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10% off All Eligible Items @ eBay (No Min Spend, $500 Max Discount)


Another day, another eBay promo for you to enjoy. T&Cs make no mention of min spend or end date.1

The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all Eligible Items listed on in 10 transactions during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). ‘Eligible Items’ means all items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PANTSUIT is displayed in the item listing.

No min spend proof… works on this item.

Mod Update (1st October): Coupon Code was temporarily disabled on 30th September 2019, now working again.

  1. Mod: Rang eBay customer support and they confirmed 31st October as the expiry date. EDIT: Just noticed that the expiry date is displayed in the popup that appears when you click on "Show me how". 

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  • Dammit didn't work on the item I have saved in my cart. It was $51 but shipped from Hong Kong.

    • Even if it’s shipped from aus I doubt the code will work anw, there’re only a small amount number of sellers that are “eligibile”.

    • Wouldn't buy anything from Hong Kong protests can cause all delays

  • Is this one targeted, can't seem to get it to work on anything the previous 10% worked on? PatPat works for me on most items and it seems to have the same requirements - weird

  • 'Eligible'


  • What happened to the sitewide ebay deals?

  • proof… works on this item

    Got a special lady in your life TA and going to try a sneaky measure?

  • Same as last week, this is TARGETED (same item work with my account but not my partner), and also ELIGIBLE ITEM ONLY.
    Title of this deal should say "10% off selected items", and linked to the deal page not ebay home page.

  • +2 votes

    It really should read “Another day another find the hidden discount…”

    I have yet to find any items I have in my basket (which includes lots of Aussie sellers) with any discount codes applying. And these are from large and small sellers with high and low feedbacks.

    Ebay doesn’t want to “take my money”. Lol.

  • A lot less items are eligible. Items I watched that worked with BIGGIE5 are no longer eligible (I was holding out for a 10% code). Another crap code designed to waste people's time searching for needle in a haystack…

  • Yeah have to agree with other comments - the Eligible seller list seems to be dwindling… Some top rated larger retailers aren't included - eBay seems to be wasting peoples time now which will just force them off their platform

  • So don't we get those 10% deals anymore storewide? Where you could buy even overseas items and it worked? I often buy stuff overseas and I find it at least covers the gst as much as I hate paying that gst at least with these 10% deals it covers that cost. But I'm finding most codes I been trying to use lately have never worked, this 10% I thought would be handy and I was just thinking yesterday when is next one, but lol not working for me or at least overseas purchase. Not tried it on local though.

  • I actually find myself browsing Amazon Prime a lot more these days, and my last 4 Amazon purchases were cheaper than the Ebay equivalent. The cashback rewards sway me a lot too.

    Gloomhaven for $149 shipped after cashback on Amazon made me very happy.

    • Yep, me too. I recently ordered about 30 books relating to piano music. Only 2 or 3 were cheaper on ebay, that was only due to a discount code, and it was only cents less. Everything else was cheaper on - then I got a cashback too!

      They need to stop this nonsense. It might interest a few buyers, but in typical ebay fashion - it's annoying the majority, causing them to ignore their sales or look elsewhere - where they then find the item cheaper, and so, abandon ebay.

      e.g. After my above ebay/amazon above, I stumbled on another music book store that displays AU prices (no calculating), which is having a 20% off sale, PLUS half-price shipping from the USA - making them cheaper than both ebay and amazon on a second order. Then they emailed me a 10% code. So I'm about to place a third order tonight (if all the discounts stack I will anyway).

  • How can we see the full list of 'eligible items'?

  • Didn't work for me with a local seller.

      • I'll add that most comments on here seem to be negative, the original ring sizer link is just a cheap bit of junk and the the only other product someone mentioned (smash bros game) does not say it is eligible for for 10% code on listing for me (as per t&c's), rather just 3%… (and it was cheaper such as Big W on prime day)…so, fail to see any demonstrated "bargain" here where products are a good buy??? Got to say, I'm considering if this makes it worthy of a legit deal downvote… my first in years…?

  • These are a joke

  • Just tried with bigw ebay. Doesn’t work. 100 upvotes for real?

    • This eligible items bullshit is a joke.

    • upvotes were for the ring sizer..instead the deal itself.

    • Been @ ing around there if use PINEAPPLES best for just over $100 , $500 or 1k to get full benefit works all a/cs .

    • it's probably the same deal with its previous 10% off eligible items where only top rated sellers will be discounted and anything less will be discriminated against.

  • Didn't work on anything I tried.

    But then again it's been the same story with all codes that work on 'eligible' items. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why one item is eligible and why another isn't.

    When they did sitewide with exclusions (real estate, coins, gift cards, etc), it always worked.

    • So did the price-jacking, LOL. Which could be why they're now doing this foolishness - so they can 'have a word with' the eligible sellers if they price-jack.

      • that would require them to have a white list or black list which would be a lot of effort to maintain.

        Price jacking can be addressed by letting the market decide whether to buy from them or not.

  • Website used to show "Pay only…" or "Take $xx.xx off…" when a discount was valid. Now I have to add to cart & try for each individual item (if one is ineligible, the whole cart doesn't accept the code). Way to go, eBay. /s

    At least the phone app still shows what's eligible.

  • I'm only getting 5% off with Pepper. Is it because I recently used $5 off $20 purchase? This sucks.

  • worked on smash brothers bringing it down to $61.20

  • Any AirPods on specials?

  • All the Hong Kong sellers excluded again… They are probably busy demonstrating anyway…really a terrible thing what's going on there…awesome that the people stand up for what they believe in. Well done!

  • Eligible? that sucks.

  • Eligible? So confusing.

  • Eligible? I'm THIRD!

  • Eligible? We're not worthy

  • Ebay practise discount coupon that nobody care anymore!

  • If you were thinking about the BenQ W2700, I just picked one up on the ebay sale from Justprojectors.

    Code: PONY10 works on it. Plus comes with a free ceiling mount.

  • $57.60 for GERBER TRUSS 17-in-1 Truss Multi-Tool is good.!3066!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

  • "Eligible" barely anything on my watch list is eligible.

  • PANTSUIT not working..expired..

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