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Hey You - 100% Cashback (Capped $4) @ ShopBack


Enjoy your coffee.

Note - no limit on the number of orders.

- 100% Cashback is capped at $4
- Cashback will only track for Hey You app version and above
- Only available via the ShopBack App & Hey You App
- Excludes taxes, fees (including service fees) and additional extras
- Be sure to clickthrough via the ShopBack app before making a purchase. Orders without clicking through will be rejected.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3882)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • -1

    most expensive coffee capped at $4 in Sydney CBD?

    Note - no limit on the number of orders.

    sheeeessshhh time to stack up those breakfast muffins, banana bread

    • Yeah I don't drink coffee so gotta put this to use someway. See what I can find on my way into work

      • +1

        hot choc

    • +1

      Can already see corporate in their suit and tie lining up in coffee shops

  • -2

    doesn't seem to say min spend, alrighty

  • Yes, it's back!!
    Thanks OP :)

    • see you soon

  • +1

    brodening my way into the city

  • +2

    The no limit is linking to previous deal, how can we be sure it applies to this one too? As theres been a few that had only applied once….

  • +1

    If there is no limit on claims can we do multiple orders from the 1 store?

    Ugh they have a service charge to which isn't included in the $4. Says no service when top up payment selected. Anyone know how this works? Can I just put $4 on?

    • Yeah, load up some balance and it shouldn't charge the service fee if you use your balance to pay

      • +2

        Looks to be minimum $30 top up unfortunately

    • +4

      seriously man, 8 cents?

      • +2

        8c too much for a frugal man like myself

        • +3

          dayum bro 8c for a banana bread; the only deal can beat that is 711 that's if they don't hide the stock.

          • @tempura: In my area can only get hot chocolate, 2x cafes available. I can get hot chocolates from the machine at work for free

    • +1

      From last time: I ordered 2 small coffees from the same cafe as that worked out cheaper than a large.

  • +9

    Love these pop up offers from SB. I honestly can't remember last time I used Cashrewards. I searched in both and most if not all of the time, shopback has a higher %.

    • +2

      Yep, shopback all the way..

  • I remember last time 6/7 orders I made weren’t even tracked. Was more of a hassle following up with them

  • +1

    hmmm no cashback confirmation as yet for 5 purchases i made from 7.20 am; slightly concerned now.

    • +1

      Yeah no confirmation here either, but I'm not too concerned. Shopback's customer support is excellent.

  • -1

    Whats with banana bread, isn't it limited to coffee?

    • +2

      its Hey you cashback, not coffee cashback

  • I know, but push notifications says morning coffe is on us.

    • +2

      Would you rather it say "morning banana bread is on us"

      • sometimes i rather muffins

  • Thanks OP! Free coffee for this morning :D

  • +1

    Is there an expiry date?

    • 5PM Today
      (which it says clearly in multiple places)

      • +1

        Yeah I was looking at the terms and conditions. Oops. Thanks!

      • 4:59:59

  • wait.. so can I make say an order for $4, then another order for $4 then another and get all $12 back? (all 2 diff transactions)

    • +1

      I think you need a coffee. 2 x 4 = 8.
      But yes, that's how it worked last time!

      • +2

        He did 2 another’s…

        • +2

          Haha that's true. Guess I'm the one needing the coffee!

          • +2

            @pennypincher98: And I need a life…who goes around counting the number of another’s in another’s sentence?

    • +1

      No need for coffee
      Make separate purchases
      Yes you get it all back ($8??)

      I love these deals

    • +1

      Yes, just make sure all are separate transactions

    • +2

      I'm up to $150+ refunded into my bank account using shopback, from several "stores" (hey you, myer, iconic, booking.com, nike) without an issue. I'd suggest contacting them to investigate, or double check the process you're supposed to follow

  • Is cashback available if pay by hey you credit received from CHOICE promotion ?

    Doesn’t say it’s excluded on T&C, so I guess it means it’s included

    • Don’t worry just read. It’s eligible

      • Cashback is not qualified for:
        Top ups, Gift card Purchases and Purchases using Gift cards unless otherwise stated, and orders where you are redeeming a loyalty reward

        • In the last term of Don’t

          “…orders utilising the credits earned from this promo code (choice) do qualify for cash back”

          I kept a screenshot in case there’s a problem with my cashback

          • +1

            @Gelato: I have used my credit from CHOICE and just received email from SB saying $4 tracked.

    • Have you got credits from the CHOICE promotion? I am still waiting on mine..

      • +1

        Yeah I did! After I emailed them.

        In the app: menu -> support -> email support

        • +1

          Sweet, thanks!

        • +1

          just did this now, due to your note. Nice one.
          Got a code in minutes.

    • Yes you can. I used credit I had on my account and I got an email from ShopBack confirming my transaction.

  • +6

    Stack with spend $15 get $5 back AMEX

    • +1

      According to AMEX T&C, you can use their promo 2x. So, I topped up with $30 using AMEX and got $10 credit back. Yay!

  • yeah man, tracked !!! wohoo .. time to get my 6th ones….

    • Go easy young man.

      • onto my 11th now; i'll ease off now.

        • … if you want to be an old man … one day.

          • @ihbh: i feel loved; i feel like sugar daddy paying me for all my food.

  • Yay tracked too!!

  • Received tracking for the same coffeeshop. Thanks!!

  • Is this only for the mobile app orders? The picture in the offer seems to imply so.

    How will shopback track it on the phone?

    Cant I order via the website (hey you)?

    • +1

      Only through shopback and heyyou apps

      • cool thanks, hopefully the app track other stuff in my phone

  • +1

    wow mine tracked within 20 mins of order! Thanks OP and Shopback!

  • Thanks OP and ShopBack. I went out of my way to take advantage of this one on the way to work.

    I did the 'close the Hey You' application each time, and launch back through ShopBack, just to make sure my purchases were tracked.

    All my 7 just came through. Happy days!

    Is the Shopback "DO" condition "Disable Private DNS server…" a new one?

    • don't think so?

      Also -If you've just had 7 coffees, maybe just run to the Hey You office and ask them?

      • I think this is the first time I've noticed the condition: Disable Private DNS server when making a purchase via Shopback

        Previous postings that I looked back through all had the last condition as: Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback Claim…

        Naturally, I complied, since temporarily disabling Private DNS was worth the food & coffee…

  • +1

    Is it coffee only or does the cashback work other items as well?

    I’m eyeing a $4 hedgehog slice 🤤

    • +1

      do it

    • +1

      I can confirm it works for more than just coffees (coffees were only a small part of my orders)….

  • Why do I keep getting payment issues?

  • +2

    Not yet tracked for an 11:00 AM purchase. I'll wait few hours though, generally it takes around 3 hours I think. Good going Shopback and HeyYou!

    • Says up to 2 days. Mines hasn't tracked yet from 9am but last time I did this it worked so I'm sure shopback will come thru eventually.

    • Made three transactions so far today

      9am - Haven't tracked yet
      12pm x2 - Both tracked at 1:30

      Seems a bit random…

      • Tracked for me too :-)

  • +2

    Mmm… $4 sushi rolls for lunch

  • +5

    So I've made my local cafe around $30 extra today.

    • Well done. Shop local!

    • don't want to burst your bubbles there

      • Fair call.

        Well sometimes it takes the promos by the likes of Shopback and Hey You, to raise awareness. The place I frequented today wasn't on my radar as a local coffee place, until Hey You brought it to my attention recently.

        As a consumer, I don't know what the true cost or "cuts" of such promotions are, to the retailer. But Hey You and ShopBack are the enablers that allowed me to find my new fav coffee & snack place. So credit where it's due. And ordering on the go, that's a bonus.

        • Also, I found out when I ordered a coffee at said place there was a "$2 hot drinks" special so I'm going to try it tomorrow and see if it still works.
          Local cafe might be seeing more of me yet!

  • Didn't realise it didn't work for referral :( What a waste

    • so apparently you have to use up all your referral credits on hey you before being eligible for the cashback. that's kinda shitty.

    • +1

      Still works I can confirm this

      • That's great to hear! Cause this comment in the previous thread said no and haven't received any email for the cashback yet either :(

    • Nevermind, I can also confirm that is has tracked!

  • Damn I think i did not actually tapped on the PROMO tab in the SHOPBACK app… tapped on the CONTINUE TO APP button instead.. wonder if it would track..

    • +1

      I think it should, as long as you open up the Hey You App via a button on Shopback app. Shouldn't matter what page you opened it from.

    • +1

      No need to go on the promo tab

  • Soooooo who's done the most transactions…?

    • i'm done; going home now with my loot

      • I did 7, I’m done too 😂

        Update: All 6 of 7 transactions just tracked now

        • I did 4, 3 tracked but 1st didn’t.

          • @Tomstars241: I did 8, and 8 tracked =>. First time I've been offered a paper bag (for my loot) with a coffee!

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