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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $60.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Very decent price for a Pro Controller at a brick-and-mortar store. Saw this at the Epping, VIC store.
$89 at JB Hi-Fi.

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Costco Wholesale

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  • Yeah great price actually, if you don't mind waiting or online:

    $52.59 + $5.00 Delivery on amazon

    • Amazon or 3rd party?

      • third party

        • +15 votes

          Yeah good luck with that

        • If it's not sold by Amazon then it's 99% not genuine.

          You might as well go on Aliexpress and buy those $30 "wireless" Switch controllers instead.

          • @Slugoid: my comment was useless then I had no idea, how can amazon allow them to sell?

            • @bazz: Amazon is a marketplace like eBay and aliexpress. No reason fake products can't be sold there

            • @bazz: It's not hard look into these 3rd party sellers and see that most are newly opened with little feedback that these are not reliable. Amazon have no idea if those sellers are selling fakes until a buyer complains, and there's probably some exchange or return rule that favours the seller even if they sell one, compensate and close or have their accounts banned.

              I negged because I don't want other users thinking what you said was true and go buying these $53 controllers on Amazon and expecting to be genuine. If it was that cheap I'm sure fellow OzBargainers would have picked up on it.

              • +4 votes

                @Slugoid: oh yeah neg away, I gave you an plus vote. only reason I put it up because I recalled amazon were doing cheap switch controllers but I had no idea about dodgey sellers. Thanks for the info

          • @Slugoid:

            If it's not sold by Amazon then it's 99% not genuine.

            Here's what I did:

            I bought it from Amazon AU for $66, then I claimed a price protection on the 3rd party price. So I got the guaranteed genuine one for the price of the 3rd party seller's.

    • Yikes.

  • I brought a cheap one from Amazon third party and it was in a Japanese box surely wasn't genuine got a refund of $30 so cost me $25 for the remote and it works like a genuine remote but still testing it.

    Just be careful, I think all the cheap Amazon ones are fake. But for $25 I kept it.

    • I bought one from Amazon third party as well however I got the full refund. It's a great controller. Everything works except wake up and Amiibo functionality. 10/10 would recommend.

    • Why they refunded you only $30?

  • These genuinely shit all over the standard controllers (the two singles inserted into the "cradle") and are pretty much a necessity right?

    • Yes.

      I can't even aim properly with the joycons after a year or whatever it's been with the Switch and I play games a lot.

      But then I do have large hands 🍆 …

      But seriously the joycons are hard to be precise with and the Pro controller is a very nice controller at this price.

    • The major sucky thing about the joycons is the lack of a d-pad, which makes 2D games unplayable for me. Try playing a fighting game with those directional buttons.

      Poor design decision, and the Mini's inclusion of a d-pad is hard proof that the only reason you have 4 buttons on the joycon is so you can turn it sideways while the Switch is set on the table, which I'm sure everyone loves to do. Since the mini does not allow you to detatch its controllers for sideways use, there is no reason to have 4 directional buttons and confirms my suspicion once and for all.

  • Anyone confirm if other Costco's are stocking these?

    $60.99 is the best price around for a genuine Switch Pro Controller. Another good controller would be the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+, but that is still selling for around $70.

    • Just got two from the Marsden Park Costco, they don't have any display cards so you have to ask a salesperson to write you the code, but once they're scanned, they come up as the discounted price. According to them, they were discounted as part of the Father's Day sales so not sure how long they're going to stay at this price.

    • Same price at Costco Canberra.

    • I'll try and check tomorrow if the Moorabbin(VIC) store is stocking them.

  • Another option is the Brooks X One Xbox controller battery which allows wireless Switch and PS4 to be used including gyro and touchpad emulation + button remapping/macros and turbo.

    ~$60 bucks or so.

    • Brook X One only works with XB1 controllers (XB1, XB1s and Xbox Elite v1 - doesn't work with Elite v2).

      For PS4 controller, you have to use a dongle like Mayflash Magic NS or 8BitDo Bluetooth Adapter.

  • From memory the fake ones are identical in features except that it cannot be use with amiibos.

  • Thanks OP. I'll have get it now even though haven't touched my switch for 6 months…

  • Anyone playing FF8 again lol

    Just got it for my switch.
    Character looks nice but background looks …the same.

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  • Thanks OP. Just picked one up at Costco Moorabbin.

  • This is so ridiculously cheap.
    Meanwhile, a single Left or a single Right joycon costs more than this. I don't understand why.

  • Bought this controller at Target (Melbourne Bourke St Store) for $59 yesterday. They are also have a special.

  • Might pop into Lidcombe NSW Costco to see if they have it

  • No stock at Ringwood or Maroorabin

  • Nothing at Costco Epping. Informed sale ended 2 days back so make this post expired

  • Sale ends on the 10th! If anyone gets any word of a restock today!

  • No stock at Casula