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Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw 5000 Laser Projector - Global (AU Stock) - $2082.50 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Dear All,
Decent price for a laser projector. Listing confirms local stock. Don't forget to use Shopback via the ebay app for a further $60 off. Credit to the two source deals referenced below:

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    Might be worth putting that it's a projector in the title.

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    2017 model, not really 4K! Native resolution is only 1080P/Full HD…

    Pay a little more and get the true 4K new model!

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    Pretty sure this isn't a real 4k projector. It's native Full-HD, but can consume a 4k signal. Big difference.

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    Nice, anyone use a short throw for home theatre setup? How close to the wall do you generally need them to be. Anything more than about 1m seems like it would be more annoying to leave setup than a long throw. Looking for a projector under 2k if anyone has any better recommendations.

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      I put it on the ground around 40cm from my wall

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      Be mindful that ultra short throw projectors need special screens - wall or normal screen will affect the quality, as the light comes from a higher angle!

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        Yah was planning to get an alr screen but looking at how good the picture is in my white concrete wall and how minimalist the setup is you might not need one depends how fussy you are

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        but if wall is very smooth the picture quality is actually very,very good


      In a dark room I've heard the benq W2700 is better. If you have the room. That goes for $2365 On sale.

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    Better to spend extra 1k and get the 4k version often on special from bargaindingo

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    I think it's my duty to put my experience down here. Please use it as a guide and please exercise your own judgement as it could be just a faulty unit in my case.

    • Bought it a year ago. Developed stuck pixels within 4 months.

    • Warranty and service is a hassle as it gets sent back to china - and you are without a projector for months.

    • Pretty much useless in daylight unless you have dark room. I have a sky light and it just isn't bright enough.

    • I would rather go a 65 / 75" TV.

    Disclaimer: This has been my personal experience but I wish someone else pointed these things out before I bough mine. So here I am.

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    Have had mine for about 10 months now. I've experienced no issues but yes, you're rolling the dice with something this expensive.

    The beauty of UST PJ is you dont need to semi permanently mount it somewhere, no messy cabling and no expensive bulb to maintain. It also has a built in speaker. So as long as you have a surface to display it on you can take the unit wherever and have a nice big screen tv.

    You dont need an ALR screen just a flat, clean wall. Even a vertical blind would work.

    Brightness is ok during the day with curtains closed. It's not bright enough as a replacement for a TV.

    For most games it's fast enough (100ms lag). For movies having a 150 inch screen is amazing.

    Overall one of the best purchases i've made in a long time.


    just curious you said "Brightness is ok during the day with curtains closed." are you using with screen or projected on the wall


    For a good picture during the day or with electric ambient light that compares with a TV just use an Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen.

    It has to be specifically for Ultra Short Throw projectors though, not just any ALR screen.

    This page shows how and why it works and has a couple of videos showing them in action including one with the Xiaomi projector https://darkenergyscreens.com.au/ust-alr/


    Noob question but can you simply plug in a Android TV Box/Chromecast/Apple TV to it and then stream?

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      It has built in Android TV but it has HDMI inputs. I have my Nvidia shield, PS4 for games, Xbox One for 4k bluray (Pro tip 4k Blurays look better than HD blurays even though it's not a true 4k projector). Also have my Ozbargain standard issue YAS108B Yamaha soundbar connected to it.


    Gotta admit, those ALR screens are a clever bit of kit. I went from a 104" PJ screen to a 65" 4K TV and sorely miss the extra screen real estate but the full celling/screen install for a normal PJ setup can be a pain, with cabling etc. This looks much easier.

    Very tempting…