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[eBay Plus] Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cord Free Ultra-Light Vacuum Cleaner $253.30 Delivered @ Catch eBay


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Was looking at a Dyson V6 with all the deals circulating. But after some research I've found this vacuum to be equivalent if not better, depending on use case. This is mainly for it's DuoClean head which can pick up larger debris from hard surfaces vs the V6/V7.

Shark support confirmed with me that this is the exact same vacuum as the current IF250 model and is less than half the price. https://www.sharkclean.com.au/products/cord-free-stick-vacuu...

Some other unique features include:

-Removable battery: Dual Charger and battery can be bought from shark direct for $129 posted (Stock coming in October) can quickly swap batteries
-Flexible wand/stick attachment: Can fold 180 degrees to get under tables etc without bending over
-Ability to free stand (must be 'folded')

Main downside to this is a small tank of around 350ml. Dyson V6 is 400ml for comparison.

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  • Better than Dyson V6?

    • I think it's an equivalent. It has some features that the Dyson doesn't, and the Dyson has become features this doesn't. My main favourite features were the removable batteries and the duoclean head

      I haven't used either but at this price I had to give it a go. More than happy to report back my thoughts when I receive.

  • need a variable power one so i can vacuum bedsheet or blanket easily at low suction power

  • do not compare apple with andriod

    • +10

      because android always wins?

  • Just compare weight of suction head as well. If heavier than dyson, pain in wrist.

  • +1

    "doo doo doo doo doo doo"

  • I am calling BS on the retail price. RRPs mean very little, I don't think there's one person here who would pay retail for any Shark vac, and certainly not $500 bucks for this one. at $500 you are basically looking at a high end Dyson if you bide your time.

    Unless someone can post on their personal experience with this who also has/had a Dyson, I can't see a compelling reason to get one.

    • This is their older model which comes with a couple less accessories hence the price, I don't think you'll find anything better for this price in a cordless. The V6 Animal is the closest thing for $297.

      I'm posting the deal for the $253 price tag, not $500. The Dyson V6 current rrp is $400+ - doesn't mean it's worth that much, most good deals are under $300. Nobody on OzB pays retail.

      As I mentioned above, I'm happy to report back what I think of the vacuum as there isn't many reviews about for it. The DuoClean head is the main appeal to it, the Dyson equivalent is the hardfloor head that is only found with the 'Absolute' models and the V10 and V11 which is had for a much higher price than this.

      My favourite unique features about this is the removable easily swappable batteries, flexible stick, duoclean head and upright standing.

  • +1

    Jackson this vacuum we have as a spare vacuum and at this price you won't find any Dyson for the same money on par with this.The duoclean technology is patented by shark for good reasons.As for calling the retail price bs you clearly have no experience with shark vacuums.The number one vacuum seller in the us with 31 percent of the market is shark.As for a comparison with the V6 Dyson can't compete with this vacuum more like the v7 or even higher.I would never buy a Dyson again sharks duoclean make there vacuums far superior.

    • +2

      I have some experience with shark vacuums but it is from some time ago, I wasnt aware that they had such a big market share in the US, in 2010 they only had 1%.

      Regardless, if they were selling more they wouldnt be on catch for half price. Maybe we should be thankful of that, but they definitely arent the darling of Ozbargain.

      If this is your spare vaccuum what is your main one?

  • +1

    How does this compare with Xiaomi Dreame V9 ?

    • they both suck…

      really though, I love my Dream V9 :)

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    Jackson our main vacuum is another shark,the shark rocket HV 380 plug in vacuum.Which is a outstanding vacuum can't fault it we have a few cats and one dog.It picks up the cat hair the first time no need to keep going over the same spot.A mate of mine has the Dyson v7 he says the HV 380 is by far the better unit.Shark vacuums are fully sealed no dust comes out at all.If you are after a cordless vacuum buy the shark ionflex.If you want a brilliant plug in buy the HV 380 it's a outstanding vacuum I can't fault at all.With all these specials on eBay at the moment you should be able to pick up the HV 380 for around 280 it has a three year warranty.

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