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Ring Home Security Kit Satin Nickel Bundle $209 Delivered @ Ring eBay


Bundle Description: Ring Doorbell, 2 Stick up Cameras, 1 Chime
Ring Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty Included

Individual Pricing (as per Ring on Ebay):
Ring Doorbell - $149
Stick up Camera - $319.99
Chime - $59

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  • Pls don't buy ring door bell if u have constant traffic in front of your door. You'll get false alerts all day long especially if it's sunny. Doesn't matter if ur sensitivity is set to less than 5 meters.

    • I had the same problem but adjusted the settings. my doorstep is full sunlight wih yukkas that move in the wind. no false alerts, works like a charm now and we love it. Great added security for the house and well worth the money.

    • I have no false alerts. Really like it alerting me to someone at my door and recording a video.

      I did initially get alerts for traffic driving past but changed the settings. Now works very well.

    • Mine works fine

    • You may need to install a wedge so it points downwards, adjust the sensitivity and/or zones.

      I installed it with a road close by and it works pretty good.

  • The additional cameras are called 'Ring Wired Outdoor Stick Up Cameras' but googling it seems they are battery operated? The specs say battery powered but why would they include wired in the name? 720p might be ok for a doorbell but is it really worth having 720p security cameras?

  • The stick up cam are the older ones, not the current ones worth $319 but still good value.

    Too bad no ebay code floating around

    • Too bad no eBay code floating around

      There are a few eBay codes, but this doesn't appear to be an 'eligible item'

    • Popper works just find something close to the value of $209 on the other side for up to 7.5% discount on both .

  • im looking for a deal on doorbell+chime. :-( with an ebay code ;-)

  • Are these cameras okay for basic safety feature at home? better than having nothing? Amount seems to be good value for money

    • Have mixed feelings on that after three years of Arlo. Common sense says they'd give you a sense of security and peace of mind. But it can also bring increased anxiety and a lower threshold of comfort with 'not knowing', like mobile phones have given us the expectation of being in constant contact, and we can be quick to become concerned if a loved one doesn't get back to us when expected. Not sure if that's explaining it that well - it's sort of a heightened expectation of situational awareness, and getting anxious when that's not met (e.g. when the cameras are inaccessible due to technical issues).

      • Sounds like a little bit over worrying my dude! If your system is down for 2% of the year you are 98% more secure than you would be without anything

      • I agree to an extent. When I get a notification I mostly have a “need” to check it and have not once identified a problem so it can create an unnecessary worry or at least a change in mindset even for a brief period.

        Saying that I do prefer having it over not having it most of the time. Allows me to check out the front and my car (in a carport so exposed) from bed or without getting up from being lazy.

        • I'm well into the complacency phase despite the tone of my earlier post, not even bothering to check the notifications much of the time, after a couple of years of confirming countless benign events, including sleep being interrupted every so often thanks to wandering cats, moths flying in front of cameras, and whatnot. It's largely a consequence of having a perimeter setup, though. In a setup that mainly keeps watch indoors while you're away, unnecessary notifications should be rare.

    • I went from standard camera + DVR to wired version of Ring with subscription.
      You don't need to worry about cloud backup or house goes down in flame. Good quality and function well.

      • House goes down in flame. No worry! 😁👍

        • I'm not kidding, two house burn down due to arson attack in same street, one had a Hikvision with DVR, no cloud backup, no use.

        • Internet goes down. Wifi goes down. DNS Hijack. AWS goes down.

          At least with a standard camera setup you can setup offsite backup/cloud back for recording. While these internet connected camera/doorbell can only store in cloud or limited on device.

          Also I can do object/face detection with camera without paying monthly subscription while doing it locally without sending my data amazon/google/china etc.

          • @foamyknuckle:

            At least with a standard camera setup you can setup offsite backup/cloud back for recording. While these internet connected

            Contradicting your self ? How you going to remote backup ( cloud of some sort) when no internet? I would trust Amazon cloud way more than backyard third party setup.

            • @boomramada: The cloud is using blackblaze B2 and offsite VPS and it hasn't missed a beat.

              My whole network is running on UPS with 4G backup network. So the chances of both fiber connection and 4G is out out is relative low. If this happen, you should worry what is wrong with internet backbone than your setup.

              I still would still have local version … on NVR and NAS.

              Still better than one point failure of the cloud/local storage.

              • @foamyknuckle: Crims usually wear hats or balaclavas to hide their identity. All cloud will do is show u them waving back at u before they set ur house on fire or burgle u.

                • @Richsta: I smart burger will cut your main power and internet before breaking or rob the house next door with no security at all with more cars to choose from.

  • Sounds pretty cheap as face value.

    Do you have to pay any subscription fees for this to work effectively?

    Much cheaper than Arlo but not as cheap as the full 8 camera DVR system I got from ALDI.

    • These are all their old versions hence discount.

    • Do you have to pay any subscription fees for this to work effectively?

      Yeah, you can see the cost + feature breakdown here.

      Short version: no access to past events without a subscription.

  • Don't buy the battery ring devices. They are crap. Ive had a bunch of them and they fail constantly and you are always packing them up going to the post office to send them back. The Pro hardwired gear is solid but the battery stuff is junk.

    I own Two spotlight cams, Two ring Pro's
    Ive gone through probably 6 ring and ring 2's. You will come home and they will just be dead no indication of why. So then you ring up they send you a replacement and then your off to the post office again. I also had 2 or 3 that would not charge off the fixed power supply. Annoying when the house is two hours away and you have to do a four hour round trip to go down and reset the damn door bell.

    Another warning. No matter which doorbell you buy make sure you get a ring power supply kit. They are extremely flacky with anything but their power supply and if you don't have theirs you spend so much longer arguing with them to get them replaced. (Btw the battery ones died both on third party and ring power supplies).

    • Oh and do yourself a favour the wireless on all the ring gear is a bit low powered. So the repeater ring chimes are worth buying (the ones with the antenna's not the basic one). They act as relays for the door bell to your wireless access point.

      • Have to disagree with your ‘ring chime’ recommendation.
        We also had a lot of issues with the Ring Doorbell 1 & 2, ended up abandoning the brand altogether since we had to go through so many replacements and troubleshooting (same issues as you -product refused to charge / then bricked -poor wifi signal on battery / refused to connect & function even when close to the router).

        We tried the Ring Chime after being recommended that it would improve the weak wifi signal of the doorbell. The chime actually made it worse.
        I assume they use extremely cheap components (wifi components etc) in the chime. Anyway as I said it all went back for a refund since it was just a nightmare of an experience.

    • Basic ring 1 doorbell has been fine for me, but i don't rely on battery, it's permanently connected to power using the wiring meant for a normal doorbell.

      Are you saying yours died while still being connected to power full time, or died while running on battery and being charged as required?

      Picture isn't the best compared to my 4k security cameras, but it's definitely very reasonable, so no complaints there. Audio seems mostly fine too.

      Really has been a life saver for deliveries to my house. Most courier companies will leave stuff around the back if you send them a text message too, so the ring helps prevent missed deliveries. Going to connect my garage door remotely, so that they can chuck packages in the garage and i can close it up after they leave.

    • I may just be lucky, but for what it's worth, I haven't personally had any trouble with my battery powered Ring devices (I have 2x 1st gen battery doorbells, and a battery spotlight cam with a solar panel). Had them for a year.

      • I've had mine over a year and also ZERO problems. I think I've only had to charge it three times so far though, so may not be a fair indication.

        Motion sensing is on constantly, but being a very unpopular person, I don't have a lot of traffic where the doorbell is situated.

        So it may be OK for some people.

    • I have the Ring 2 doorbell and have no issues. Works as advertised.

  • How's the lag for video pop ups?

    • +3 votes

      at least 5-7seconds
      been using Ring doorbell v1 for 2 years now
      Many times when I try to "answer" the bell the person that pressed the bell has already gone

      Notification (alerts) is pretty instant tho

    • A bit ordinary for me. From getting the notification to being on the live stream, at best 10s, at worst 20-25-ish seconds.

      • Could be something to do with your internet connection in the house and mobile?

        • Internet and Wifi are pretty solid. Solid 100/40 on FTTP with AussieBB, and have a wifi AP 5 metres from the doorbell with good line of sight.

          It's the app that feels sluggish. I can actually connect faster using homebridge+homekit (3rd party unsupported solution to show cams in apple's Home app), though that doesn't support 2-way comms right now.

        • This is the issue with cloud based service, where the Ring server is located in the US. It's done a round trip AUS- US - AUS to get from your door bell to your phone.

    • This is totally dependent on the quality of your internet connection (specifically upload bandwidth). I'm on an Optus mobile broadband connection and when I click on "LIVE" it connects in under 3 seconds.

      • Agreed - mine's up fast also. I think both internet and maybe even WiFi signal strength do play a part.

  • Got one, i’ll see how it goes. Thanks op.


    What's best if you just want a door bell, i have 1 Arlo for security camera as we only have one way in which notifies us, but would like a door bell.

    • Arlo audio doorbell?


        Bit pricey when you add the chime, not sure.

        • I agree, but do you really need the chime when you have the mobile app? The alternative is a different brand, another app and potentially another subscription. The Arlo kit is good. I would stick with that.

  • If you are serious about this stuff please check ipcamtalk and read cliff notes first.

  • Can someone confirm the cameras are battery or wired?

  • Contacted support this was the response… They are going to be battery operated devices. The 2 Stick Up Cam's and Ring doorbell all run off of battery. However, for the cams, you can choose to have it plugged into it's USB cable for a continuous charge.

  • They also said 30 day return policy to my Q, not sure who pays shipping back though

  • if it wasn't for the subscription fee I would get on these.

  • So Ring was acquired by Amazon & competitively lures sellers away from eBay, and they have an official Ring store on eBay.

    • … and have allowed ring.com to continue to own 'your' feed (overlayed with the ring watermark) and which they offer for sale to "law enforcement agencies" (I believe it is all in the small print in the TOS/T&Cs). Ring appear to have created a furore in the US with privacy concerns, dubious marketing practices and their (ring.com) claimed ownership of the data (on external i.e. public views) the user produces.

      I haven't gone into this too deeply, however it has given me the need to seriously reconsider as I was looking into buying these units during the recent Amazon Day sales.

      It needs a bit of research before I will make any purchase.

  • EUFY doorbell is the ring killer… no subscription required… the only con- needs to have wiring as battery-pack model is not available yet…



  • I have owned both Ring 1 and the Ring 2 doorbell that I paid $210 for a few months ago. After owning both, I can definitely say in my opinions the Ring 2 is worth the extra $100. Working on the prices of $110 for the Ring 1, and $200 to $230 for the 2.

    The extra resolution from 720p to 1080p does help, especially for me, as my front yard is quite long and the extra pixels help with the detail, so I can see how the flowers are growing. Note Don’t expect mind blowing images of either cameras.

    However the best upgrade for me was the removable battery for easy charging. (Charging does take around 7 hours for a full charge from empty.

    As for connectivity and drop outs, I haven’t experienced any, (I am on NBN and my modem is situated near the front door, so I am sure the signal is very strong)

    If you hard wire the Ring 1, don’t require it to view anything at distance, and have a strong wifi connection, it’s a decent doorbell. However like me, once you have it and decide you like it, you will likely want to upgrade. That’s why I would suggest waiting for a good deal on the 2, or one of Rings latest doorbells.

    I can’t comment on the chime or stick up cameras, as I do not own them.

  • If someone breaks in, is there an alarm that sounds?

    • Unfortunately no alarm, if you want that, you would have to look into Rings spotlight and floodlight cameras. I believe they have inbuilt alarms that can be controlled wirelessly from the app.

  • If all you need is a video doorbell, the RING 1 is a great solution. If you are after a full video surveillance system there a better options around. The RING system gets expensive if you have multiple devices. One doorbell, $4/month, I can live with that. I actually prefer the RING 1 over the newer models because it has a wider field of view (180 degrees vs 160 on the newer models). Also, the 720p res is more suitable for lower bandwidth internet connections. I like to set the motion detection quite sensitive so frequently uploading at 1080p or higher would put an unnecessary load on outbound traffic. Also, rather than buying a chime, I use an Amazon Echo Spot which acts as a chime and also gives me video and 2-way chat. And setting up routines on Alexa is so easy, for example, in the evening if my RING doorbell detects motion it will turn on my patio lights (2 x Xiaomi Yeelight bulbs) and turn them off again after 10 minutes of no motion. Very cool.