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[eBay Plus] 15% off All Eligible eBay Plus Items (Min Spend $120, Max Discount $200) @ eBay


Part of the eBay 20th birthday sale.

2.Offer Period. This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 2 September 2019 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 9 September 2019 (“Offer Period”).

3.Conditions. The offer entitles Plus Members to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all Eligible Items listed on when you spend $120 or more in up to four transactions on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 4 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

4.‘Eligible Items’ means all eBay Plus items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PEACHY15 is displayed in the item listing.

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  • +26

    The irony. Even with 15% off, some non-eBay Plus items can be had for cheaper.

    • +8

      Surely 20% off for 20 years… let’s not invite Jack to the party either

      • +3

        Jack organised the party.

    • +7

      Even if the price isn’t jacked, there is a limit of $200 per transaction. So on a $2000 MacBook Pro you are really only getting 10%, which you can get walking into any JB HiFi on most weekends.

  • +1

    Getting better….let's see the fireworks eBay!

  • +2

    Well this will even out the mandatory 10% price increase on eBay Plus items.

    • +1

      Well, it is Monday. Gotta have something to do for your online store. It’s not all sitting back and smoking stogies.

  • What's the difference between eBay plus items as opposed to everything on eBay?

    • ebay plus items are certain items with special deals (free shipping, disc, etc) for ebay plus members only.
      everything on ebay are everthing….

    • +1

      eBay says:

      Members get free delivery and free returns on all eBay Plus listings, plus bonus flybuys points, exclusive deals and offers, as well as premium customer service.

      • +1

        Can you tell without joining Plus?

        • Did you work out if you can tell without joining?

    • The'plus' is on the jacked prices

  • +34

    …because nothing says 20 years better than 15% …

    • if it helps, some prices have been jacked about 20% before you apply the code :D

  • FML, bought the Hisense 55R7 yesterday at Bing Lee for $985, It's $866 delivered from Applicance Central

    • Cancel order!

    • I'm trying to cancel an order I placed last night to get it cheaper using this code :/

      • +1

        Assuming both on ebay- get ebay to price protect you

        • thank you for the reminder about this

          it seems the other price has to be on another "approved retailer website" though not eBay?

          • @nith265: Hmm maybe. Last time i matched against videopros actual website… Cant hurt to try. Typically have an alright time with ebay live chat.

            • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I see Appliance Central are one of the approved websites so could indeed work well @Machaonc

              Another mental note to add to all my eBay purchases!

              • +1

                @nith265: True ozbargainer would use 28 degrees or similar for a year of price protection and ultimate price protection flexibility haha

                • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Does it work out to be economical vs cost of protection?

                  • @Last Seen: i pay off my purchases typically within 14 days so yes. If you dont pay it off in time, then no imo

                  • @Last Seen: I use the old Coles Price Protection. Same insurer, Latitude. Claiming is pretty painless. Just pay off your card before the statement date and the insurance is free. If I didn't to that, the cost wouldn't be worth it.

                • @Jimothy Wongingtons: man you're all over this - I dont have a 28 degress card but reading their price protection terms they seem fairly generous. Have you ever claimed successfully?

                  CBA has price protection but you can only claim when the lower price is in a printed catalogue. 28 degrees explicitly gives "buy it now" prices as being included

                  • +1

                    @nith265: Claimed it twice so far without any issues.

                    1. Bought something at jb and price protected against bigws catalogue the next week.

                    2. Bought on amazon, then 6 weeks later or so, there was a lightning sale and successfully claimed against that too

                  • +2

                    @nith265: Extremely easy process it's an online form or phone call. Managed to get back nearly $700 over two separate claims on a Sony tv. Certainly worth it for big ticket items.

    • -2

      Friends don’t let friends buy ‘hisense’

    • Not sure whether the item is ebay plus or not, but if it is, then if Bing Lee ignor your cancelling request, just return it as ebay plus get free return. I don't see any TV showing up on bing lee ebay as I am not in Sydney.

      • Problem with that, is that the retailer (Bing Lee) have no legal requirements to refund 'change of mind' purchases.

        The way I see it is that, unless Bing Lee has outstanding customer service or 'change of mind' refund policy, they won't refund it.

        Someone who bought and returned something from Bing Lee will know better than me, so it'd be good if someone can confirm it or not.


  • -1

    Any good low latency 32GB (2x16) RAM on sale?

    • +7

      I hear eBay have a good search function. You can even tick eBay Plus in it! Crazy.

      • Thank you kind sir for your help.

  • +2

    How about bringing back $1 weekend fees

    • it was yesterday

    • It's still exsists, but targetted

    • +3

      I'm not a high turnover seller but i just list everything on gumtree and get offered 'list and sell for free on eBay' offer. works a treat!

      • only 2 items/month per account or you'll get charged fees

        • Yeah I know hence mentioning the 'I'm not a high turnover seller', would suit many people but not all I know. :)

          • @wellzi: Oh didn’t mean it in s rude way, just making sure people don’t get stung with pesky fees :)

  • Anyone know of good Roborock vacuum deals?

  • +2

    lol the item ive had in my cart for a week is $119.99.

  • *sets alarm 11:45am

  • Bought a Note10 plus Snapdragon 855 variant only paid 1220+.

    • Which eBay store did you get it from? Any link?

      • qd_au, please dont suspect me as a store owner…. I wish could own it. Hahah

  • Awesome, thanks, used.

  • +1

    I wonder if we're going to see any shopback/cashback running for ebays bday like the other day?

    • Yes

  • Thanks! Bought a pair of shoes I wanted, of course they are 119$, so had to find something cheap to make up the extra dollar! Haha

    Either way, I saved $18. I'm happy plus I got a free cheese cloth

  • Nothing on any of my accounts again. I even created a new account after the last $1 deal and checked i had the correct email settings.

    • Do you have eBay Plus? That would be the only requirement to be eligible for this deal. Then ofc meet the >$120 spend minimum.

      Not sure what you mean by 'accounts'

      • I have 2 accounts that have had ebay plus trials before. 1 currently still has an active trial and 1 account never had an trial.

    • Try a VPN? eBay may (or may not) be going by your IP address, seeing you've used it before.

  • +4

    I wouldn't be pulling the trigger on anything just yet as there is still time for better eBay Birthday Deals to be released. This deal lasts until the 9th of September so you have time to hold.

    • And also wait for a potential Cashback increase too.

    • Unless the seller runs out of stock.

      It's happened to me a couple of times.

  • +4

    What's the cheapest way to get Ebay Plus - create a new account? What's the cost doing it that way?

    I've been with eBay since 1999 and the cheapskates didn't send me the $5 offer yesterday. It's about time I benefit from one of these sales.

    • -2

      I just bought eBay plus for $5!

      • +1

        Via that targeted offer I didn't receive?

    • Create a new account, subscribe to eBay Plus. Cancel it and it will offer you $20 gift card to continue your subscription.

  • If anyone can recommend me a good SSD deal that isn't price jacked, I will forever be in your debt

    Oh wait minimum spent $120…..that's a big drive.

  • but you have to become ebay plus member first, $49/year.

    • +1

      Make sure to cancel after the free period I am now a plusman

      • +1

        I bought it using PayPal, planning to cancel within 30 days.

        After 30 days, I completely forgot what the charge in my bank statement was for, so I rang PayPal and they refunded me.

        It was an honest mistake I wouldn't make a habit of it though.

  • +4

    All Ebay has done is reminded me to cancel my plus membership due to renew tomorrow.

  • is there way to search or you need to just click through items and hope the code works?

    • obviously, the product you want to buy (Steam Iron); the code is invalid :)

  • Any Ryzen 3700x deals?

    • Edit: computeralliance just dropped their price…$458

      • Damn I feel a bit cheated having bought it when the base price was $579 only a week ago…

  • +1

    Works at Computer Alliance! :)

  • works on this link $705.50 for ASUS ROG Phone 2 grey import (Tencent edition) more than 10 available

  • +2

    Xbox one X Gears of war 5 limited edition for $565.21 is good value . Cheaper than EB and its delivered

  • Any one found a decent deal for note 9 grey import basic model? The ones I could found have already been jacked :(

  • Got a Pixel 3 XL (Aussie stock) for $790.50, seems like a good enough deal.

  • Wish the cap was a little higher…

  • Only seems to work on store sellers.

    • Not working on Microsoft Surface devices.

  • +1

    code seems to work on everything at big w

  • Interesting price jack from Oz Digital Online for their 128gb Mi 9t Pro's… They were $679 up until a few hours ago, they are now $1999…

    • …meaning they are out of stock or want to hold stock and not interested in making sale. But they want the listing to remain in Google ranking to reuse later.

      • Must not be interested in a sale for whatever reason as they still advertise stock available. This isn't the case for their 256gb models (which list the same stock quantity as the 128gb model), so it's a bit odd.

  • finally bought a Switch Console (new version) for $364.65 from big w online

    • Ooh! Something I actually want!

  • Anyone know if I cancel or return an item, do I lose the discount for other items I bought at the same time, or just the item I return/cancel? I bought a webcam for $135.15, plus a couple of other items that bought it over the threshold, but now I saw the another deal that includes a hardwire kit and gps module that I'd prefer to purchase.

  • ARRRGH!! I forgot to do Shopback or CR on a big purchase, damnit :(

  • Not sure if this item is eligible but it has Ebay Plus logo on it but it doesn't have the PEACHY15 text. Does it have to specifically say the redemption code "PEACHY15" for it be to eligible?

    • You can try insert the code….

      • I am not eBay Plus member yet. Got only 30 days trial offer. Just want to confirm before signing up for that offer. Never got email for $1 and $5 1 year eBay Plus offer.

  • Is there a list of applicable stores?

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