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[eBay Plus] $20 Deals (Google Home Hub, Bose SoundSport Free, SodaStream) @ eBay


10 deals for $20 to celebrate eBay’s 20th birthday. The discount codes and links to products to be published on eBay Daily Deals page at the assigned time.
1 transaction per redemption code per person.

Terms and Conditions

Credit to finder for the full list

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  • Where is the hub code?

  • Was futzing around with codes to try to guess.. it stated "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later." ohhhh yeah :)

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    I get that people do actually manage to score these deals sometimes meaning they aren't literally a scam but when some people get the page up to 3mins before others it's absolute BS. How the F can a landing page be delayed by that amount of time for some and not others???

    It makes no sense at all!!!

    • I clicked through to the "Electronics" tab once I saw it wasn't on the landing page - found it there about 20 seconds after 12pm.

      • @dontpanic did you get the hub?

  • Ridiculous, again.

  • wth…. i kept refreshing the page and the sale wasn't show up until it's sold out.

  • -1

    Sold out before it even appeared. Negged

    • I found the listing by clicking through to "Electronics". I also guessed the code based on what the previous codes were. I presume I wasn't alone in doing so. I managed to nab one of the hubs. The deal is legit - it's just that there's a lot of people going for it and you have to be quick and use a bit of extra cunning to beat out the OzB competition.

      Don't neg a deal because you were too slow.

  • FU EBAY! I couldn't find the bloody hub and kept hitting refresh, even had an Allphones listing up hitting F5 constantly.

  • clearly some here knew which store was going to be linked from the main page before the main page link was meant to be updated

  • I had it all set up, put code went to pay daid seller has changed something in the listing…bs..tried again and then said it was sold

  • 2 ppl managed to get the black one at 12:06

    • staff members… cough cough

  • Looks like the code for the Bose earphones will be PSOUND20 as it says not yet ready as opposed to incorrect

    • I tried that with the home hub already in the basket. I think they change the listing code just before. They relisted the item and therefore it got a new listing id.

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    Where are you getting their direct ebay links?

    • Guessing really

    • +1

      They’ve announced the price from which their discounted. It’s just a matter of finding that particular product page that matches with the price.

      • There are no headphones on eBay being sold at $275. On the finder article it says that they retail for $275 so guessing it may not be originally priced at that on ebay.

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    Waste of time. It is out of stock even before 12:00pm.

    • +1

      Not true. Got 2 of them. 1 at 12:00 and another at about 12:02.

      • how did u get 2 if its 1 per person. 2 different usernames?

        • Myself and my partner both got one. I happened to have the listing up prior to it going live and sent them the link about 12:02 and they still managed to pick it up.

    • I can agree. I saw the same listing 30 mins before it was already out of stock.

      • It shown out of stock because the deal didn't start until 12. As soon as it hit 12 I refreshed the page and it was in stock again.

        • That's interesting. Because I did the same at 12 too. Maybe I was not fast enough.

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    cancelled my shity ebay+ for the revenged!

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    I'm going to have an ulcer by days end.

  • This is nothing more than a lottery. Even with a decent connection, its near impossible to snag an item.

    Neg from me.

    • Wasn't that the case with the Airpods too?

  • Negativity aside…can we assume the bose soundsport listing would also be by allphones?

    • All listings have been from different sellers so far. Allphones and mobileciti seem to be the only major sellers that have sell though so my best guess would be one of those.

  • Got a home hub, Thanks!

  • that's BS. the real stock level is whatever they claimed divided by 100.

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    Bose Code is going to be PSOUND20.

    I put in got a 'Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.'

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      Do you have link to item?

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    Did anyone able to get that Home Hub, I have been refreshed the page like 5 min even before 12 pm, and as soon as it shows up it sold out, it feel like a scam tbh

  • has anyone been successful getting a google home hub in this offer? The link popped up and straight on to the page showing no stock for me

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    It's still in my cart and I'm still trying lol

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    Have to neg this, as this is not a "deal" but more like a lottery.
    Similar to COTD type of "deal" long time ago…

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    Not interested in any of the items

    Just here to read the angry comments from people who miss out on various items :)

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    Honestly, what a garbage sale. Google Home Hub did not list on deals page until it had sold out. It's a really poor customer experience when a sale is listed and you have no hope of getting it, very shady.

    I think I'll stick with Amazon Prime and cancel the eBay plus trial when it's close to finishing.

  • +3


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    Typical eBay BS :)

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got a Home Hub, very happy.

  • +16

    Got one :)

    Started by looking for the Google Home Hub at $184.08, which landed us at AllPhones - no big surprise.

    The original AllPhones listing (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Au-Stock-Google-Home-Hub-Smart-D...) went out of stock around 11:40. Searching for new Google Home Hubs for $184.08 gave no results, BUT if you went into the AllPhones store at about 11:50, there was a brand new listing at the same price - which for some reason couldn't be searched for! Added it to my cart, and tried PHUB20 every 20-30 seconds until it came live.

    SO… if you can somehow determine the seller for the Bose Earphones, and watch their store, you might get lucky.

    As posted earlier, these are likely the next round of codes:

    1pm - PTOWEL20
    2pm - PSOUND20
    3pm - PCHEF20
    4pm - PMEGA20
    5pm - ?
    6pm - PTOOTH20

    • That's dedication right there

      • I can't figure out the damn coffee pods code though lol. Tried every combination I can think of..

        • PODS20?

          • @dontpanic: Doesn't seem to be it.. Have tried PCOFFEE20, PPODS20, PCOFFEEPODS20, PMOCCHA20, PCHOC20, PFAIRTRADE20…. Too much effort for the second worst deal here lol ??

            • @JoelT: How would you know if it's right yet?

              • @dontpanic: Add anything to your cart and check out. Try different combinations of codes Pxxxx20.

                If it's an upcoming one, it'll say:
                "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

    • Yeah, I was smashing F5 on the first listing. Turns out it was the wrong one

    • Funny cause I actually lost the link for the individual listings so I searched for Allphones and found the real one lmao.

    • What colour was your hub? Did you need to add the right one in the cart first?

      • Chalk/Gray. Yep, chose colour and added it to cart about 11:50.

  • +2

    Waste of time, by the time I reached the landing page for the hub 2 minutes after 12pm it's sold out.

  • I guessed the code would probably be PHUB20 , have 50mbps real NBN no dice, didn't know you could find it before it appeared on spotlight, my bad pity there is nothing else of interest for me today

  • Thanks OP! I too got one!

  • +1

    Can't get my Ebay accoount to remember my paypal details. I guess I have zero chance if I'm having to login to Paypal when checking out.

    • You have to make a purchase first. Just buy a USB C cord for $1 so it saves your details.

    • use cc. ot ebay maybe

  • I was refreshing the page every couple of seconds, didn’t see the deal till 12.02 but it was already sold out. This is stupid.

  • Exercise in frustration, no thanks.

  • Can't justify this as a 'deal' if you're playing a game of chance with thousands of other people.

  • With Google Home Hub - I don't think they have listed all 400 units, dodgy as usual

  • +3

    Tempted to have a online chat with eBay and waste some of their time…

    • No point. They will just tell you its very limited and sells out fast and try again next hour. They don't care.

      • +2

        I know exactly what they will say, that is beside the point. The aim would be to waste their time like they have ours. If enough people do it, then it sends a clear message that these "competition type" deals are disliked.

        • yeah more people should contact ebay chat/email/phone

          let them know this promotion is crap and just wasting alot of people's time
          and just making their customer hate them more

        • People on ozbargain hated COTD same type of promo stunt

          Ebay should not be given a free rein with this stunt promotions
          which is just a disguise to promote and get more ebay plus memberships.

    • Checked it, no live chat available!

      Phone call only!

  • +2

    Here's my neg - I give up, closing the window, attempting to ignore any more of these future time wasters…

  • +3

    I am going to have to neg vote this one. Had the page pre-loaded and logged in and everything on a couple of the items and not once did they show up as available to purchase and was out of stock the whole time even pressing F5 like crazy.

  • The code did not even work for a good minute after clock struck 12. I ended up deleting the Allphones listing out of my cart because I thought it must be another seller. Stupid.

  • +1

    PCHEF20 for the Pan

  • Okay.. now that is over and done with. Bose, Pan and Toothbrush next lmao.

  • Where did the hub come up? was on the deals page didnt come up until sold out 2min later?

  • Got one :D thought I would have been too slow as I confirmed the code (didn't guess) and typed it manually

  • Wastage of time, efforts and bandwidth. Had earlier item in cart and didn't even go through. On main page link came 2-3 minutes later when items were already gone.

  • Next one a kindergarden kid can find .

    Be a matter of fast fingers .

  • +1

    Ok well that just wasn't fair, I stayed true to my username but as soon as I clicked on the link when it appeared, it said this item is sold out!

  • +1

    For those (like me) who didn't manage to get one in time, here's a comfort towel for you:


    Code: PTOWEL20

    • yes u can preguess the codes and pre apply them and itwill say code not rdy yet

  • +1
  • how do you know which seller is actually selling the items so you can add it to cart ?

    • You don't.

    • For some of them, there's only one seller selling the product for the advertised price as part of the sale. The seller would also need to be fairly established and have 10+ more items in stock.

      For others (eg Bose earphones), it will be a guess.

    1. Anyone have any insights as to why the banner isn't showing for some until after they were sold out.

    2. Perhaps these types of sales should be in competitions?

    • u dont need banner

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