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Energy Australia: up to $155 Cashback (New Signups: Gas & Electricity $155, Electricity: $110, Gas: $45) @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

EnergyAustralia Special Offer

Switch online today and score a huge Cashback Increase. Ends midnight Sunday!
Please ensure you read the T&Cs before proceeding.

  • Cashback for New Gas & Electricity Signups: $155 (was $110)
  • Cashback for New Electricity Signups: $110 (was $70)
  • Cashback for New Gas Signups: $45.00 (was $40)

Expires: 11:59 PM 01/09/2019

EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS or outside of the Energex network in QLD.

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  • There's nothing Australian about EnergyAustralia - company name is false advertising


    • They supply Energy to Australia….

      I get your point, but saying the name is deceptive seems a stretch.

      • True, but first thing i think of is an Australian energy company. I cant be the only one.

        • Agreed - I honestly didn't know the brand had been sold!.. I honestly don't know which is the best value energy supplier - been with AGL for a number of years and after some fight ended up with a 32% discount over the last couple of years which has still come out on top when comparing to other plans…Though comparison is somewhat tricky because of all the marketing talk being on par with the telco's with random discounts and different names for essentially the same services..

        • Apprantly their energy is 100% Australian made. Honestly, Australian made products are important but Australian owned means your probibly supporting some Australian fat cat somewhere purchase their fifth holiday house.

    • It's not a logical assumption to think a company with Australia in the name must have an Australian owner.

      On the otherhand, Energy Australia is a very logical name for a company that supplies energy in Australia.

      This isn't a case of them being misleading, it's you being ignorant (which may sound like an insult, but is perfectly normal - I'm ignorant about loads of things, just like every single other person on the planet).

    • Owners didn't particularly choose this name, at least didn't choose it the way you think. NSW government sold government owned energy retailer EnergyAustralia to TRUenergy and TRUenergy kept using the same name since it was already a known brand in NSW.

    • Chinese owned these days. Source. Ex employee

  • Can i sign up both gas and electricity individually, to take advantage of the extra $30 V's combining them at the same time?

    • its same now.. gas prices got fixed ;-)

    • I don't think so because you'd already have an account the second time and wouldn't be considered a new sign up. $155 is not bad and these offers are short lived but they recur regularly.

      I wonder if you are considered a new sign up if you have previously cancelled with EA?

  • peak usage per day 29.68c.
    says nothing about offpeak or shoulder…
    is it just the one rate?

  • Not for solar customers

  • Electricity got so complicated. Would this be a step in the right direction coming from Powershop? They're certainly not cheap and I need to make a move. Is EnergyAustralia the move? No solar, no gas, just straight electricity.

    • In terms of price I moved off PShop (Just elec, single bed apt 32A supply) to Globird. Cheaper by 10$ approx per month

      • Checked, they're not available in NSW or in Newcastle anyway.

        • Globird have good rates, plus $50 credit sign up. PM me for referral code

        • You saying that Energy Australia is not available in Newy? I am on Alinta and will deffo move over to EA now for my Electricity.
          AE Supply Charge w. GST = $0.93
          EA Supply Charge w. GST = $0.74

          AE $/Kw inc GST = $0.2934
          EA $/Kw inc GST = $0.2583

          So just made the switch, plus the bonus cb, so on top for now!

          • @lordra: I was saying Globird wasn't available to me.

            That is a good saving + the cashback!
            But I just realised we'll be moving (selling) before 6 months so it's a moot point for me, I wouldn't qualify anyway.

  • Currently with AGL, 30% guaranteed discount for electricity and 16% gas. Based in Dulwich Hill NSW. Which company is best recommended amongst ozbargain community?

    • Don't look at discounts they mean nothing. Instead compare usage rates and daily supply charges.

    • The electricity retailer I'm with has no discounts at all but are still the cheapest for my location if you look at daily charge and per kWh price. Its Tango which is not available in NSW but I mention it as its an example of how getting a "discount" does not mean cheaper.

      It makes it much harder to compare companies, Some have no discounts, just cheap prices, others have a discount on whole bill, other just usage, then some exclude GST when showing the quote. There is a lot the ACCC could do to clean up the industry.

    • I used this website to compare suppliers. you can upload bill and shows comparison. https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/

    • More pay on time discounts also means having to pay a lot more in case you missed payment on time. Companies with pay on time discount are still expensive than some companies who have no or little pay on time discount. So theoretically less or no pay on time discount is better as long as rates are good.

  • $6.50 a month more than Alinta (with 28% discount) based on our bills.

    Cash back takes up to 6 months, so that's 6x$6.50 =$39 deducted from Cashback of $110 which = net saving of $71 over the 6 months. Then I'll swap out.

    Sounds good to me.

    Thanks OP.

    • Curious what your paying per KWh to rule out you starting from a BS starting point ?

      Personally give you a medal if its close to mine !

      • That's based on 20.18c per kw/h after 28% usage discount based on 400 kw/h per month. Daily charge is 108.9c per day.

      • That's based on 20.18c per kw/h after 28% usage discount based on 400 kw/h per month. Daily charge is 108.9c per day.

        Based over a 6 month period, including cashback, it's by far the cheapest option to change over.

        Powershop come up cheapest overall at $111.96 per month but without cashback it's still more expensive.

    • I got 27% discount, how did you get 28?

  • Signed up last week. Didn't know you could claim cashback on electricity and gas, any chance I can still claim now?

  • I know people are more than likely to post negative reviews than good ones, but 1.3 stars out of 5 from 1333 reviews sure is bad enough for anyone to stay away from them.

    • I was one who left a 1 star. Stay away from energyAustralia they are absolutely awful to deal with.

  • Also an often overlooked question, credit checks. I'm pretty sure EA don't do them. I'd rather stick with providers who don't do them only because my rating is great at the moment and I get worried each additional check certainly doesn't make it better.

  • Did a govt WS electricity comparison EneryAus $1300 pa vs a few $1100 pa . So for $10 no go even if it had great reviews .

    BTW My previous 12 mths was around $400 cheaper than the push by ALL of them to charge more now : (

  • EnergyAustralia used to be cheap back in 2011. They had different logo and had crappy looking bills (recycled paper?) but it was bought by another company around 2012 and the logo was changed. Since then it has been expensive. I soon changed my provider after their acquisition from another company.

  • Signed up a few months back.

    They made my account under the wrong address when I gave them my meter numbers The app shows energy usage with a 2 day delay. No gas usage shown.

    Not sure if other energy retailers have better apps.

  • Pls read terms and conditions carefully. I have tried this in the past made me wait for many days and still never got the cashreward returns/payment.

    • I got mine fairly promptly. Probably came out even though, because their rates are so uncompetitive.

  • I've had the original rate paid out at my previous address and my new place. It takes ages but I didn't have to email a follow up.
    I was only connected at the previous address for something like 2 months and the cashback still came through.

    As an aside, can I churn away and churn back to get cashback again? (I know it'll be too late for this increased rate)

  • I signed up to the "one big switch" for power and gas a few years back, and was thinking it was a good deal.

    Just last week I noticed we were paying 49.3c per kWh with their "generous" discount.

    Kicking myself for not noticing this gouging earlier.
    Switching now to momentum energy for around half the rate.

    For those in NSW I would recommend using the government site to find the best deal based on usage from your bill.


    • Yeah, onebigswitch is a commercial provider with an interest from channel 7. This gives them exposure, but I've never seen them score a super deal. They just get an ok deal and enjoy a commission.

  • Still waiting for my cashback from previous application

  • thanks op.. did a comparison energy aus worked out a little more but $155 is $155.. so i figured i should sign up FOMO

  • "Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans." - Does this mean if I have an existing solar power system & switching to EnergyAustralia, I won't be eligible for the $110 cashback?

  • Does it track on Mobile Apps?

  • crap.. was going to do this but with less than 5mins on the clock seems risky…

  • Looks like the pending approval date is Feb 2020… Not great.


      It’s in the terms for EA:

      Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

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