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Meguiar's Snow Foaming Cannon Kit $58.49 (35% off) @ Repco


Snow Foaming Cannon Kit 35% OFF for Repco's Father's Day sale.

I have one of these and it works quite well with Bowden's Own Snow Job which is also 35% OFF this weekend at $35.74.

Not so great with Meguiar's Gold Class car wash.

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  • Why use this when you can pressure wash?

    • Foaming uses less pressure and is meant to coat the car in soapy suds that break down dirt. After a couple of minutes, you can rinse then wash as normal. For some cars that are only dusty, you can even get away without sponging, but probably not on dark paints.

    • Its for pre soaking. The foam takes the dirt off. Then you use the pressure wash. Helps loosen the dirt off. Good for if your doing a maintenance wash where the car isn't as dirty. Having said that if your car is dirty. You still need to use the mit over the car to get the car clean anyway. The more dirt you can get off before actually touching the surface the better to avoid scratches and swirls.

  • Plus its good for this.

  • Bowdens or Meguiars better?

  • Genuine question, this or MJCC (for about 1/2 the price)?

  • I picked up this Meguiars snow cannon in a previous deal and I highly recommended it.

    As mentioned by others in this thread, you cannot soley rely on just using snow cannon and then rinsing off (unless you're doing a quick maintenance wash). If you're car has road grime, the snow cannon does an excellent job at loosening upthe dirt, then using a sponge i give the car a quick once over and then high pressure rinse off…

    I have only used it with the Meguiars Gold Class and I find that it works perfectly!To get a real dense foam however, I recommend using more than the recommended 100ml.

    From all reports, Bowden's Snow Foam is brilliant also, however between SCA & Repco you can usually pick up a 1.9L Gold Class on sale for around $19.

  • does this cannon work with a regular hose? or can you get an adaptor for it?

    thx :)

  • I have a Stanley 1400w does anyone know if the thing will fit?
    Didn't fit gernie parts

    • "3 adapters to suit popular pressure cleaner brands (Karcher K Series, Gerni & 1/4″ quick connect)

      Additional adapters are available separately;"

  • IMO the Bowdens Own Snow Blow Cannon would be a better buy for $64.35.

  • Is it possible to buy an adaptor for a normal hose, not a pressure washer?

  • Save yourself some money fellow ozbargainers.. I bought this, it looked cool from the videos.. but don't get sucked into thinking it does anything useful.
    It may look good while you are spraying and then rinsing off , wait till it dries, and the dirt/dust is still there.. You've been fooled.
    Anyway.. just trying to save people from dishing out their hard earned $$ for zilch. ( unless you want a snow foam fight.. )