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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 $159 Delivered @ Australia Post (Online & in Store)


Australia post are selling the vodafone Samsung galaxy A20 for $159, it comes with a $30 Sim kit.

In stores and online


6.4" HD+ display
13+5MP main cameras and 8MP front camera
1.6GHz octa-core processor
32GB expandable memory
Facial unlock
4G enabled

This device is locked to the Vodafone network

in Store Catalogue

EDIT: 24/9 Back in stock online

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    How has this post not got a whole lot more positive votes? It was a hit with big w.
    It's a great phone! Only issue is it is locked to Vodafone. There was a place in the UK that could unlock the phone for approx $5 online..but found the newer versions of this phone were unable to be unlocked.. That company is still trying to crack the code to unlock it. I personally think the phone is great value for money.

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      I only just put it up tonight ;)

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      $159 for a minimum bezel phone.. take that iNotch!

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        Re: UnLocking it from Voda's N/W:

        If you’ve had your device for over 6 months there’s a $25 unlocking fee.

        (Doesn't seem to say "on Voda's network" for (over) 6 months… ;~)

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      Another user was able to unlock the phone in this comment

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        @RichardL: Problem is if you have a version U2 bootloader, you're out of luck!

        • How can you tell without opening? Serial Number range?

          • +23

            @Steptoe: Yes. From the box outside, look at the IMEI.

            The IMEI has the form 356776/10/xxxxxx/y where xxxxxx is the serial number of the phone.

            If xxxxxx starts with 11, it has the U1 bootloader and is currently able to be unlocked easily.

            If xxxxxx starts with 15, it has the U2 bootloader and can currently only be unlocked by Vodafone.

            A word of caution though. If you have the U1 bootloader, make sure you unlock it before getting the phone on the Internet, as the software update process that runs will update the bootloader to U2.

            • @tshepherd: I have one that goes 35676610 then 05xxxxx. Any way to know what that one is?

              • @Autonomic: Mine is the same 356776/10/05…….so need clarification please, does this mean I have the U2 version & got to pay Vodafone to unlock

                • +8

                  @jcft: This is purely a guess, but I would think that a serial number starting with 05 is an even earlier batch than those from Big W, and therefore should be a U1 bootloader.

                  If you have it open already, make sure you do NOT do a software update (best not to connect it to Wifi or mobile data), and go to Settings / About Phone / Software Information.

                  Look for the "Baseband version", and if it says A205YNDVU1ASxx you have a U1 bootloader.

                  If anyone has one of these 05xxxx serial number units and can check and report here, I'm sure others who are thinking of buying this will be very appreciative.

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              @tshepherd: 👍🏅

            • @tshepherd: Mine starts with 14…

              • +1

                @spy: Are you able to check the bootloader version (see above - Settings / About Phone / Software Info - look up the Baseband version to see what digit follows the character U

                • @tshepherd: Don't want to open it in case it's U2 so I can return it. :(

                  I suspect it's a U2 tbh.

                  • +1

                    @spy: We'll have to wait for some other people to report in with serial number and bootloader version.

                    • +2

                      @tshepherd: Yeah hopefully soon, otherwise I'll crack it open and take one for OzB'ers.

                      • @spy: I just bought one and can confirm that it's a U1 bootloader.

                    • +1

                      @tshepherd: Decided to wait no longer. Glad I didn't as it turns out it's U1 yay!

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                        @spy: Got one with 14. Unlock code provided free direct from Vodafone link/online.

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                          @daydream: Same.

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                            @spy: Great! So we know now that those up to serial numbers starting with 14 are U1 bootloaders and can be unlocked easily. Those starting with 15 (and probably upwards) are the U2 bootloaders.

                            Has everyone been able to get them unlocked free at the Vodafone site though? Or only certain serial number batches?

                            • @tshepherd: That's it, we've done some boundary testing now for the benefit of others hopefully. So it's 15 and more for U2.

                              I suspect all U1s are free to unlock now, as no one has reported otherwise. Dare I say even people who inadvertently updated to U2 will be able to get free unlocks from the Voda site, logic being that if 14 gets it, everyone else under that will.

                              • @spy: I've tried getting unlock codes from the Vodafone unlock site for the two U1 bootloader phones I got from Big W with serial numbers starting with 11 (already unlocked via USB). In both instances, it asked for $50.

                                So, it looks as though the Big W batch, even the earlier ones, are not able to get the free unlock.

                                Could be the Auspost batch only that gets the free unlock?

                                • @tshepherd: Hence why the catalogue specified unlock?

                                  Maybe AUPost are clearing these off?

                            • +1

                              @tshepherd: I got mine from bigW And it started with 16 and got free unlock code from Vodafone website

      • Am I overlooking something? Price beat at officeworks and get it unlocked?

  • +9

    cheap phones are so good nowadays

    • +4

      They've become like cars. Plenty of cheaper ones with great features and everything you need, and thousands of sheep are buying something for triple the price because that's what their friends have.

  • im on kogan mobile, so i assume this will still work even if locked to voda?

    • +6

      Yep. Kogan works fine for me.

      • Great, thanks!

  • Nice deal. So what's the cheapest/easiest way to get it unlocked?

    • +7

      If you have the U1 bootloader, GBP 3 using SamUnlock, there are detailed discussions at this comment.

      If you have the U2 bootloader, currently no known way other than paying Vodafone.

      • nice info.

        how much is it to unlock via voda?

        • +2

          most likely $50 and then after 6 months, $25.

      • Isn't there some minimum amount of usage (in $$ to Voda)
        that buys you a free unlock…?

        • Not with Vodafone.

      • @tshepherd

        just sharing an idea..
        since shopback is offering 100% cashback from Vodaphone website, if we pay 50$ for unlocking the u2bootloader set, shouldn't we get a "free unlock" any way ??

    • +3

      Got one from StKilda Rd 10 minutes ago.

      Took a chance with the Vodafone unlock and it worked a treat at no charge.

      • are you existing vodafone customer and did you put a voda sim in it?

        • No Telstra actually and put in the Telstra Sim asked for an unlock code and worked first time

      • confirmed this works for me , and free too!

      • Me three!

  • Guess the A30 will be the next?

  • +1

    are they selling this in the shop as well?

    • +1

      Yeah i saw it in a shop, mod edited it to online too

  • mi xiaomi is dying… is there anything better than an a20 at $200 or less???

    • +4

      I doubt that you will get better than this for a new large screen phone with decent camera(s) locally from a shop, even from ebay after discount codes.

  • +1

    Does this Vodafone model A20 have any Vodafone start up software and/or any extra Vodafone specific apps that can not be removed/uninstalled?

    • +2

      It comes with their standard Vodafone app besides that you can easily uninstall it.

    • +3

      If this is the same as the Big W version from two weeks previous, it has a standard Samsung boot logo, with no Vodafone customisations.

      The install process places two links (to MyVodafone and to Vodafone Recharge) on the home screen, but these are easily removed.

  • +1

    Looks like awesome value with NFC and B28.

    Would anyone be able to comment on how well Snapchat runs? The frame rate for the AR Bitmoji is so bad on my Redmi 7, wonder if its just a budget Android thing.

    • Does it have NFC?

      • Yeah, I believe it does, pretty amazing! This deal may perhaps be the best features per price available at the moment.

    • +2

      NFC, B28 and Wifi Calling all tested and work well.

      I don't use Snapchat, but my daughter is an avid Snapchat user, and she says that the AR Bitmoji runs very smoothly on the A20

      • Thank you for the feedback, really appreciate it. I have started to suspect the bad performance is due to Xiaomi software on my phone.

        I think the 50-100 dollars you pay extra for local stock and a named brand like Samsung is well worth it now.

        Looking forward to picking one up!

    • +2

      that must be a software problem, because the Redmi 7 has a very good processor.

      • Yes, I have started to suspect that now, the SD632 is a decent processor but I get horrible network speeds (I thought it was just the lack of B28 but now I feel like software may have something to do with it too) and really bad Snapchat performance on my Redmi 7. Not to mention no NFC.

    • +1

      I ran snapchat on an a20 temporarily and it ran alright, not bad for a budget android at all. Can't comment on AR bitmoji stuff though as i didn't test that.

      • Oh cool, thank you for the feedback, appreciate it!

  • +5

    Thanks OP bought one for my mum.

  • I picked up this phone during the Big W sale replacing my Xiaomi Mi A1 and I absolutely love it. At $159 everything exceeds my expectations and when it doesn't I can't complain.

    Unfortunately I cracked my screen after a week and Samsung wants $150 for a replacement. Should I just buy another one??

    • Mobile repair shop? Or might as well buy a new one and keep the old one as a spare

      • +1

        I tried calling a few shops and they didn't do it. Also I'd rather get the OEM AMOLED than an LCD. Too bad auspost is sold out now

        • Do they really make non amoled replacements for this phone?

    • +1

      yes you should

      • Looks sold out now oh well

    • So do you rate this higher than the Mi A1 (which has 4GB ram)?

      • +1

        I enjoy the A20 a lot more than the Mi A1. While performance on the Xiaomi is better, other areas such as AMOLED screen (720p only but still great), more screen, wide angle camera shooting (never had this before so found this super cool and useful). Add the benefit of a lower price for a newer phone and you'll find the A20 beats Mi A1.

    • Sell it with a busted screen and get another

  • +3

    Just a shame Australian (esp. network-locked versions) don't come in dual SIM (I assume grey imports lack NFC?). It's a must for my $4.90/month Kogan NBN plan.

    • +1

      The model sold by qd_au has NFC and B28.

  • +9

    I got one of these as a pokemon go phone. After the initial slow setup which had me worried, it's actually a really snappy phone with a good screen and great battery life. It's really surprising how good this thing runs and how feature rich it is. For $160 I would have expected a much larger difference between the A20 and my Note 9.

    -The camera isn't great but still OK
    -only has 2.4Ghz wifi
    -the notch (but can be hidden)
    -Can't change the vibration intensity

    +Good screen
    +Fantastic battery life
    +USB type C charging with a fast charger (phones at this price point don't always have fast charging)
    +fast finger print sensor and face unlock
    +headphone jack

    • +2

      I've switched from my Note 8. Not the big drop at all…

      The wifi, no water proof, no notification led and camera are pretty bad….. The screen and battery are amazing. Pretty sure my tempered glass is causing it but it's not overly responsive.

      Vibration is odd too like you mentioned.

      Speaker is noticeably worse than Note 8 too.

      • +1

        Hadn't tried the speaker until now, nowhere near as clear as on the note, but it is a good deal louder.

        A notification light would have been great, I forgot to mention it in my earlier post.

        Regarding the screen sensitivity, I found that it's too quick to register a hold at the very edges of the screen. Once I popped it in a case the issue went away.

      • This is a low specs phone hence the A20 A30 A50 A90 then the S* series and note series.

        • We know :)

          • +1

            @DisabledUser139667: I'm pretty sure he knew that most people know too.

            Feel he's making a point that it is a little odd comparing the A20 ( $159 to $300 phone ) to the Note series, a phone worth $1000+ more.

            In saying that it's still interesting as they are both Samsungs running same/similar software and both have large amoled screens.

            • +2

              @ozhunter68: We are comparing as it really puts the $1500 odd phones to absolute shame.

              I've switched to it as a temporary, to see how I liked it, it's 1000 times nicer than my temp S4 I used last year… it just goes to show that MOST people these days don't actually need to spend the big money anymore. Hardware for the most part is ahead of software needs.

              I know I'll be recommending this phone for my parents… and frankly most people I know.

              • @DisabledUser139667: Just wondering what made you want/need to switch from a Note 8 to this A20?

                Myself, like many other OzBargainers have been using phones that cost below $500 new for many years now or forever as we do not see the value in spending more and possibly prefer to upgrade every year and or use two or more phones.

                Sure, the latest top flagships offer top specs, but need to pay for R & D and the Marketing and advertising. Often lower cost phones have bigger batteries as well as longer battery stamina due to lower specs ( not everyone needs top speeds ), and can also have larger screens too.

                If you have a big budget and can afford to buy and service that then great.

                • +1

                  @ozhunter68: I purchased this A20 for my other half, PURELY for her gym work, than she also got an iPod as that's suited… We both had Note 8s.

                  Didn't want such a decent phone lying around, so just sold my Note 8, before it plumetted too much (should have a month ago).

                  But yeah the battery alone is a HUGE plus on this, my Note 8 would visibly drain as you use it.

                  There are some very annoying drawbacks, but in all honestly… it's great. I'll just wait for a great deal like when I got the second Note 8 on Black Friday for $999… Still would like a Snapdragon model or the ASUS ROG 2 for something different… but a bit weary of warranty and the like. To be perfectly honest, I don't need it, and really neither do most…

                  • @DisabledUser139667: Thanks for your detailed and honest reply. I like yourself and most want to have the best and latest phone(s), but if your not careful a phone can easily get lost/stole/dropped/water damage once a year or more, so kind of need to consider that.

                    I love buying/using new tech ( and lately also refurbished/ex-demo/as new ), but prefer to have/use multiple phones as you can juggle between them for different uses and prolong battery life etc.

                    I am currently using a HTC 10 for my main phone number that I bought late 2018 ( as new with 12mnth warranty ) for $220 and still works great for my needs & looks new. I still also use a Moto G5+ and a Xiaomi A2 at home for entertainment etc.

                    That Asus ROG2 looks good, might think about it when falls below $500 lol.

                    • +1

                      @ozhunter68: I'm sorts torn as I have a 2.5yo and the nice camera is a useful feature, particularly for taking photos worth keeping…. But yeah I'm not paying an astronomical amount either. So I'll patiently wait.

                      Awaits inevitable OzBargain post in 5 minutes with amazing can't pass up price lol….

                      • +1

                        @DisabledUser139667: I understand people wanting to take nice photo's, but many people were very happy or at least content just a few years ago with well taken shots from phones such as iphone 4/5 or Samsung S4/S5 etc or newer.

                        For special needs quality photo's just grab your camera or ask someone else to take one and share.

                        I remember the days where most people were using disposable cameras that cost around $10 and more to get photos developed, hoping to get a few decent ones out of it lol.

                        • +2

                          @ozhunter68: I sold 2 SLRs upon buying the Note 8…

                          The A20 Camera is OK in perfect conditions. It's focusing leaves a lot to be desired. Won't even bother trying low light.

    • What about google map performance? My lg v20 takes forever to start the navigation screen.

      • +2

        Just fired it up to check for you. It took about 8 seconds to load but search tracking seems perfectly usable. The note 9 loaded in about 2 seconds.

    • The camera is a big problem for old people. who this phone would otherwise be a great phone for. There is no Optical image stabilisation at all. So will be a lot of blurry photos with this. OIS is a must, especially insides, at night etc when the shutter speed is at or near lowest

  • Is it worth moving to this or the Oppo A5X from the iPhone 6 Plus?

    Also will jbhifi price match the A20? I have 250$ worth of coupons

    • +1

      Maybe if you don’t care about the camera and have used AOS phones before and aren’t locked to the appleverse , still As good as it is keep in mind it’s an entry level phone and isn’t meant to compete with the flagships, be it droid or apple .. :) I would say the longevity of these phones won’t be as long as flagships both from hardware and software perspective… but bang for buck it’s great 👍🏻

    • In a similar boat. Have been looking at the oppos.

  • Just looking at the catalogue as posted above, it shows in the photo that the phone is unlocked.

    Not one to highlight a potential error in their ways for somebody to go and ask them and ruin it for everybody (see other deals), but I'd say it'd be fair to push for it to get unlocked for free if they are indeed network locked.

    Has anybody picked one up yet that can cofirm? I was planning to drop in this arvo if I get home in time.

    • +1

      The product name is “Vodafone Samsung”…