expired GL.inet Mini Router Festival - GL-MT300N-V2 Travel Router $25.37 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ GL-Tech via Amazon AU


Gl.iNet Mini Router Festival

12% off their range of mini routers.

Don't forget cashback schemes

All run OpenWRT with a Gl.iNet layer on top. Easy to run OpenVPN, Wireguard, Transmission MWan3, Adblock from OpenWRT's repositorys.

Alternate firmwares available if you really want (Native OpenWRT, Rooter) or even build your own!

Powerable by USB, AC charger, Powerbank or even solar. Anything that supplies 5V/1A (including nuclear, wind, wave 😜)

Router, WISP router, AP, Repeater - these little units are very flexible.

GPIOs for progammable fun 😁

Product range catalogue here for comparisons.

GL-MT300N V2 Mango $25.37
DDR2 128/Flash 16MB

GL-AR150 $21.99
AR9331 @ 400Mhz
DDR2 64MB/Flash 16MB
N150 WiFi

GL-AR300M $49.52
DDR2 128/Flash 16MB

GL-AR300M-EXT $55.72
DDR2 128/Flash 16MB
External Antennae

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  • -3 votes

    Powerable by USB, AC charger, Powerbank or even solar.

    Not nuclear ?


    Does this support vlan tagging?

    • +12 votes

      @aboutconfig And a Iphone X costs about $400 in parts.
      Someone needs to pay for R&D, company infrastructure, staff, assembly, documentation, support, packaging, artwork, web site, forums, manufacture, shipping, inventory.
      ANY company that sells you ANYTHING at the cost of BOM ain't going to be around for long :)

      • +1 vote

        It’s worrying that there are people who require this explanation

        • -4 votes

          It's worrying me that on OzBargain there are still people think other ozbargainers need this kind of explanation.

          Of course people know this bit and that byte for manufacturing and doing business.

          Save your 2 minutes of life, don't try to explain everything when people don't even ask you to do it.

          I said BOM is $3, but shipping in Australia is expensive.

          I did not say BOM is $3, why are you selling it for $30?

          Don't be such nervous, even I say the BOM is $3, people will still buy your goods.

    • +5 votes

      I'll give your friend $5 to make me one then.


    Anyone know what kind of throughput you'd get via Wireguard on this / any of these?


    Does it run openVPN server or client?


      Can be setup for either quite easily using the Gl.Inet interface. Can also be setup for Wireguard server or client too. Can be turned on and off via hard switch as well.


    Deal for the higher end GL-AR750s model?


    How do I get a free delivery without prime ;)

    • +1 vote

      Prime trial?

      I did Prime Trial, then had Prime for a while, but didn't order much and watched everything I wanted on Amazon Prime Video so cancelled.

      Last time I ordered something, the standard ship was $7.99, so I did one month of prime $6.99, got free ship but also got a month of Prime Video/Music and managed to binge watch a couple of new shows I wanted to see, then cancelled again.

      Not quite free but has some other benefits potentially :)

  • +1 vote

    FWIW I recently took this with me to the United States.

    Before I left, I changed the default SSID and password, and installed NordVPN OpenVPN client configs for the USA so connecting up to it from my various devices my connection would be encrypted out of the hotel WiFi.

    I purchased a travel SIM which I was going to plug into the Mango using a 3G/4G USB dongle but didn't end up needing it.

    The web interface is excellent and easy to navigate. There is also an advanced section where you can install boot up scripts and more.


    What dingle dongles can it use?


      I have used with Telstra 4GX ZTE MF910Z and a Optus Alcatel MW41CL Mifis. Not quite a USB stick dingle dongle but because they have their own battery I know it's not straining the USB power.

      Both bought from Coles for about $25 each and unlocked for a coupla $s more.

      P.S. Yes I could just use the Mifis by thenselves but I get better options and control when I tether them to my Mango 😁


    Rats, missed it. Prices seem to have gone back up now.


    Good timing. Been meaning to grab one of these to muck around with, and finally did it off the back of the NordVPN Shopback deal to get a cheap OpenVPN router for it.


    Mine delivered today.

    Any advice on how to set this up so that it unblocks US Netflix for an Android TV? Got it working fine on my Android phone but the TV Netflix still throws the "proxy" error.

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