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Samsung CRG9 49" LC49RG90SSEXXY $2188 (RRP $2499) @ Harvey Norman Online


Previously listed on OzBargain for $2209 @ HN. If you have the 5% giftcards, then further savings!

Be Warned Harvey Norman will probably restock this in October

Display: 49" W-LED 5120x1440
Brightness: 600cd/m2
Static Contrast: 3000:1
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Weight: 11.6kg

Samsung AU Product Link
Rtings Review

The Samsung CRG9 is a good ultrawide monitor with an impressive amount of screen real estate, great for multitasking. It has outstanding peak brightness, even with HDR content, and it has great reflection handling, making it a good choice for a bright room. The CRG9 is also a great choice for PC gaming, as it has outstanding motion handling, excellent low input lag, and it supports FreeSync. Unfortunately, like most VA monitors, the image degrades when viewed at an angle, and due to the size of the monitor, it has somewhat limited ergonomics.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Putting this one at the top of my Fathers Day list!
    But I only have a paltry 2070 Super

  • it's basicly 2x 27" 1440p setup. very nice

  • I want chg90 around $1k

  • Why the warning about October restocking? New model?

  • My prediction is this monitor will be under $2k come October.

  • like most VA monitors, the image degrades when viewed at an angle

    Are the screen edges in my periphs going to look awful?

    • Why would you look at a curved screen on an angle….. :confused:

      • Because a 49' screen is too big to see all at once unlike the 34 which is borderline. You can't help but relying on the curve to minimise it.

  • All i see is a Make an Enquiry button
    so, can't even buy this right now?

  • just a question - why this over 2 x 27"?

  • Not bhad, good size.

  • I have this monitor.

    Some thoughts:

    Gaming is great
    The lack of central bezel really makes it feel more like a triple monitor than dual. Effectively, you've got 3 windows worth of productivity (left middle right).
    Works fine with 2080TI, can't attest to anything lower.
    Glorious FOV often in games with terrible FOV.

    Nowhere near as good colours as IPS, like, really quite a bit off, compared to an IPS (I have a calibrator but yet to run it on the device). I had an x34 before this monitor.
    Reputedly pretty poor dead pixel policy. I personally do not have any (or haven't noticed any, at least).

    No regrets, but I will be in the market for an IPS version of this when that exists (and is not 4-5k).

    Also, think twice about buying from HN, they're awful. They are stuffing around quite a few people with orders. Basically, because it is a franchise deal, you seem to perpetually talk to people who have no idea. I bought at umart and have already used HN discount to get my difference back with a 28 degrees card.

    All in all, a great upgrade.

  • Why being warn?

  • -2 votes

    So I got 3 monitors, which pump out 5,760 x 1080. 18.7" W x 10.5" high. Which would make them the equivalent of a 57" monitor if my year 9 trigonometry is right.

    They cost $280 for all 3…

    Yeah, there's bezels, but it's 1/10th of the price of this thing.