expired Youfoodz, $20.50 off When You Spend $79+


THE FINE PRINT: Min spend $99.50 (before discount), $79 (after discount). $20.50 code valid online & the YF App until Wednesday, September 11 11.59pm AEST. One code per order.

However, it looks like its a minimum speed of $79 with $20.50 off…

1xSpring Dinner Pack - 6 for $49
3x ANY meal - $29.85
1x Protein Ball - $2.99
= 9 meals @ $6.81 each meal + Protein Ball

2xSpring Dinner Pack - 6 for $49
12 meals for $79 = $6.46 each

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    I miss when Youfoodz deals were good


    considering this deal…has anyone tried them before? does it taste good?

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      Yeah I'm a regular, it's cheaper than buying out. I've stopped maccas, Chinese food etc. So it's actually a form of savings for me.

      If you suck at portion control, these meals help with that too.

      I would recommend staying away from anything with steak

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        Legend! thanks mate, yeah terrible at portion control, so hopefully this will help with weight loss. Going for the spring dinner packs and no steak to be seen…lol


          Hey mate, another upvote for portion control. I started doing Youfoodz and combined with Cal counting, down roughly 1kg a week.

          If you can’t get a good deal, just go to Aldi, they’ve got them for $7.99 each. As others have said, stay away from the steam :)

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        Agreed. The steak is dry as hell. The pork ones as well sometimes.


    This expires in 9 hours 36 minutes from this post

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    I just did the -
    2xSpring Dinner Pack - 6 for $49
    12 meals for $79 = $6.46 each
    My total came to $77.50 and next day delivery for Melb metro. Thanks OP!

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    I just snuck in for delivery tomorrow:

    10x Meals:
    2x YF Fried Chicken & Gravy
    2x The Mac Daddy
    3x Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni
    3x Hawaiian Chicken Parma

    Total came to $79. Would have been cheaper if I did what Mrcbro and OP did re 2xSpring Packs, but I wanted to try the new stuff

    Thanks OP! :D


    Code didn't work for me with a total of $80.00

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