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Cellarmasters 20% Cashback (Was 7%) @ ShopBack


Enjoy :)

Stack with this deal : Code - 100WINE - Thanks to Scotty

To ensure your Cashback is successful:
Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
Read Other Terms and Conditions below
Use only promo codes from ShopBack
Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.

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$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Too good to pass up

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    I bought the luxury reds pack @ $180, plus 2x few sets of the wine gift bags, to top up to $200 minimum for using "100WINE" code.

    After discount, 6 great bottles of red for ~$17pb, before cashback. I'm happy :)

  • No champagne currently in stock :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just purchased a case of 2017 Bird in the Hand Chardonnay for $119, for a net price of $95.20 ($7.93 per bottle) after ShopBack. That is a true bargain!

  • Is there a way to tell how long SB will offer this?

    • ends at the same time as the offer, so midnight Friday.

      • thanks for that

  • Pay on e-gift card for an extra 5% discount. Win!

    • Does that mean you lose cashback tho?

      • doesn't say in the T&Cs.

    • Can anyone confirm that paying with WISH giftcards doesn't invalidate cashback as the T&Cs say

      Cashback is not qualified for:
      Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
      Cashback not payable when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Cellarmasters vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers.

    • Can anyone confirm that paying with WISH giftcards invalidate cashback?

  • +3

    Already got my cashback tracked and it was on the full price not the discounted price. $42.00 on $110.00 spend.

    • I just got mine too and it's showing as 2 separate cashbacks on the discounted price. I'm guessing only one of them will end up being confirmed.

      • Are you sure? Each carton will have it's cashback listed separately…

        • Not sure at all, I was just guessing. I did get 2 packs with the same price.

          • @holt: I ordered a 12 pack and 6 pack… looks to be cashback on full price for each. Separate entries for each carton.

    • Same, if it's the cash back for full price it would be even better

  • How long does it usually take to showup in your shopback account? Just made my first ever purchase via shopback about 40min ago but nothing yet showing, via cashrewards cellarmasters was appearing within 5min in my account yesterday.

    • Says 2 days when you click the link on SB

  • Just bought, not tracked yet. Did it all in the app so hopefully that should mean it works

    • Has yours been tracked yet?

      • Yep tracked by later that day. Still listed as pending but I'm sure it will update to confirmed soon.

  • +2

    With the 100wine and 20% shopback, this is ripper deal.

    I am trying 2 separate orders 1 order of 12+6 = 18 bottles 1 order of 12 = 30bottles of already "discounted" wine each order over $200. So it looks unless cancelled I get $480 of wine for $280 ( 2 separate orders with 100wine saving $100 per order) then I will get $96 shopback (20% of $480). Thus 30 bottles of decent red for $184, or $6.20 a bottle.

  • Mine didn't progress from click, have had to submit an investigation.

    • I bought on Friday night, not travked yet. Has yours been tracked by now? I wonder.if it has anything to do with weekend or too mamy transactions being put through? Supposed to be automatic, right? Never has this problem with cashrewards.

      • 2 days according to website, so you need to ask them to investigate unfortunately.

        • Did you receive anything after you submited an investigation.

    • Same

      • When you submit the missing activity, what purchase amount did you use, before applying $100 (100WINE) or the net amount? Apparently for those people whose purchases were autimatically tracked, 20% cashback was caculated base on amount before code was applied.

        • I submitted missing activity on the weekend and cash back was calculated 7% of the original ammount before the voucher codes

          • @nightqueen: Mine just showed investigating. How did you find out it was 7% on original amount?

          • @nightqueen: Just checked mine and was tracked at 7% too. But is was supposed to be 20% insread of 7%. I don't understand why. What can be done?

        • 7% here too, after discount. Any chance to appeal somewhere ?

  • To those who got the cashback…was it 20% of the full purchase price (before discount) or the price after deducting the $100 voucher and GST?

  • +2

    I suggest people check their cashback as mine has been reduced to half the original amount recently on my account. I find it a bit annoying to have it changed without notification after receiving an email informing me how much I should get back.

    • +1

      Yep I noticed this too. Will definitely raise a query when cash comes through. Noticed that the amounts in the account are unlisted ie replaced with 'calculating' whereas the emails state the full amount. There is a hint of dodgy here.

      • Yes, it's the same for me. I think it's pretty poor form to change this after the fact, and after email confirmation etc. In my case because I really took advantage of the offer, the difference in cashback is pretty large! Just over $100. I'd be very curious to hear the outcome of your query, once there is one, because I'll probably want to follow up as well. Good luck.

        • +1

          Response from Shopback:
          'Upon checking, I can confirm you enjoyed 20% Cashback for your Cellarmasters purchase. Please note the Cashback is calculated based on your total purchase after the discount.
          [ 20% * $X (Before Gst) = $Y ]
          Please note, the amount of $initial is calculated based on the full price without any discount. However, upon The Merchant passed the cooling-off period for the item, the amount is finalized. That is why some of the Cashback will initially appear as a different amount.
          Your kind understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.'
          So, they have retrospectively 'adjusted' cashback to 20% of the amount paid (not including GST) less the discount.

  • Same happened to me, they have changed the shopback bonus to be met of the 100 discount. Pretty scummy move IMHO…

  • Hmmm, this has just confirmed as $0 for me.

    • Bit of good news here.

      I lodged an enquiry with Shopback on Nov 12 regarding these orders confirming as $0 (Mine tracked as three seperate cashbacks), mentioning that they had correctly tracked at 20%, and that the order was placed using a voucher code listed on Shopback, and paid for with a standard Cellarmasters/wish gift card.

      They re-processed the cashback on the 13th and they've all confirmed today at the expected rate.

  • It seems Cellarmasters are denying purchases made with GiftCards. I have two identical purchases, one paid with and one without GCs, former gets denied. Unfortunately this seems to be within their terms.

    • yeah same here my purchase paid by gift card ended up being a zero cashback….

  • Dammit. Those gift cards! Got too greedy - now nothing!

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