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AmEx Statement Credit: Spend $50 or More at BP, Receive $20 Credit, up to 3 Times


Edit: This offer is only available to those who have a David Jones Amex or a David Jones Platinum Amex to bring awareness that BP will soon start selling David Jones Food

Edit 19/9/19: For those who don't have a David Jones Amex card, you might have this BP deal in your offers

You can use the BP Me app to take advantage, but it sucks, so why would you? May be Targeted as my DJs Amex cards got it, but not my Velocity Escape ones.

For fellow Sydneysiders, you might be able to use this offer to top up your Opal card.

Save offer to Card and spend $50 or more, in one transaction, in-store at selected American Express accepting BP service station locations or via the BPme app by 12/11/2019 31/12/2019 to receive a $20 credit up to 3x. Limited to first 25,000 728 Cards (?!). Exclusions apply.

Offer Terms

Offer valid at American Express accepting BP service station locations only. You must ensure that the store accepts American Express Cards before you proceed to fill up your vehicle.
Excludes purchases of BP commercial fuel or BP bulk fuel.
Excludes purchases via BP Plus Fuel card account payments.
Valid for payments made in-app via the Australian BPme app at selected BP locations in Australia. You must first load your Card to the Australian BPme app using a compatible device. Selected BP locations are shown within the BPme app station finder as BPme enabled: to show only BPme enabled locations in the station finder you may need to first select the BPme enabled filter. Any BP locations not shown as BPme enabled are ineligible for the offer. Use of the Australian BPme app is subject to the BPme Terms & Conditions.
Offer is limited to three credits per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store at selected American Express accepting BP service station locations in Australia or via the BPme app.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment (including, but not limited to, workshop, cafe, restaurant) or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (1)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +11

    Looks targeted. I didn't get targeted.

    • Shame, so you won't be working your magic then? :(

    • If someone shares their link, would it help?

      • Can you post it here?

        • Sorry mate, happy to do so but I am the least Targeted :) and missed the bargain this time

  • +1

    Got in my DJ as well

  • targeted as i didnt get it also

  • Wasn't offered it either (2 cards) but then again I only get my petrol at BP

    • +1

      So do I, on my DJs Amex, for the three points per dollar on petrol

      • +3

        Don't you find BP's high price out-ways the benefits of the 3 points (equiv to 1.5c velocity or qff)?

        Every time I compare fuel price BP are like 5-10c more than 7/11 or Caltex/Woolworths etc.

        • There's a few BPs in my area that sell petrol cheap. I use 98 anyway, so high price is a moot point for me (I could use 91 but my car has only seen 98 since I got it new seven years ago and I ain't changing now)

          I also have Velocity so I get 3 points per dollar on my DJs Amex and 2 points per litre on Velocity.

  • +3

    Anyone got the direct signup link?

  • +3

    Awesome! No need to go through BP app therefore we can earn velocity points!

    • +2

      Not for much longer

      • It’s still till next year. So there’s time.

  • Got it on djs too. But no other cards

  • -1

    How to top up opal using BP me app?

    • Go into a participating BP and ask to top up your Opal card …

      The app has nothing to do with Opal top-ups

      • Ops I think it is only for BP me. Anyway none of my 10 cards have the offer

        • +1

          The OP states that you can use the offer over the counter as well i.e. without the app. I literally bagged out BP Me in the first sentence 😛

  • Got it on my DJ card, thanks op

  • Shame didn't get it on any of my cards, must be targeted :-(

  • +1

    Is targeted, I did not get any.

  • +3

    Did anyone who doesn't have a DJs Amex card actually get the offer? 🤔

  • +3

    Not in my Amex Essential

    • Same here. No one in my household got targeted either. I did use the last BPme statement credit, so maybe that didn't trigger the target this time

  • Didn’t get it on my Qantas Ultimate.

  • +1

    Off topic but just got off the phone with Amex. If you add a supplementary card to your DJs Amex and spend $500 on it you get 5000 bonus points.

    • I'm still waiting for them to give me 5000 Velocity points for opening a supplementary card before June 22 and spending $500 before July 31 on said card …

      • Really shouldn’t it be instant? I would get on the phone with them right away and complain. You might even get additional points because of the delay. I’ll definitely test it and let you know.

        • +1

          Dunno. It said 8 to 10 weeks after July 31. I had to complain as well when I spent $200 in DJs beauty department back in early May and didn't get the promised 7500 points after the 10 weeks.

          • @kerfuffle: Wow how are you getting all these mad bonus points deal? Wish I got that DJs offer. Anyway I’ll spend first and report back.

            • +1

              @nightelves: Buying a shitload from DJs I suppose, to the point where I actually got invited to their party last Wednesday, which was for their top 1000 high spending customers …

              And signing up to all their communications like e-mail and snail mail

              • +1

                @kerfuffle: WTF! That's crazy! Well at least you're getting shitload of points.

                • @nightelves: I did when I used to work at DJs! Don’t spend as much there any more because no staff discount haha

              • @kerfuffle: How much are you spending there each month or year?

                • @spaceflight: A hell of a lot more than I do now with the loss of my staff discount

      • +1

        Under "points earned to date" I click "view details" to see all point accrual. I finished my spend $500 spend in early June, and the bonus points were credited 05/07/2019 with the description of "Additional Card bonus points".

        • Definitely didn't get my 5000 points so far. I have until October before I can officially complain

          • +2

            @kerfuffle: If you have a few minutes to waste go onto Amex live chat and ask they can do the look up and let you know. Even if it hasn't been credited yet I've had success with people doing the check for me and making sure the stars align at their end, then I get the 'you'll have to wait until October'

            I have also gotten the 'no there was this issue' and didnt qualify, but it was good to find out earlier than later.

            • +1

              @futureminime: I just got the same offer again when I logged into my Velocity Amex account; open supplementary Velocity Escape Amex by October 4, spend $500 by October 31, get 5000 Velocity points.

              Still haven't been paid out from the June offer, so wary of taking this one; might need to do what you suggested and hit up the live chat …

        • Was that for one supp card? What if you have multiple sub card? Can you get multiple bonus points?

  • Did not get it on my Amex Explorer.

  • Not on mine

  • Anyone know if BP giftcards come in $150 denomination?

    • You’ll have to buy 3 lots of $50 as per terms and conditions.

      • You can split payment?

  • +1

    Got it on my DJ's Amex. Woohoo! thanks OP.

  • Local BP = 165.9c/L —> 99.54c/L after amex discount.
    7/11 App = 119.9c/L

    So I'll save $10 on a tank … not great, but I'll take it.

    • +2

      You can always just buy giftcards and save it for when fuel prices is on par.

      • Fuel in my area is more expensive. Closest I've seen to the 7/11 app is at an independent retailer (budget metro), but it's still 3-5c/L more expensive. BP is regularly 30-50c/L more expensive.

        • Buy in another suburb, obviously you local BP is probably not that interested in fuel sales.

          For me locally, the BP is often 3-5c higher but not 30-50c

  • Don't have the offer on any of my cards. Hopefully it turns up on Amex Connect soon.

  • Gift card eligible?

  • -1

    Where is ForumNinja? I need that direct link

  • Nothing on my Qantas Ultimate.
    Does anyone have a direct signup link?

    • These type of Amex deals are targeted. It's not possible to use someone else's signup link to get the offer on your own card.

  • "You currently have no available offers. Please try again later." on Platinum Reserve

  • Saved the offer on my DJs Platinum Amex and all Supplementary cards. Nothing available on my Platinum Reserve Card.

  • Not in my 5 cards

  • +3

    Looks like this offer is targeted to DJ Amex.

  • No love on my virgin FF platinum

  • Now I wish I had more DJs supp card 😢😢

  • targeted, I didn't get it too. I have velocity amex

  • I managed to save on some of my DJ AMEXs this morning but when I came back from a meeting, they are no longer available on the rest of my DJ AMEXs, so it appears that this offer has reached its maximum number of registrations.

    • I can confirm that the maximum number of registrations has been reached.. Here's what AMEX online chat customer service personnel told me:

      'I checked and the maximum registration cap is reached already. This offer might not get saved on any other card now. You can however wait for similar offers in near future. The offers are usually refreshed with every statement generation.'

  • Have DJ Amex but can't see offer =(

    • Seems registration limit has been reached.

      • +1

        Seems tough to believe - 25k when only available on DJ Amex.

        • Only take about 10k DJs Amex member with 1 upto 4 supp card. Not that hard and especially it’s something that everyone needs. I’m surprised the limit hasn’t been reached sooner.

  • +1

    Nothing on my AMEX essential.

  • Nothing on my Centurion

  • Nothing on my amex black/centurion either :D

  • +1

    Nothing on my platinum Edge

  • +2

    So I went and bought $56 of petrol and used my supplementary Amex to pay for it via Google Pay. No e-mail like you usually get when you make a qualifying spend.

    But when I looked at the Amex offer to make sure that the petrol station I was at was participating, the number of cards seems to have changed from first 25 000 to first

    728 cards

    Wtfffffffffffffff no wonder it got capped fast yesterday …

    • +1

      Yeah, I didn't get any email either after my $50 Opal top-up.

      They better not change their minds about giving me the statement credit … grr!!!

    • +1

      I noticed that too after I didn't get the email after my qualifying spend. 728 cards, really?!

      I guess we can but wait and see…

    • +1

      I wonder if this offer was published early in error. Perhaps it was suppose to come out when the DJ - BP link actually starts somewhere, i.e. when the initial 10 service stations have been 'DJed' (or whatever the verb is.

    • Lol just noticed the change too!

    • +3

      Should only neg after 5 business days, lots of offer redemption doesn't have an email notification

      • +4

        Plus it can take up to 90 days as per the terms and conditions.

        I respect your opinion and thank you for your apology (very polite), however your neg is invalid at this point until someone else confirms that they never received the credit (my transaction just finalised overnight, so hoping the credit kicks in on Monday or Tuesday)

        • +1

          Has your $20 shown up as of today?

          • @Supermari78: Nope. Very weird. It's not like the Chemist Warehouse offer either where they said no one was getting anything until after June 30 and before July 31.

            • @kerfuffle: Can I ask if you paid directly by your registered AMEX card in store or through the BPme app? I just read the T&C and found the following:
              Valid for payments made in-app via the Australian BPme app at selected BP locations in Australia. You must first load your Card to the Australian BPme app using a compatible device

              I paid by Amex directly and now wondering if that’s a valid payment to trigger this saved offer

              • +1

                @Supermari78: Via my card on Google Pay. Offer states that you can use it in store i.e. over the counter and online i.e. BP Me app

                • +2

                  @kerfuffle: I just had a live chat with them and was advised that the $20 cr had already been issued on 14th (transaction on 11th)
                  and it would take another 3-4 days to appear in my statement. Will keep an eye on it.

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