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[eBay Plus] $20 Deals (Google Home Hub, Bose SoundSport Free, SodaStream) @ eBay


10 deals for $20 to celebrate eBay’s 20th birthday. The discount codes and links to products to be published on eBay Daily Deals page at the assigned time.
1 transaction per redemption code per person.

Terms and Conditions

Credit to finder for the full list

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    • +1

      most would be Pissed..

  • Lets see how fast these go OOS … i think less than 3 minutes?

    • +2

      3 minutes is a long time. This crap is gone in seconds, it just takes minutes for the site to catch up.

      • You are right!! I checked an email and looked back at 1.02pm … and they goooneeee

        GOoONnNE DiDdilLy OoOnn …. GONE.

  • +5

    OMFG I freaking got the hub!!! Most stressful moment of my life lol

    After the multiple airpod misses was nice to final get a win

    Good luck all with the headphones ;)

    • What time on the clock was it when you got it?

      • Wasn't looking lol but got confirmation at 12:01

  • 4 pm Nerf Mega - Megalodon Blaster inc 20 Mega Darts


    Code: pmega20

    • you've been pretty spot on, how do you know the links + code?

  • what's the bose promo code?

    • PSOUND20

      • I love helping ppl but not when shits for 20bucks

  • what's the link

  • +5

    A year ago, for the 19th anniversary they gave us a sitewide 19%.

    Call me naive but I was really hoping for a 20% off sitewide.

    • +3

      That would make too much sense.

      • Actually I misremembered. The sitewide was the 18th anniversary. It was 18% sitewide. For 19th they had some good deals, though not anything crazy like the $20, but I think there were higher quantities.

        • That was great, I saved like $600 on a niche camera that would never have been discounted these days. Probably won’t happen again, memories…

    • This year, eBay Plus members got a 15% off all eBay Plus items. Seems very lacking compared to the previous 18% ..

      • Correction - 15% off ELIGIBLE eBay Plus items

        meaning go for a hunt lol

        • +1

          Wow that's even worse.

    • +1

      By the looks of previous promos, the next 20% off will probably require minimum order of $300.

      • I'd take that. It would be the first time ebay AU has done a 20% off sitewide.

      • and a maximum discount of $30

  • +5

    Who's getting the towels? Assumingly to cry into for missing out on the good deals.

    • I genuinely want it. 2 X 550gsm bath towel for 20 dollars + a few more misc towel to satisfy the missus.

      • isnt it a 7 piece set?

  • Couldn't even see the Google hub, where did they actually list it?

  • i wonder how long the towel last

    • depends how often you use it and look after it

  • +12

    Gonna try to get the towels so at least I can cry comfortably.

    • +4

      Pretty sure you'll cry in your hands eventually

    • +1

      7 towels might be for insufficient for the missed deals today :(

  • I got a Google hub! Let’s hope it’s delivered and a real deal!

    Comes up at 12.01 on the iPhone clock.

    • did you use eBay app for that

    • +2

      swap u for a towel or sodastream lol

  • Reminder that some of you have cards with price protection. A few people reported they were able to get AirPods difference credited.

  • I got both AirPod deals and hoping that I can get the Bose ;)

    • +4

      How many ears do you have?!

      • Broden has many ears

  • +2

    So I literally just got an email from ebay notifying me of these "hot deals for $20"
    Thanks for the heads up ebay!

    The header is "eBay Plus keeps surprising 😃". Made me want so slap my monitor. Think I've gotten a little agitated with all of this, time to go.

    Good luck to all still participating in this lottery.

  • +1

    The guy who found the dildo for $20 early in the thread probably got the best deal out of all of us

    • +2

      but sir… we are getting fuxked just as much…

    • he's probably having a much happier experience than most here

  • towel was easy

    • +1

      Gone in 30 seconds

  • PTOWEL20 it is

  • Just got the Mrs so nice towels haha.. She will love this one.

  • yay towels…..

  • Unbelievable, I got the towels haha!

  • Got the towels

  • +1

    Towels bought.. Time to cry into them over the missed hub

  • I think at least 50 people misfired and ordered early. The code wasn't activated yet and 45 were sold just before 1.

    • The put the banner ad up early for this one. Might have caused people to order early.

    • i think they just click buy now and commit to buy, the system will count that as sold. then they can take their time to apply the discount after the hour.

      • Ah, didn't realize that was a viable tactic.

        • too bad it doesn't work on out-of-stock items that gets stock on the hour

  • Got one Towel Set! Finally something atleast.

  • i got the towels:) awesome.

  • Wow was refreshing the ebay deals page and the towels actually showed up early at ~12:59

    • Yeap. Same here. So early the code wasn't ready for use the first time I tried it.

    • on desktop?

  • Got the towels meh I guess it’s ok

  • Got them. That was an easy one

  • at least i got the bloody towel.

  • Scored a towel set (and the anti-ageing routine). Not too shabby, I guess…

    • +1

      your skin will be radiant than ever then

  • I think I just bought the towels to see if I could. I don't need or want them…

    • Lol same

      • Same. But I'll be moving out soon so I guess it will serve it's use. Thinking ahead;)

  • Towels out of stock within 1 min.

  • +5

    those who see the error message, "the seller made a change in the listing" try again.

    • +1

      Yep had the same thing, hit refresh and then it said i had ordered them…

      EDIT - My ebay order says this

      "Subtotal AU $94.95
      Postage Free
      Total voucher amount -AU $74.95
      Total AU $20.00"

      But they have taken the full amount out of my bank, time to message ebay!

      • Damn, It charged $20 on my card, must have been a glitch on your side

  • +1

    I think if we as customers want to give the middle finger to ebay
    we should all cancel our ebay plus and join Amazon..
    and stop support eBay with these stupid dumb promotions since most unable to get the deal anyway..

    At least with Amazon promotions + lightning deals
    most people can actually buy it when the promotions become active
    we can add the item to our cart and it is secured for us to checkout for the next 10 minutes etc..

    Based on the experience I had with these dumb ebay plus promotions stunts..
    Amazon membership is looking like a much better membership to join

    These ebay promotions is just a marketing stunt to get more people to join their dumb ebay plus
    which has much less benefits and usage than Amazon (other than to use it for these dumb ebay plus promotions, there is hardly any use for eBay plus)

    People should stop supporting this eBay plus marketing stunt
    by not joining eBay plus and join Amazon instead..

    At least we know Amazon won't pull these sort of dumb stunts that hardly anyone can able to get anything..

    • Yes, I've cancelled my ebay plus and ready to go Amazon

      • +2

        yeap, with all my experience with these eBay plus promotions so far
        Amazon membership is looking so much more better..

        When I was on the amazon trial membership
        I was able to get all their sales promotions and lightning deals
        when it became active.

        I didn't had to press F5 continuously prior to the hour
        to only finally get the item to show at 12:02 and it showed sold out.

        I didn't have to waste my entire day with this dumb promotion stunt by ebay.

        I was easily able to add an item to the amazon cart (which held my item and no one could take my item)
        then had like 10 minutes to checkout without worrying out it be sold out.

        Based on my own experience with eBay sites and their dumb promotions
        Amazon's site, membership system is just looking so much more better and more professional every day.
        eBay site is the new Catch of the Day..

        With eBay plus I found there is hardly any usage or benefit to it
        other than these dumb promotions stunts and then you can't even get the item..
        but you wasted time hoping/thinking that you would have a chance..

        This is the biggest factor of all
        That eBay waste our time and gives us nothing but frustration and angry in return.

  • Got the towels! there must be plenty of stock :)

  • LOL!

    550 towel sets sold out by 13:01:00!

  • +3

    These sales are a complete waste of time. Neg for ebay and cancelled my eBay Plus.

  • +2

    welp everything sold out,

    black > add to card > no longer there
    silver > add to card > no longer there
    bluish > add to card > no longer there


    • if u r adding u r already too late

      • use the buy now feature?

  • +2

    Damn, the towels sold out in less than a minute. Didn't think there'd be such a rush for some towels…

    • +1

      people who bought the towels probably bought it to use it to wipe their tears
      from missing out on the google hub and more deals to come

  • OOS now.

  • Holy shitballs 10 seconds in and out of stock … Rip

  • Maybe I am wrong but I think I saw the towels going for 8.95 aud before the sale 🤔

    • I think there were options for only the hand towels etc. I guess you might have seen the price for that.

      • Ok that explains it

  • +1

    no idea how people are even getting these.

  • +3

    Hahaha even the towels were gone in under a minute. Ebay should be embarrassed.

  • Got the towels.

    Thanks to the person who played the link and code well beforehand.

    Couldn't find your post again to say thanks

  • Bring on the headphones!!

  • Seriously?? Towels sold out in 1 minute?? I wasn't trying to buy them but man that's crazy

  • +3


    I was eagerly waiting for the towels, clock counting down, code PSOUND20 copied ready to paste…clock ticks over, I'd copied the wrong friggin code. Coal sold out, desperately tried for Indigo, code accepted, sold out when clicking 'Confirm and Pay'

    Epic fail on my behalf.

    • +1

      I got the COAL one :P

      EDIT: Adding some hot ones into your wounds! :P

  • +1

    Jesus, these deals are going insanely quick!! I was in Paypal checkout and got "no stock left". I should have it saved I think!

    • key is credit card for these types of deals :)

  • Snagged some towels :)

    • +1

      Ditto. Not as fun as a Home Hub, but more practical.

      That said, I really didn't need any more towels.

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