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Seagate Iron Wolf Hard Drive 12TB $495 (Out of Stock), 8TB $332 Delivered @ Technology Titans via Amazon AU


About lowest I've seen for 12TB Ironwolf. Great price if needing to store your 4K uncompressed Linux Distros.

Don't forget that Shopback to store a great deal!

# IronWolf 12TB $495 SOLD OUT

  • Optimized for NAS with Agile Array.
  • High performance means no lag times or downtime for users during high traffic time for the NAS
  • Iron Wolf provides high-cache options allowing your NAS to serve data faster

IronWolf 8TB $332

  • Optimized for NAS enclosures with AgileArray
  • Multi-User technology for increased user workload rate
  • Do more with up to 10TB of storage
  • 24×7 always on, always accessible with NAS enclosures

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    store your 4K uncompressed Linux Distros.

    All 722 of them ??

  • The helium filled Iron Wolf drives are very nice (just the 10TB and 12 TB models I think), but just for backup storage shuckable externals on sale are significantly cheaper. Amazon US and Germany in the past hasn't shipped most models to Australia, so it is fortunate that they are listed on the Amazon AU site.

  • Seriously tempting..

  • Too expensive. Shuckable wd's are the go at the moment (wait for sales event). White labels, arguably better drives too. (puts flame suit on) 🔥

    • I have a bunch of plain Seagates and then 2x 8tb Iron Wolfs. The extra cache and read speed means I can play 4k uncompressed/remux without any issue on the Iron Wolfs, but the plain Seagates (white label) struggle and just never keep up 100% to the point where I have now moved all my 4K to the Iron Wolfs.

      I know thats not proof or a fair comparison, could be other things, but to add the plain Seagates and the Iron Wolfs are each in seperate but matching QNAP NAS's, both as no RAID just individual disk volumes. Copying and moving around media again with the plain drives I get all sorts of niggly issues, copies sit at "calculating" for ages, speed up and slow down etc. whereas again the Iron Wolfs are rock solid sit at max throughput, copies just start etc.

      • No, you're correct. The increased RPM and double cache size compared to drives of the same size is what does it. There's a reason they're marketed as NAS drives and not data drives.

      • They have 2 different purposes, the white labels are for storage/backup, the iron wolfs are more expensive for the reason you used them for.

      • Thanks for the insight. Given I have a similar use case to you I guess I should just spend a bit more on NAS drives. I previously used HGST and have had no regrets but so many people keep taking up the great value shucks!

    • They're only expensive if you don't have a good use case for them (which you must not). Or if you like having warranty.

      • I have 2 Synology NAS's and have a good use case for them. I think $/GB these aren't attractive yet but clearly others will disagree. Not saying they are bad drives, they're probably the best Seagate has released in years.

        As for warranty, I've never bought shucked drives for my NAS's yet but for the right price I'm happy to next time. Mine both run RAID-6/SHR2 with cloud redundancy for critical files so I'm happy to take those odds.

    • I got inconsistent performance from shucked Seagate drives, most are SMR so not suitable for RAID. As for WD, after seeing the worrying WD failure rates from the Backblaze HDD data, I opted for the Iron Wolfs. I have 12 of the 8TB drives, very happy with them. They have been running 24/7 for around 16 months now. But given the high cost of the Iron Wolfs, if someone is not running a 24/7 RAID setup, then the shucked drives will probably be fine.

      • Life was so much simpler a few years ago when one could just buy HGST 4gb's and be confident… (I've got 5 of them in a Synology box. Alas, I'm having to delete less interesting distros to get new ones these days, so I"m in the market for an updgrade.)

  • Great price if needing to store your 4K uncompressed uncensored Linux Distros.

    Could potentially get 2 x 10TB (or 8TB) WD shuckable's during sale time for a similar price of the IronWolf 12TB. Hmm, decisions, decisions…

  • Currently running 50TB of raw storage over x3 6TB and x4 8TB Ironwolf drives on 2 arrays in RAID 5 with an Adaptec RAID card. One array is hosting my Plex server and the other as file storage.

    The drives run a bit hot and sound a bit chattery on boot however the performance is great for mechanical drives. The drives reach 410+ MB/s sustained transfer speeds in my array.

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