to me, please? Cheers

  • Can anyone send me a code please?

  • Please kindly send me a code too. Thank you

  • Can someone pls send me a code as well? Thanks.

  • Would love a code too please :D

  • Can someone please dm me the code? Thanks

  • Anyone PM me a code please? much appreciated for last minute father's day gift :(

  • Can anyone who has purchased an edu email (from the likes of ebay etc - that actually works on unidays) please PM and let me know how you went about it?
    I've purchased 2 now and the unidays system is picky and won't accept it… mehhhh ;-/

    • No luck for me either. It asked me to upload a student ID :(

  • Can anyone please share a code, thank you?

  • I would like to join the slavewagon. Does anyone have another 10% off code please?

  • Same here, would appreciate if someone can please pm me the code?hofefully it’s not too late..

  • I’d be ever so thankful if someone could share a unidaya code .. thank you

  • Would love one if anyone could spare <3

  • Can anyone spare some love with a unidays code for catch :):):) please PM Me

  • please PM me with a discount code if possible. tia

  • Would appreciate a code as well, thanks!

  • Can someone pm me a 10% discount Code please. Need to buy something from catch tomorrow Thanks.

    • ditto would totally appreciate a PM with a code :):):)

  • Please could someone pm me a discount code? thanks

  • Unidays code isnt working at the moment for me, anyone else?

  • Out of codes
    We've temporarily run out of codes for Catch.

    We've raised this issue with them and will be receiving more codes soon.

    Please check back shortly.

  • I actually wonder if thats because of this thread on ozbargain and also people sometimes selling off their codes… I spoke with Catch support and they didnt seem that fussed about issuing out new codes.

    • did you call or email? I have been waiting also for UniDays to get more codes

      • I messaged them.

  • Can a kind soul pm me a discount code, please? Looking to surprise wifey with a gift. Thanks!