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Whites Decorative Pebble 1kg Sapphire Pearls $3 @ Bunnings


Would these be OK for an Aquarium, thinking of getting some fishes…

Was $11.98

Bright and vibrant collection
Whites Pearls - Sapphire Mix enhances pots and ornaments with its decorative, bright and vibrant feature.
An ideal decorative piece used as pot toppers to highlight potted plants or for use in terrariums.
The Whites Pearl range is available in three colour palettes: Sapphire, Opal and Ruby; these pearls are supplied in handy 1kg bags.

  • Decorative to enhance pots & ornaments
  • Ideal as pot toppers & for terrariums
    Bright and vibrant
  • Comes in three mixtures: Sapphire, Opal & Ruby

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  • Could be used but might be difficult to gravel clean when in the tank.
    Pool filter sand from bunnings is what a lot of people recommend as the debris doesn't go into the sand & sits on top for easy cleaning.

    If your looking into getting fish look up Aussie Fish Keepers (AFK) group on fb, lots of helpful people in there 😊

  • I doubt it, alot of the painted gravels are actually toxic to fish

  • With the Brissie heat beginning, today set up large pots to hold cooling water & tomorrow a small pond with fountain. Was just wondering where I could find some cheap colourful stones…
    Great timing. Thanks👍

    • out of curiosity, what's the pots of cooling water do - Do you pump pond water through that to regulate heat?
      Also, good move setting up something that your local birds and bees to be able to get a drink from :)

      Although, it does take time and effort - I have to clean my birdbath every few days due to it's popularity.

      • Purely psychological. Have visited tranquil mosques in hot busy countries with similar large vessels set in garden. It's pleasant dipping a hand in. That's what I was doing today. Should be more pleasant & "cooling" with these stones. Might consider planting water plants like lillies - later.

        Already have a small water trough (old plastic meat tray - regularly cleaned & replaced), set into ground among plants. The 2x3m pond was previously in use - now upgrading. But birds prefer the bird sized meat tray! Magpie had a wonderful long bath this morning.

        I really enjoy my bird friends, so it's a treat watching them enjoy the water too. The young ones play with shells I leave for them, taking them up on roof & dropping into the pond!

  • Does fish jump to feels the water ?
    Does eagle plunge to feels the air ?
    How does one get this idea of right and wrong … pebbles