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Hozelock 25m Retractable Hose Reel [Made in The UK] $79 @ Bunnings



Price tracking,thanks to Price Hispter and its founder

$120 in March,$99 in May and now $79.

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The Hozelock 25m retractable hosereel has a multi direction wall hanger rotates 180º to follow you around the garden and sits neatly against the wall. The wall hanger design and carrying handle means you can quickly put the Auto Reel on the wall or take it off again.

The built in hose stop prevents the hose fully retracting so it is easily available every time.

The hanger has storage space for spray guns and accessories to help keep your garden tidy.

Features a child lock for reassurance and a padlock* fixing point for security. (*padlock not included).

5 Year Guarantee

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  • Thanks OP. Any first hand reviews please?

  • I have a hozelock from 5 years ago, still going strong. The bit of hose that hangs out the front if fairly limp though from use over the years.

  • Iv been using the 50m maters one $88 for years and a 30m cost co one to $79

  • Apparently none on the floor anywhere in metro SA. Will have them on the floor on Monday at Mile End.

    • Went into Mile End today, returned my Holman 20m and grabbed the one and only Hozelock 25m visible (hand held thingy said 2 in stock)

  • How does this match up against something like hoselink? (I know there's a big price difference but J want to buy one for life )

    • I have a hoselink that I received as a gift. I do not recommend them. The hose retracts really slow and I need to have a couple of goes to get the last metre to go in. Also the connectors are annoying, take longer to use and makes the connection between the flexible hose and the nozzel quite long and inflexible so I find if I am holding the hose for a long time I need to use both hands as it puts a lot of stress on your wrist.

      • I found the non-retracting bit is due to there being water stuck in the hose still (say due to having a trigger sprayer). If I let the water drain out it retracts well and all the way.

  • This hose reel has been this price for a while at least 3 weeks. Seems to be plenty of stock around the place.

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    I bought this about 4 months ago. The retraction system is not great compared my Holman 20m which is also quite new. Also seems to be a slight leak somewhere within the case. An ok buy at this price but it is not the best.

    • I bought this about 4 months ago. The retraction system is not great compared my Holman 20m which is also quite new. Also seems to be a slight leak somewhere within the case. An ok buy at this price but it is not the best.

      The Holman is a piece of sh.. I mean rubbish compared to this.

      Did you pop off the cover on the side and tighten up the hose connection to stop it from leaking?

  • Which hose reel is better. This one or the Holman and nylex? Have been considering one for a while but not sure which one to get.

  • Can anyone comment on the UV stability of the plastic used in the Hozelock?

    My Holman 20m has been up for 5 weeks and I've never seen an exterior plastic fade so quickly. Hate to think what spring and summer will do to it.

    1st pic - lifted handle to show difference between sun exposed and non-exposed.
    2nd pic- difference between spray fitting and reel cover ( they started as the same colour)
    3rd pic- plastic bracket deforming from weight of the reel

    • My Holman did the same within months and it was in the shade most of the time. I was glad when the POS failed again as I had just picked up some extra Hozelocks from Masters so tossed it away.

      My 16 year old 10m Hozelocks have faded a little in that time but not as much as the Holman. The fading didn't really affect the Holman but it pissed me off that they skimped on adding UV protection and if they skimped on that you have to wonder what else that you can't see.

      • The hose on my Holman is junk . Mine too has gone very brittle after 2 years in the shade and it's rarely ever used . Pretty sure it just oxidises in air but I'm sure UV would accelerate the process .

  • Costco docklands $69

  • Out of stock in Nerang, Robina, Burleigh Heads, Mermaid Waters, Arundel Queensland.

  • Made in The UK

    Is that supposed to be a good thing

  • Good price. Won't find anything close for that quality and made in UK. Spent close to $200 for a gardenia set up plus hose reel (not retractable)

  • Heaps at Seven Hills, NSW

    • Not anymore. 2 left. Hidden behind other hose reels. Boxes looked damaged. Might be a good reason to ask for discount.

  • Does anyone know if Bunnings accepts return of 4 month old unused item?

  • Magic Number of votes 69 ;)

  • I purchased a Hozelock from Masters 4 years ago for $56 and also have a Gardena branded hose I received as a gift a year or two before that.

    Both of them are still working as they originally did, however the Gardena is definitely of superior quality. There is a manual lock on my Hozelock (to stop the hose reeling back in) but it looks like they have improved on that for the version on sale now.

    Gardena would be my preference if the price was not a factor, but the Hozelock is still doing the job.

  • They are on clearance for $49 at Stafford QLD, 4 left. Located by the outdoor furniture/gazebos

    • Now that’s a bargain!

    • Whhhhaaaaaat! God dahm it. I bought one from Keperra for $79 today. Any chance I can somehow get a refund of the difference? Although, I've already installed it so I don't want to take it off and take it back for a refund.

      • Buy from Stafford, then take that one to Keperra with your first receipt?

        I'm sure both stores would appreciate that more than you bringing back your used one.

  • Still 2 left in smithfield

  • Bought the last 2 at my local. Still $79

  • Went to buy one this arvo, ended up not doing it. The unit is very chunky and wide compared to other brands.

  • I bought up 4x Holman about 3 years ago, one would retract at all after a year, now binned, another the hose went brittle and clean snapped off, bin, the other 2 barely retract and and are a pain just to pull hose out. Very expensive junk, never again Holman.

  • Just picked up 2 at bunnings $78 for 2 was ticketed at $79 but asked for a better price

  • Went to my local Bunnings yesterday afternoon and asked a staff member who quickly told me that they were sold out, even though the website was showing they had available stock. I then went again this afternoon and had a decent look, noticing 1 was hidden on the very top shelf behind loose hose reels (like someone had hidden it there). I politely asked a different staff member who got it down for me and also mentioned it looked like someone had tried to hide it. Oh well got one for $79 so I'm happy.

  • How to compare with this one: Hozelock 12mm x 25m 2-in-1 Compact Hose Reel

  • Taylors Lakes Bunnings. There were 2 left where the clearance stocks are. Check the manufactured date on top of the box … xx/xx/05 xx/xx/11. Pretty sure my eyes weren't playing ticks on me. Box were sealed and looked to be in good shape. Donno about inside.

  • Finally went to buy this 2 days ago from Armadale, and they were on a clearance trolley next to Garden payment booth for $30 :)

  • Anyone know if there is any stock in Sydney? Online stock is hopeless, totally unreliable.