Everything Apple Announced at Keynote September 2019

Apple Watch series 5 with always on display.
Starting at $649
Ability to choose own band at purchase
New titanium and ceramic finishes.
Order now
Available Sept 20th

iPhone 11
Starting at $ 1199
5 colours
Order 10pm Friday September 13th
Available Friday September 20th

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
Starting at $1749
4 colours including new midnight green
Fast Charger in box (finally)
Three camera system
Order 10pm Friday September 13th
Available Friday September 20th

7th gen Ipad
10.2 inch screen
$529 starting price
Order now
Available September 30th

Apple Arcade
Launches Spetember 20th
$7.99 per month (aus price)
One month trial available
Access for up to 6 people

Apple TV Plus
Launches November 1st
$7.99 per month (aus price)
7 day trial available
Access for up to 6 people.
Get 1 year free with any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV purchase

iPhone XR remains in range and gets price drop to $1049 (starting)
iPhone 8 and 8+ remain in range and get price drop to $779 (starting)
Apple Watch series 3 remains in range and gets price drop to $319 (starting)

Improved trade in program announced, can now trade XS Models ($810 max trade in for XS Max)

Items no longer for sale or announced as end of life
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
Apple Watch Series 4
6th Gen iPad

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  • +62

    Yea it was a boring one.

    • +2

      Lol at the naming conventions

  • +4

    Price point the big one on new iphone . Previous models are definitely going to devalue fast .
    Sell fast folks .

    • +2

      I don’t see them devaluing that fast. The XR would be a hard sell value wise but I see the XS and XS Max models selling well and for decent money for a while yet.

      • And they are now to be disconnected.

  • +2

    No EKG for Australia Apple Watch, it's not listed as a feature on apple.com.au at all. And no updated Apple TV 4K. I guess closer to November 1 is a better time to announce the new Apple TV 4K.

    Very disappointing, I'll only be spending $3000 on the new Apple Watch and iPhone Pro.

    • EKG is a regulations nightmare I believe but would be nice to see it come eventually.

      Apple TV I would expect to see an upgrade. They usually do a small event in October so could see it being announced then along with the rumoured MacBook Pro 16 inch model and Apple Tile (locator thing, as code is present for it in iOS 13)

    • +14

      Only spending $3k? God dam son give me some of your excess cash

      • +1

        Gadgetry is the only thing I really spend money on.

        • +1

          Save it for a big bender

    • You'd get better value if you blew that $3k on coke.

      • +1

        Honestly, I wouldn't know where to buy 3k worth of coke from.

        • +4

          Drug dealer.

        • I know a good CCA sales rep, they usually only deal wholesale, but st $3k worth, might be able to get you on the books?

  • -1

    I’ve been looking at new iPhones listing on Ebay . Too late they have been devalued big time!

    • Think your opinion on what is “devalued” and mine greatly differ
      They selling for $1400+ according to historical listings and I don’t see it dropping much more even with new models coming out.

      The XR though… new 11 is cheaper than XR was at launch last year.
      XR now retails for $150 less than someone paid last year.
      I would anticipate them dropping to the $500-$600 mark and to me that’s a massive drop in value. Was always going to be the case with a “cheaper” iPhone though.

      • +1

        I agree with you. Given the price of the iPhone 11 I don’t see why anyone would consider the Xr.

      • they have been cheap for a long time if you know how/where to buy. Got 2 myself for $700 earlier this year, just sold one for $900 a few weeks ago.

        • +2

          Teach me master, where do you buy it?

  • +12

    I thought Apple might price the new phones a bit cheaper since the higher end ones didn't sell that we'll in the previous generation. Silly me.

    • +5

      I'm scratching my head at the 8/8+ phones.
      Apple officially discontinued them last year, instead offering people the option to buy the 7/7+ instead, or jump up to an iPhone XS instead. You would think Apple would discontinue the iPhone Xr this year. It just seems like a messy lineup. Almost like there's bad management, and little foresight.

      If I had an iPhone 7+ or 8+, I still wouldn't upgrade to the XS/11 range. There's a massive price to pay but little incentive to upgrade (besides cameras and battery life, since those old phones still have tremendous performance and screens). I expect the smart buyers to do that, and wait for next year's models which should see improvements like: built-in 5G, maybe 120Hz display, shift to 21:9 cinema aspect ratio, under-screen Selfie Cam, under-screen TouchID.

      …the dumb buyers seem to represent the majority, and they will try to upgrade from their ridiculous iPhone X to the new iPhone 11 range.

      • +1

        What are you on about, 8/8 plus were not discontinued, have been for sale by Apple for 2 years, they dropped $100 last year another $100 today.
        The 8 is the only iPhone with Telstra blue tick.

        • Back last year, when they announced the iPhone Xr/XS/Max.
          They removed the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X from their store and stopped production. They still had the iPhone 6S variants, iPhone 7 variants, alongside the new models. So if you bought a Brand New iPhone 8/X variant this year, that was old stock.

          And it sort of made sense to remove them, because the iPhone 8 Plus was a better device (yet) cheaper than the iPhone Xr. And the iPhone X was diluting the market for the iPhone XS. Apple thought the old iPhone 7 Plus was just decent enough to not cannibalise the iPhone Xr sales, and they were right. Based on the latest reports, Apple's best selling iPhone for the past year was the Xr. The iPhone XS and XS Max actually performed pretty poorly on the market, and the older models (probably iPhone 6S+iPhone 7 Plus) actually continued to sell well, which dropped Apple's average profit margin.

          This year, I think Apple made some mistakes. They're bringing back the iPhone 8 variants, which are the last/best iPhones, before they dropped TouchID and adopted a bad-gesture-notch design. So they will get cannibalised there. And they should have discontinued the iPhone Xr, because leaving it dilutes their lineup. It should be iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Max… so that there's a proper continuity/mentality behind the different options.

          PS: When are we going to get an iPhone 5S / SE successor? That should rightfully replace the "budget" Xr/11 models.

          • +1

            @Kangal: Your wrong, they removed the X but the 8/8plus have been on their online site for sale all year lol.

        • It depends on if you resell it.
          For instance, handsets like the iPhone 8 and Xr were cheaper to buy upfront, but their resell was much worse than the iPhone 8 Plus and XS.

          There seems to be two major camps of iPhone buyers: ones that need the latest/Brand New, and ones that want a good model but an older/cheaper one.

          If you buy brand new and don't plan on upgrading soon, the cheaper models make more sense. If you plan to upgrade within 3 years, then getting the expensive model upfront becomes cheaper/better value after resell. If you buy the old stock, usually the resell value doesn't equate here, and you've made your mind on which model.

          Things are a little more confusing back on the Android front, with resell value being abysmal for most models, and a more hectic update cycle.

          • @Kangal: Goood advise.

            When is the best time to buy iPhone XS Max, Also where should I get it from?
            Refurbished or new on a plan?

            • @Hirolol: iPhone prices begin to drop in August just before the announcement (as Apple starts to wean off production), and really takes a sharper dive about a month after release (since initially, there will be pre-orders and stock shortages).

              So if you can hold off, I would wait for October.

              If you're getting a (relatively new model) refurbished, I would stick with only the Apple refurbished. And frankly there's not much options in the Apple Shop for Australia, unlike say USA. So you can pretty much forget about that option. You can either get one that is used through Facebook/gumtree/eBay if you are careful, or just buy it brand new. Even when Apple discontinues a product, there will still be old stock floating around waiting to get sold by other vendors.

              I think, besides going used, there's not many places to buy a newish iPhone outright for cheap. So you might be better off looking for it subsidised on a plan. I think it should be easy to get something like the 8 Plus at a reasonable price these days, but the XS Max, that's still going to fetch a pretty penny.

  • +15

    Have an Iphone X that i got at launch, still see no reason to upgrade

    Side note, the midnight green looks really nice

    • +4

      I have an iPhone 7 I got at launch, I still dont see a reason to upgrade.

      • +5

        my iphone 6 is still going strong… not upgrading until i need to.

        • +38

          My landline is working exactly as it has in the last 35 years. No need to upgrade.

          • +1

            @alienurbanite: What the cable? Cause I can guarantee just about every bit of technology along the way has been replaced many times over. So you are still using a 35 year old handset? Personally we just ditched our home phone and have gone completely naked with just an adsl system tor internet. We only use our mobiles for calls now.

          • +16

            @alienurbanite: My smoke signals are still going strong. No need to upgrade just yet.

          • +3

            @alienurbanite: NBN will force you to.

        • I'm using an iPhone SE, battery is almost gone after Pokemon Go and I replaced the screen after I cracked it with an aftermarket one that doesn't quite work or look right.

          • @AustriaBargain: A shame you've had an aftermarket screen replacement - cos Apple pretty much replace iPhone SEs on the spot for bad batteries! (I went in to Apple a few months ago to pay for a replacement battery and they replaced the phone on the spot, even after 2.5 yrs of ownership)

            • +1


              to pay for a replacement battery and they replaced the phone on the spot

              How much was it to replace if I may ask? That’s sounds really nice.

              • +2

                @moto: Out of warranty it would have been $79.

                The thing is that replacements on the SE can be fiddly and damage other components - in the case that any damage occurs attempting to replace the battery then it would be a full replacement at the cost of the battery - either $0 or $79 depending on warranty

                • @k-rokfm: Mine was out of warranty, actually. That's why I was extra impressed.

                • -1

                  @k-rokfm: SE are easy as to fix. The battery being one of the easiest, it has adhesive pull tabs underneath the battery which makes it easy to remove. No idea where you got such false information from.

      • Camera has improved greatly since iPhone 7 and 8. Especially with portrait mode!

        Thats mostly the reason I upgrade when I do is for the better camera. But I have young kids so this is important to me.

  • In the last few weeks sold my Xr and a XS Max i tried, and my APW4, using a as new $50 SE off gumtree lol.

    • I have read your past few comments about the journey of buying / selling iPhone models you went on.
      I found it interesting since I have had the SE since 2016. You actually experienced it, but I also came to the conclusion the SE is all I need.

  • I need a iPad for my son for school next year. Are they likely to discount the old iPad 6th Gen as they phase in the 7th Gen?

    • +2

      Not apple, but retailers might. e.g. office works, bigw etc

      Also keep an eye on ebay 20% off sales.

    • OP, i didnt see a link to get the ipad 7th gen

      it says "7th gen Ipad
      10.2 inch screen
      $529 starting price
      Available now

      anyone know where the places i can get it? and cheapeast place

    • Edited the post.
      Attached link and updated that it is available September 30

    • Make sure the device meets the specs that the school requires. Some schools go for laptops over tablets (ipad or otherwise).

  • I wonder if people are going to deride the camera for protruding on these like they did the pixel 4xl

    • +7

      you do realise that apple have had a protruding camera since the iphone 6?

  • +2

    I'll be keeping my iPhone 8 Plus, it's been fantastic.
    I will be getting an Apple Watch Series 5 as an upgrade from my Series 3.

    • The always on display on the Apple Watch Series 5 looks good

      • Yeah, it really does. I can understand the guys with Series 4 saying it's not worth an upgrade, I mostly agree.
        But it's a real nice upgrade from Series 3.

        • What’s the point of an always on screen though, I don’t understand. When i look at my watch it will always be with a wrist flick and then the watch turns on. What’s the difference between always on and on demand screen? (Serious question)

          • @ATangk:

            • Riding a bike, you'd have to take your hand off the handles to flick your wrist to turn it on
            • Workouts in general
            • Meetings, you don't always want to do a big obvious "IM LOOKING AT MY WATCH" movement to turn it on to check something

            TBH I have no problem with the screen on my S3 and can count on one hand the number of times the wrist flick hasn't worked. But always on is neat, my Pebble had it and I loved it.

            • @theguyrules: My S1 has always turned on, but maybe because I always have my hand where it isn’t palm flat on the table, but on the side. I just don’t see how you can see the actual screen without doing the motion.

              On the other hand if it’s just dim, I would perhaps find the screen distracting when I’m trying to focus. In a dark environment, I’d prefer it to be just off.

              I’m trying to justify why $50 extra would bag a series 5, vs potential greater discount on series 4… definitely looking for an upgrade as the series 1 is an ancient being tho.

              In fact… why even is it a $50 price bump???

      • I am a bit surprised that there was no CPU update mentioned for Series 5. Usually they always improve performance by at least 10-15% every year.

        I think faster CPU for the new watch could make it more future proof.

  • +11

    No $1K monitor stand upgrade?

    • +3

      You must have missed the announcement, the new stand now costs $1,999.00 but has RGB lighting.

      • +2

        Apple + Razer announcement? Ahahaha imagine the reaction if that happened

      • +1

        I dont have anything Apple but sign me up!

  • +3

    Good summary, thanks OP

  • +13

    Can you have a poll OP? I wanna see

    • I don't care
    • I have an iphone and I will buy one of these
    • I have an android and I will buy one of these
    • I have been living under a rock and therefore can't afford these

    I have no idea why one would spend >$1000 on a phone.

    • +32

      another option:

      Im a poor uni student working minimum hours on minimum wage eating nothing but 2 minute noodles. I will be buying the top spec phone ofc

      • lol

      • +2

        I've got your back!

    • +6

      I have no idea why one would spend >$1000 on a phone.

      You're not in apple's target market then.

      • +2

        Wouldn't use their products if you paid me.

        • +9


          Not sure why so angry :/

          • +2

            @Skramit: Not angry :)

            I just have opinions about their products. They're overpriced and overhyped.
            Combine that with their dodgy business practices and their $1000 monitor stand I'm just not a fan.

            But I take back what I said. I would use their products if I had a need for them, such as software.

            • +2

              @SnowDragon: BTW its not just apple fans spending >1000 on a phone. Lots of premium androids passing that mark as well.

              • @Skramit: Very true.
                At the end of the day people can spend their money on what makes them happy. I'm personally happy buying a OnePlus and calling it a day a little bit richer. Sure, it's not a Samsung Note 10, but what features am I missing out on really?

                • +6

                  @SnowDragon: Privacy and resale value for starters. A well integrated ecosystem with other devices and services being the main value proposition for Apple products. If it doesn’t suit you, fair enough, but there’s value in their offerings far beyond best bang for your buck.

                  • @Hybroid: I agree with that. I do appreciate their ecosystem and other brands are trying to copy it but don't do it well.

                    Their resale value is only so high because of the original inflated price of their products. I suppose most people wouldn't be spending $1500 for the newest iphone. They would offload their current one and that covers $800+ of the cost. Then the cycle continues.

                    • @SnowDragon: I'd say the vast majority of people with iphones are on 2 year plans and not buying outright.

                      • @Brianqpr: They still end up paying for the full phone + a plan.

                        You can split it up into monthly payments but it's still $1500 + extras.

      • Most are on 2 year plans and not shelling out the full cost upfront. Hence why I see so many people stuck with ugly cracked screens after they've had them for a while.

  • +9

    iPhone Pro

    • No USB-C, still lightning port
    • No 90hz/120hz high refresh rate display

    For me those are dealbreakers, I guess I gotta wait one more year!

    • No 5G
    • No fingerprint option
    • +1

      Yeah, I think next year is a better bet for an upgrade.

    • Wow, Apple, still in the dark ages. Unbelievable that it's still Lightning, however lack of 5g was well anticipated.
      Oppo and Xiaomi must be eyeing 3rd place now.

      Apple Arcade is the only standout announcement.

      • +3

        Lightning is a better connector. I wish USB C was female socket with a male connector.

        However, I concede that USB C is the standard and it would be nice if all phones moved to a singular connection type. And USB C would be perfect if they did a male plug to female socket.

        • Isn't it though? When I charge my USB C phone I plug a male connector into a female socket. Or do you mean because the male connector is sort of hollow?

          • +1

            @sicmate: If you look into the USB C port on your phone you'll see a bit sticking out in the middle, that is the male connector. Likewise, if you look at your cable, you'll notice the middle is hollow. That is the female that plugs into the male connector on your phone.

            It's a bad design as the male piece inside the phone can snap off, which requires the whole port (maybe whole phone) to be replaced. With lightning or other true female on phone to male connector on cord, you will only need to replace the cord and get the broken bit out of the phone, which in most cases does not require pulling the phone apart.

            • +2

              @OzzyBrak: I agree. I also think lightning is the better connector.
              With the male piece inside a USB-C port I think you have to be more careful when inserting the cable. I have a pair of Sony BT earbuds with USB-C, and every time I insert the cable to charge I feel I have to be more careful.
              Another benefit of lightning and it’s female port is when lint or dust builds up I can just stick the vacuum on it and suck it all out.
              With the male USB-C connection there is that extra bit in-the-middle making the gaps smaller, and making it easier for dust etc to snag on the inside of the port, making it more difficult to clean.

            • @OzzyBrak: Oh yeah that makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

    • Apple wont be moving away from Lightening any time soon.
      5G in 2020, maybe.

  • +7

    The back cameras arrangement looks really ugly. Other than that, it looks like the old one.

    • +1

      Described as a 'Tarantula' in the press.

      • +3

        All those trypophobia photoshops man…

    • Agree with you - they look atrocious

  • +1

    Rocking an XS Max at the moment and i'm quite happy with it. Whilst the new cameras are tempting (especially the ultra wide lens), I always upgrade every 2 years so i'm happy to wait. Hopefully the 12 removes (or lessens) the notch, USB-C Port replaces Lightning and 5G gets added. But it's bound to be stupidly expensive, woudn't be surprised if the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $3000 for the 512 model.

    • +2

      That's a game changer tbh. Been taking heaps since getting the s10+

      I never took much telephoto.

      • +4

        My GF was a iPhone user, for nearly a decade, then she saw my S9+. This year she bought an S10+ outright.

  • +3

    No one else thinks the cameras on the Pro models look absolutely hideous?

    • +3

      not as hideous as iPhone 11 using same big square, with only 2 lenses. They could have reuse iPhone X or Xs design with 2 lenses.

      • +4

        But then how do you differentiate between iPhone X and the iPhone 11??? Couldn’t possibly have people thinking they’ve got last years design god forbid.

    • +1

      Doesn't bother me in the slightest. If I get superior photos from it, they they can make it look however they like!

      • +1

        I agree I don't care how it looks and if it looks a certain way to improve the product, i'm all for it. It's a product with such a basic design and gets put in a case 99% of the time that for me it doesn't matter.

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