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Colorful Geforce RTX 2060 Super $580, RTX2070 Super $750, RTX2080 Super $1040, Delivery fr $11.10 / Pickup @ Evatech

Pre-Order Sale

Colorful RTX 2060 Super V Dual Fan $580 ( link )
Colorful RTX 2070 Super V Tri-Fan $750 ( link )
Colorful RTX 2080 Super V Tri-Fan $1040 ( link )

In store pick up (Oakleigh South 3167, VIC) or delivery starting from $11.10

Nvidia Game Bundle

Get both Control (Remedy) & Wolfenstien Youngblood. Eligible with all cards above when you redeem online by 16/10/2019.


3 Year Return to Base (replace or repair)
30 Day DOA (replace or refund)

Comparing to StaticIce cheapest in-stock (as of time of posting)

RTX 2060 Super @ Mwave/Inno $649 ( link )
RTX 2070 Super @ PLE/Galax $835 ( link )
RTX 2080 Super @ PLE/Galax $1149 ( link )

Price expected to jump up more in line with StaticIce listings when stock lands (if any left after pre-orders). Especially with the downward trending AUD FX rate.

As always, questions welcome.

Edit: All cards now in stock - still some left so keep the orders coming! All pre-orders shipped. Tracking details have been sent via email.

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  • +1 vote

    I saw a 2080 super on ebay for $1050~ earlier today.

    • +2 votes

      i also saw a 2080 super on ebay for $1050~ earlier today.

      but that was based in NZ and didn't account for import tax and charges.


      Ah that's why we couldn't find it when we looked!


    $802 with PAPA20 (should end today) with free delivery. Reputable brand tax is certainly worth the $40 price difference

    • +4 votes

      Understandable sentiment with Colorful's name definitely not carrying the brand recognition of Gigabyte's in Australia and North America.

      That being said, Colorful are actually a larger brand globally and definitely one and asian or EU expats out there might have a able to attest to.

      We would class them as 'reputable', they just need a bit more time in the Market to get some traction.

      That being said, the Giga card you linked to is a factory overclocked model, so if you didn't want to go through something like Afterburner and do it yourself, still a solid option for the $40 delta.


        I doubt that colorful is a larger brand, I can only imagine it being 'larger' in its home country China.
        Aside from recognition and reputation I'm more worried about warranty to be honest, though not breaking in the first place is probably more important than anything else.

        • +2 votes

          3 year industry standard warranty. China is a huge market and one Colorful definitely dominates, but also throughout a lot of Asia.

          They just don't spend the marketing dollars in the western markets to build up the brand rep. If they did, they would have to charge more to offset the costs I imagine.

          As the re-seller here in Australia we're your port of call for any warranty related issues, we'll deal with Colorful on your behalf.

          Trust us when we say (as the ones on the hook for honouring the warranty for you), we have full confidence in the brand, quality and warranty.

          We definitely wouldn't be hocking anything we thought to be below standard.

          • +3 votes

            @evatech: Would you be sending the item back to China for warranty then?

            My recent RMA experience with gigabyte took more than a month and that is with gigabyte warranty centre in Australia.

            Furthermore there is also a lot of back and forth with Shopping express in the RMA process.

            With you guys being less established than SE and factory in China , wouldn't your RMA process take even longer?

            • +2 votes

              @bestbarginever: You would be surprised. It all comes down to how the manufacturer deals with the card. You'll find that a lot of the time the 'local' service centre in Australia for brands like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI aren't really equipped with the parts or machinery to deal with the lot of the faults locally so they end up shipping it back to China or Taiwan to get it fixed anyway and end up being just one more middle man in the process.

              Colorful supply 'buffer' stock that we can use to replace customers up front after testing in house. If this runs out, then we do ship back to HK for repair / replacement. We air express these shipments (3-4 days one way) and they are air expressed back to us again.

              Turn around is typically the same as any other major brand. It all depends on the exact model and issue at the time.

      • +1 vote

        The colorful cards ive recieved have been way better cooling and noise wise compared to Asus and MSI

        People should do their research its not hard to look at reviews.


      yeh this MSI one is 799 with the same code https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MSI-GeForce-RTX-2070-Gaming-Z-8G...

      edit: disregard i didnt realise it wasnt the "super" model.


    Shame, if the 2070 Super or the 2080 Super were about $50 cheaper, I'd be driving to Oakleigh ASAP.
    Gigabyte had their tri-fan windforce 2070 Super for $762 recently. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/479004

    • +1 vote

      Shaved a few more dollars off. Although not sure how long the bean-counters will let us know keep these prices listed! Just in case you change your mind, best to lock in your pre-order online. You can choose to pick up in store, but as it mentions above, stock isn't expected until 9/9 (maybe 6/9 if we get lucky)

  • +1 vote

    Any 2080Ti?


    What's the dimensions on the 2060 Super?


    I'm still hopeful I'll be able to get a 2080 Super for around the $800 mark (20% off on ebay and no price jacking please).
    Tempting but still trying to hold out O.o


      Love your optimism, but wouldn't bet on that happening any time soon.


        Nooooo don't, your making me really think about buying this now… I need to close ozbargain for a little and forget about this deal for the sake of my pockets =p

        • +2 votes

          They will go lower than $1k… But not sure about breaking $800 before mid next year…


      Not sure if/when that'll ever happen. They're generally $720+ US which translates $1070AUD before GST added on, so $1180 ish after GST. Even if you got 20% off that price (and we know the prices are increased before 20% ebay sales), you're still looking at $940 or so. I'm aware these ones and some others come through Asia and not US so we can't always extrapolate the US pricing but it's generally a decent guide.

      • +1 vote

        Rumours are that prices are going up in the short term as the last shipments purchased at the ~0.70 USD FX rate last month sell out (as of today we're at ~0.67c). Corsair was the first to jack their MSRPs across the board and from what I over hear in the purchasing department, there's more to follow.

        If we see an FX rate recovery, 20% off ebay promo without price jacking, no shortages to inflate pricing and maybe AMD dropping their 5700 series pricing a bit to force Nvidia to follow suit. Maybe that'll do it. But will that many stars align by the end of the year? Wouldn't put money it right now.


          Agreed to a certain extent. This hinges on 3 factors; trade-war, mining and shortages.

  • +1 vote

    Is colourful better than Gigabyte Windforce?


      Colorful have a wide range of different models. These ones are the entry level ones and comparable to other major brands entry level models like Gigabyte's Windforce.

      Once Aussies get more familiar with the brand and there's some demand for it, we'll bring in more of the high end models that compete with the Strix, Gaming X and Aorus.

      You can checkout the higher iGame and Kudan series on the. Colorful website.


        Cheers. If you ever bring over a slightly higher end model I would be interested! Colorful or anything else (e.g. Galax)


    Isn't this basically the retail price, at least for the 2070S model? You can get a gigabyte 2070S for the same price from newegg?



      Not quite, try adding it to your cart and find out how much it is after taxes and shipping. Works out to be $887.13AUD when we try it.


        Well yeah that's because of import tax and shipping, but what I'm trying to say is the retail price for 2070S should have been 499usd which is ~750aud, no?


          Yeah the 'RRP' in the US is $499 but that's before state sales taxes and definitely before Aussie GST. Even ignoring the costs of serving a much smaller population where volume is lower and logistical and operating overheads are higher, USD RRP of $499 equates to approx $815AUD after GST.

          If you wanted to compare pre-tax prices our $750 inc GST RTX 2070 Super would actually be $681.18 AUD ex GST


    Well TSMC i think actually manufacture the chips for amd and nvidia atm.

    The capacitors and chokes and what not are outsourced.

    I think pcb arw outsourced

    So what do tge gou manufacturers actually do? Maybe cooker, assembly, firmware?

    But yeah colorful i think are Chinas no1 gpu brand.


    Maybe the question is how good are these companies at outsourcing and are the outsourced parts crap?


      For a fly-by-night company who changes their name every 3 months and sells $4 generic flash drive on Alibaba, you'd probably be right to be sceptical.

      On the flip side, an official Nvidia partner who's been around since 2001, trades on their brand reputation and outsells some of the biggest names in the business selling high value products on thin margins and honouring a 3 year warranty… I'd be more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      Factor in the cost of servicing or replacing a faulty unit (shipping, labour, equipment, parts) not to mention the hard to quantify negative experience of the end user impacting their brand value. They're probably highly financially motivated to source components with reliability and low failure rates in mind.


    Im right on the Tipping point of buying this, need a push in etheir direction depending on your dispostion.
    Running 7 year old SLI GTX 680s, which are starting to give me trouble (Freezing and crashes, overclocked voltage about a year ago to stop it and starting to return again.)

    Looking at the 2070 super, just trying to swallow the $750 price tag, although im thinking its not going to get better any time soon from the falling doller.
    The 3700x doesnt seem that viable as far as i can tell at only $100 cheaper, but a performance decrease (im running ultra wide 1440 monitor so more of a difference in my resolution) and running like an oven puts me off. Besides in my history of graphics cards in the family, every Nvidia card as outlasted every AMD card by double. (sample group of 4 Nvidias and 2 AMDs, not huge but enough to devolop a bias).

    The final part is im required for my line of study and work to use CAD programs that seem to prefer Nvidia historically speaking.
    So what do people reckon, time to bite the bullet or keep hanging on for a better deal?


      Honestly. Get a used 970 for $100 to tide you over until the next generation consoles come out. Thats when nvidia will price the 20 series gpus realistically as currently theyre just milking money.

      I got 2 used msi 970s for my 2 brothers pcs, in prep for bl3 (bought used cause new market is hell due to aud).


    what are the thoughts on the Msi Geforce Rtx 2070 Super Ventus OC, which can be had for just a bit more ($766.60) @ ebay using the PILOT20 code?

    link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Msi-Geforce-Rtx-2070-Super-V...

    • +1 vote

      Calling it OC with a 15MHz(0.8%) factory overclock is a little rich, but i guess technically correct. Either card would probably fair about the same once you hop in to afterburner and start pushing the clocks manually. I guess it would come down to aesthetics, and the fact that the MSI card is in stock now instead of needing to wait until Monday for dispatch.

      One thing to keep in mind is that the MSI card is a shorter/wider PCB. In some narrow chassis you can in to clearance issues, especially if you have stiff sleeved PSU cables.


    wait so new ETA is 9/9 - 12/9, when you grab it for those who live in sydney is that an extra week for it to arrive :C?

    also the $11 delivery is using a satchel ?

    Do you just ship it with the box it comes in and slip it into the satchel or do you box it in another just in case?

    • +1 vote

      Will dispatch same day as goods arrive assuming we can process and pack before courier cut off (about 2:30pm).otherwise will be the following morning.

      Yes we ship by courier satchel. A layer of protective packaging in addition to the satchel will also be applied. Delivery to Sydney is about 2 business days.


      another new "ETA UPDATE 11/9/2019 - 13/9/2019" wont be here when BL3 releases :L


    Are there any reviews for this card?


      Not in English for this specific model,

      Best we could find was for the top of the line model Vulcan OC, more akin to a STRIX or a Gaming X Trio.


      Chinese review site chiphell.com has some more Colorful reviews but their website is painfully slow from here in Australia. If you have the patience and curious enough, here's an example here,



      We'll try and run them through their paces when they arrive, everyone in the office here is just as curious as you guys are! Of course being a re-seller and not an independent third party or professional review outlet means you'll have to take it with a grain of salt, but for what ever our word is worth, we'll post do the best we can at a fair and balanced comparison.


    Are these getting shipped tomorrow & what’s the eta for Sydney

    • +1 vote

      Bar some sort of disaster, yes all pre-orders will be shipping tomorrow~! ETA for Sydney metro is 1-2 business days.


    Everyone that had a pre-order - you should have received an automated email update that the order is being processed.

    Pickup orders will be marked as ready for pickup very shortly, and orders shipping out via Couriers Please or Australia Post (depending on what you elected for during checkout) will be going out later today (packing takes a little time with the amount of orders we got!) and you will get the shipped & tracking info emailed automatically once available.

    Thanks for all the support!


    anyone else get their promo code for the game?

    • +1 vote

      To redeem your promo code please email your serial number and (invoice number or order confirmation number) to sales@evatech.com.au with subject line, RTX Game Bundle.


      I got mine, there was a slip on how to get it (e-mail them with serial as the rep mentioned.)
      I didn't know the game was new, gotta wait to play it :(

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