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Toolpro Low Profile 3000kg Jack $179 @ Supercheap Auto


This jack is on clearance, was in the catalogue, due to its popularity thought of putting here, I recall it's normal price is $359, good reviews, you can find heaps of videos on YouTube. I am posting from mobile otherwise would have included additional information, apologies

Edit: corrected discounted and normal price, it's around 50% off

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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  • I saw the picture and thought it was a downhill box cart.
    Color me disappointed…. brown I guess

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    Did they jack up the price?

  • $179 is cheapest price yet. Have had mine for a couple of years, paid $199 from a deal posted on OzB.

    Great jack, only negative is it weighs 44kgs. If I was to purchase again, I would get the alloy jack from Costco for approximately the same price.

  • 44kgs.

    Will look an Ally version.

  • Are these the snapon knock offs? If so, they're highly rated in the US where they're sold at Harbor Freight

  • Hit the road jack!

  • How about this for those in Vic:

    3 ton capacity and can be had for around $129 local pickup in Tullamarine when Ebay has its 15% discount (currently $141). Postage does kill the deal though.

  • I had this. Super duper heavy. Used it while working on a lowered car. Left it for a few months. Came back to use it and it wouldn't work. Took it back and after a look at it they said they didn't know what the problem is but were happy to refund or replace. It done the job so I got a refund and bought the smaller ToolPro 1600 KG rated low profile jack, which I haven't used since I bought.

    • Pretty typical of SCA stuff to not last more than 1 or 2 uses

      • Tbh I didn't have any hassle getting a refund so no complaints. I did leave it in the cold and wind, but it was covered from rain. Still, didn't expect it to stop working all of a sudden.

      • For example? Can't think of anything I've bought from them which hasn't done its job and kept doing it. Still have my old trolley jack from 25 years ago and my newer heavy duty trolley jack has performed faultlessly for a decade.

      • So toolpro is owned by supercheap? didn't know that.

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    Got this and the smaller 1600kg low profile jack which stays in the boot as it's only 14odd kg. The only negative is that the jack is still a bit high to get under the car at the lever end and the jack plate doesn't quite reach the front crossmember. So I either still have to lift the front of the car up whilst trying to wedge the jack under the front spoiler or if I remember, drive onto a couple of planks of wood to get the extra few cms height needed. The one on ebay may be a better buy for those with cars lowered to the ground.

  • For that RRP you can get an all Alloy Jack.

  • Bought this jack when it was last on sale for $190 and imo it's a good strong jack. this is a garage jack that stays in your garage used for putting car on stands etc it isn't a jack you put in boot to jack up flat tyre so it doesn't matter to me that it is 44kg in weight

  • Thoughts on the 3000kg car stand pin lock for $40? The Arcan @ Costco is a ratchet type but $42.

    • I have both ratchet and pin type, both from SCA. Ratchet one is mostly used as this one can go low or high much easier compared to removing and installing pins. Plus the ratchet model is higher anyways so mostly default setup works fine. All in all I only use pin type when I need all four wheels up, which is very rare.

  • All gone in Bris stores from what I can tell. 1 left at capalaba store, display stock though.

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