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Crucial BX500 120GB SSD $27.12, Kingston A400 120GB $27.96 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


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Kingston A400 SSD 120GB

Original 20% off 125 Selected Sellers (Inc Appliance Central, Videopro, Sony, Tech Mall) @ eBay (Max Discount $300) Coupon Deal

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  • why do we buy 120GB? Office and win 10 will occupy at least 60GB.

    • You use a small SSD for the software, and a multi-terabyte HDD for media.

      Windows plus my apps takes 20GB, and I don't think Office is that bad!?

    • Generally, it is not that good to buy 120GB due to $/GB ratio being poor. Unless:

      • You want to try out basic linux or Hackintosh.
      • Using it as a USB flash drive alternative (with a SATA to USB3 cable or enclosure).
      • Poof of concept setup or testing.
      • For a PC/miniPC/laptop that's just for general Web browsing.
    • It's decent for running OS + System files, as system boot, app startup is important. Then a different HDD for files that don't need quick load times, such as media files, game assets. Or for a low end media only person. But when you can just buy 512GB SSD for $70 on a deal or 240 for $40 shipped, buy 240GB, that's more than enough for most use cases.

      When 128GB SSD is $21 you wonder what Apple pays and they still ship the MacBook Pro 13" with 128GB in 2019……

    • my notebook have 32(30)Gb Msata & windows 10 :P

      240GB is AU $36.76 which is better value for $

    • Wouldn't mind getting one as a secondary boot drive for XP/Win7.
      There's some games I want to play that don't play well with 10

  • Hi, everybody. Anyone can let me know, how to get free or cheap Window 10 upgrade from XP ? Thanks.