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Orico USB 3.0 SSD Enclosure - 2 for $12 (OOS), Baseus QC3.0 USB-C Charging Cable - 2 for $12 + Del ($0 with eBay Plus) @ SS eBay


Shopping Square "2 for 1" Promo Stacks with PILOT20 eBay code, Add 2 to your cart, Discount shows at Checkout.

Orico USB 3.0 SDD Enclosure

Baseus QC3.0 USB Type-C Smart Charging Cable 2 for $12

Original Coupon Deal

Orico Enclosure now out of stock

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  • Damn, wish this was the Type-C version.

    • Could you not just get a micro USB 3.0 to USB-C cable?

      I mean yes, they're probably worth more than this actual enclosure's value, but it'd do the job!

      • Would not the bottleneck be still at the USB 3.0 side though? I guess what ozturtle meant was if it had USB C controller, you can use USB C to USB C cables for full bandwidth.

        • At $6 each, nobody is buying these for their throughput!

          • @Switchblade88: True. That's why he wished it was USB C at this price

            • @jtrvk: USB C port =/= USB 3.1 speeds

              Hence why I assumed OzTurtle was looking for the PORT, instead of the SPEED, and why I replied upon that assumption i.e. he was wanting the port for MacBook or Android compatibility.

              Besides, even with a 3.1 chipset, quality cable, and compatible host, the used 5400rpm drives that most people would be putting in these cases would be the throughput bottleneck regardless.

              If I didn't already have handfuls of these cases floating around, I'd certainly get a couple more. Always handy to have, especially for SSD upgrades

    • I would stay away from Orico. Their hdd dock blew up one of my 4TB NAS HDD fuse roughly a year ago, luckily only the fuse, so I managed to copy the data out after soldering off the fuse, but the disk I have to use it as a cold storage as I've no idea whether there would any other hidden issues.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP

  • Watch out it's $15 delivery for the enclosure - what a rip off

  • also, don't do more than 2x per order or you dont get the bogof.
    i got confused in ordering and ordered up 4x and seems to have not done the bogof deal
    trying to cancel now

    • You can always return for free.

      • I’d rather cancel and get the savings and re order at the bogof price
        I’m down for 4 of them just want the $6 each price rather than $12 per unit price
        Plus using vouchers for that extra 5% OzBargain goodness

  • great deal

  • Or you can get 1 enclosure and 1 cable instead of 2 of a single item :D

  • Great price. Orico Enclosures are great. The transparent case looks cool too.
    Too bad my plus membership has expired

  • There has been about 10 people who have accidentally only ordered 1 instead of 2 so make sure you buy 2.

  • Ordered one, thanks

  • +1 vote

    $6 still seems expensive for an USB cable

  • Any recommendations on a USB/3.5" drive adapter? Have a few old hard drives i'd like to access as well as perhaps to run tests on any new drives bought for my NAS

  • crap I just purchased 10 last week


    Thanks got 10


  • Thanks mate, this is very useful.

  • been using orico since 2 years. great quality product.

  • Didn't realize Shopping Square and Zapals are the same mob.

    • +2 votes

      Please surrender Ozbargain licence.

      • Hey, I didn't know that either!

        I never got any 'free' sundry plastic items with $2.30 postage from Shopping Square…

    • They claim to be different companies and Zapals went under months ago.

      • From my PayPal email:

        You sent a payment of $12.00 AUD to Zapals Tech Corporation Pty Limited

        • Yup that's right and SS keep on insisting that the name is the same but different company. Regardless zapals.com still went under ;)

      • pretty sure they are lying

        Zapals is such a unique name that I doubt SS came up with Zapals same as the one that went under..

        Do you know why Zapals.com went under?
        I got a bunch of cheap stuff from them previously..

        they were a good replacement for gearbest
        which no longer has any good bargains
        and they charge shipping fee nowadays..

    • There Shopping Express as well.

  • The Orico is out of stock :(

  • if anyone finds anything similar let us know. i wanted this.

  • Awesome deal, I bought 2 but wanted 4 at the same price (limit of 1 free). Already have Orico black enclosures but the clear ones are so much more appealing to leave around the desk and know what type of HDD/SSD it is without opening it

  • Weird… getting “coupon can’t be applied” for the USB cables.

  • Thanks OP. I got the cables. Just missed out on the case.

  • Thanks NoCure, ordered 2.

  • used one of the Orico 2.5" enclosure years ago, killed my Sandisk SSD…. first time inserted

    • +2 votes


      • SSD is actually more sensitive to power failure than HDD. I guess the power supplied was not clean or the cable was not solid to maintain the steady power supply and sudden unnoticeable power failure kills the disk.

        Even worse need to be considered, very hard data recovery for SSD in contrast to HHD. Make sure do data backup before you connect it to a new enclosure.

  • The led on the usb is pretty bright at night if you plan to use it in the car and having it facing you.

    • If you shove the baseus charging cable into a dual USB charger (baseus cigarette lighter powered one, dual qc4.0) in the car, it made my Xiaomi camera (plugged into the other port of dual qc4.0 baseus charger) beep nonstop..

  • +2 votes

    Why is shipping $15??

  • The shipping kills it for me, no eBay plus
    I saw the same cable brank on special the other day on some deal website but i thought it was still expensive.


    prob prefer my joybuy cables

  • Might be just me but is the Orico USB 3 Clear Plastic Drive Enclosure, 2 for $12 back?

  • An extra $5 off with Shopback for the next 30 minutes too.

    • Until 10 pm actually - the homepage is showing from 9-10pm!

      Edit: here it says until 9:30 but homepage says until 10?!

      Edit 2: So does the App notification from ~5 min ago "…from 9 pm to 10 pm AEST."

  • Based on the eBay records, some bought only 1 and expected to receive 2 which will likely not going to happen!

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine was due 18th. Today is 20th. The tracking number provided does not give any results on Auspost's tracking page.

  • My cables turned up today. I had to pay $4.55 postage because they didn't put enough postage on it. Couldn't collect without paying. I'm on eBay plus do I'll be taking it up with PayPal and eBay. Looking at their reviews they pull this trick regularly.

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