Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack AAA $26.95 | AA $28.75 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Catch eBay


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    I see Eneloop, I upvote!

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    Just need a good nitecore d4 deal now. I bought these batteries in the last deal but don't have a charger yet.

    • +1 vote

      +1 D4, nice charger.


      Xtar vc4 is a better charger IMO. I have a nitecore D4 also. The only thing is the xtar is usb powered but I have a decent usb hub to plug it in to.


        What makes it a better charger over the Nitecore d4? I'm also looking for eneloops and a charger, mainly for AAs.


          I also charge 18650 batts and perhaps that is why i gave the nitecore to my folks to charge eneloops only. The vc4 was significantly cheaper when I bought from OS. Perhaps not so much now. Just a quick google search might sway you to the nitecore for eneloops. The VC4 charges differently depending on the usb power supply you plug it into and the number of batts on charge. Also i think only the VC4 can fit larger cells and it makes it easier to load batteries IMO. I have big hands… You may have a case for small cell eneloops charging only for nitecore but I am not an electrical engineer.

          You can check this thread for some good detail… Might sway you back to the Nitecore for eneloops with slow charging mode. My research was mainly aimed at 18650 daily charging. VC4 is better for 18650 batteries.

          Most eneloops I charge are every 6 to 12 months so killing a cell is more likely going to be due to age deterioration than rapid charging. I could be wrong though.

          If you are a sound recorder or musician daily charging eneloops for mic packs or something else you might do daily perhaps the nitecore will give them more life. Having said that if you are doing that I would be getting more than a $30 ish dollar charger. A really good pro charger would be a batter investment over these choices. The top end chargers can revitalize/test and I believe repair old batteries.

          VC4 also better for travel being able to charge via usb. Either choice you make you are getting pretty good chargers for the price.

          You can toss that horrible cosco eneloop charger "value pack" that comes wrapped too much plastic. My parents bought that charger and it can not charge one battery at a time (only in pairs) That charger is a piece of junk compared to these.

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    y'all got any more of them eneloops

  • +5 votes

    Thanks OP! Forgot to grab the AAAs in the last round and the kids just got some toys that could use AAAs so thanks again!


    Curious to know how many Eneloops everyone here has at home (to make me feel less guilty about buying more) …


      I casually glanced next to my tray in my office at work and can see a new pack precariously hanging from the corner.

    • +2 votes

      Not many. Bought some a couple of years ago, but now the Coles batteries are better and miles cheaper.

    • +1 vote

      12 AAs
      8 AAAs

      Not a lot, I guess?


      Way way way too many. 200+

      I had them for sound recording work, but I've been working behind a desk for a couple years now.

      Towards the end, I ended up swapping over to the rechardables from Ikea. They come from the same supplier, cheaper and you don't have to wait for them to be on special.


    I guest I'll purchase these at 9pm tonight alone with ShopBack promo


    Any recommendations of brands/stores for C and D adapters for the Eneloops?


    No matter how many of these I buy, I still dont feel like I have enough.

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    Whenever Eneloop batteries come up they always get lots of upvotes yet I'm unsure why.
    I have Eneloop batteries and while they work fine but they don't have a very large mAh rating, meaning they go flat quicker than my other batteries.
    The Coles batteries mentioned by the OP are only $7 for a 4 pack, Eneloops usually cost at least twice as much as Coles batteries.
    Further more in an extensive test done by Choice magazine the "Eneloops Ready To Use" batteries came 10th out of 12 batteries (64%)in their testing, the Coles batteries were first(75%). The Eneloops performed particularly poorly in the Endurance Score, scoring only 54% or 11th position. I have to agree with Choice on this scoring as I find Eneloops don't last as long as most other batteries. The Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries (usually black in color)scored really well, they came second 73%, they beat the Coles batteries in every category except value where they got a poor score, relegating them to second place. So in reality the Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries were the best batteries. So please people don't buy "Eneloops Ready To Use" batteries, and if you already have please throw them in the bin as even ALDI batteries performed better than these!!
    Please downvote if you don't want the truth to come out about "Eneloops Ready To Use" batteries!!

    • +1 vote

      I don’t want the truth to come out but I’m only negging you because you were so polite.

    • -3 votes

      Lol what a load of crap. Choice no doubt is sponsored by Coles. There batteries are garbage. They are dead after 6 months usually. Proper ene loops are and have been far superior to most batteries for a bloody long time. Maybe the ones they tested are made in China or something.

      Also let's see how many charges and for how long you get out of Coles or other batteries lol

      • +1 vote

        @XxAiDsTaRxX Wow you're not too bright!! Choice is not sponsored by Coles, in fact no advertising is allowed in their magazine so that they can remain unbiased.
        Then you state that Coles batteries "are garbage" and that "they are dead after 6 months usually".
        Are you saying you have owned Coles rechargeable batteries or are you just guessing just like when you incorrectly guessed that Choice was being sponsored by Coles.
        The facts speak for themselves, an extensive test was done on multiple batteries and The Eneloops performed poorly, so you'll just have to suck it up!!


          Lol choice reviews and comparisons don't always add up as far as I am concerned. Who cares about a pointless comment I made at 1.30am when I was half asleep.

          And to insult me over something as stupid as a comment on batteries is pretty weak, not that I really care one way or the other.

          I still stand by the fact that in my experience Coles rechargeable batteries are not very good. I have a few aa and aaa in my draw and are still not good and didn't last past 6 months. Just because they cost $7 doesn't mean there any good despite 1 test from choice. Have a good day lol

    • +1 vote

      I buy Eneloops cos I'm sick of having a set of batteries run out, going to replace them and finding that the replacements are already flat.

      Eneloops win by the length of the Flemington straight.

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