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Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive 4TB $99 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB has also dropped price on this one and same as $99 OW popular offer now

You can also buy from ebay OW with 10% Off Paypal gift cards via eBay UK for $89.10

Drag and drop functionality
Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity
4TB Capacity

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • Dont forget you also can get JBHIFI egift cards around 5%

  • what drive is inside this thing?

    got potential to pull it out for NAS or in a PC without modification? :)

  • Is this the new regular price or a catalogue special or an end-at-any-time deal?

  • Instead of buying the giftcard on uk ebay site and then use the giftcard to purchase the HD, you can also directly purchase the hardisk on uk ebay on the app and apply the playapp code when checking out.
    At least 2 Hdd to apply the code

  • Shuckable?

    • Most likely standard Barracuda drives so yes.

      • standard barracuda as in 5400rpm?

      • Would they be shingled? I have read that some medium capacity 3.5 inch Seagate drives now using dodgy shingling.

        • sigh.

          Its not too likely to be shingled as that tends to be used for larger capacity (6T upwards)

          There's nothing 'dodgy' about shingling. You might as well complain about current PMR encoding as being dodgy compared to.. whatever was used before it!

          Shingling is a specific encoding technique that gives you more capacity at less cost at a specific tradeoff - performance.

          It's like saying that trucks on the road are dodgy compared to cars.. because they aren't cars!

  • Thanks, I've been looking for one with drag and drop functionality, it's the latest tech can't wait to try it out!

  • Drag and drop functionality?

    I'm sold!

    EDIT: Oh no the joke was made just above. Shame on me.

  • Sold out on ebay someone purchased 20 this morning
    <edit> because doesn't post to fnq

  • Best to get two or three.. and back up somewhere else.. as any seagate drive is bound to die or have USB issues…..

    • yeah I hope the 4's are better. The 3's were crap (chirp chirp)

      • I got 4 x 3TB I bought like 5 years ago no issues. But it's concerning they might die on me now from this comment.

        • same here, got 4x 3TB in a NAS built a few years ago. i3-4130 (can't remember) + good case + good fans . 0 issue

          don't jinx it, it'll be fine

  • Thanks! Just bought one via the ebay store.

  • Good deal. SMR drives are fine for sequential writes like movie or photo storage. Won't be so great if you stripe them in RAID, but mirroring would be fine.
    Very cheap for 4tb, and will happily sleep when not active so I'll install it in an HTPC with Plex, Kodi and as a network drive :)

  • $25 a TB- not bad for all those Linux Isos

  • Will this drive work well with a PVR?

    Specifically, I am looking at getting a Beyonwiz.

  • Have picked one up, now populating it via usb3 to check it's ok before ripping it apart to use as internal sata. Pre-formatted in NTFS.
    Getting 135MB/s+ sustained write speed so no complaints.

  • got two this evening, took about 2min to shuck both of them :)

  • Are these ok to pull apart and use in my PC just bought 2 ?

  • Just pulled mine apart they have Seagate Barracuda 4TB ST4000DM004 inside

    • How did you get it apart? It looks completely sealed to me sodid you have to destroy the case to get the drive out?

      • The side of the case comes off

        • Yeah, but how did you actually do it? I ran a pocket knife blade right around the tiny gap on the edges trying to get it to open or pop off but I couldn't, and there are no screws or anything else I can see…. do you need to lever it with force?

          I may not bother anyway as I think I'm taking this back because this unit should work with Windows 10 as is (see my post below).
          Also I did actually want an external drive. I suppose I could buy another enclosure and put the 4TB in that but if I'm doing that I'm may as well ask JB for credit against a better unit such as the WD one I have at work.

  • I got one of these yesterday and it will not work with any of the three Windows 10 Pro 64bit machines that I tried it with (2 desktops and one Surface book 2, all with latest updates and drivers) - it causes Explorer to freeze, puts loads of errors in the event viewer, stops things like Disk Management and Command Prompt opening and sometimes just freezes the whole PC until Explorer is restarted.

    I've tried different ports, USB cables etc with no luck - looks to me like this thing (in typical Seagate fashion) has some sort of SCSI bus that refuses to work with Windows 10. I have a few other external drives of varying sizes and none of them have any issue, just this POS! Even registry and power management hacks I found via google do not work so it's going back today for a refund.

    Would be interested to know if anyone else with Windows 10 is having similiar issues.

    • Thank you for saving me the headache. I was hesitating to get this and your comment persuaded me not to as all my machines are running Windows 10 Pro.

    • I purchased 6 and tested all of them with a windows 10 pro pc before shucking them.
      You got a dud.

      • Thanks for that - I did take it back today and the guy at JB Hifi tested it with the same results as I got so they agreed to replace it.
        The bonus was that they had no 4TB ones in stock so I got a 6TB for the same price :-)

        So unless anyone else gets a dud one they should work on Windows 10 - sorry if I put anyone off the purchase.

  • Got a very newbie question. Can this be used as PS4 external hard drive?

    • Apparently it can but I would do your research first as when I was googling my issues (see my post above) I saw lots of forums posts about issues using this for the PS4.

  • Can this be used with a ps4 for external storage?

  • What parts do I need to install into a normal desktop after shucking?

    Sata cable & screws?

  • Internal Drive 3.5 Sata3 ST 4000DM004 256Mb cache

    Specifications Specs


    Real easy to shuck from case if moving to NAS or Desktop

    These are powered SATA drives that have a power and data adapter card inside the seagate external caddy case.

    Bought 3 all good :) took from case and mounted in some a desktop case and 2 in an icy dock external case all working great. Best price anywhere.

    The seagate case is bearly bigger than the drive and well made a real deal.

  • My drive died after 3yrs of use for 24/7 backup. Just open it and remove the hdd… works great again on my pc.

  • just bought one online last night. still this price. Officeworks has it for the same price too, but JB had slightly cheaper delivery. If you can go out to a store, JB and Officeworks are both $99 still. Pretty nice price for 4tb. I usually prefer the Western Digital Elements Portable external drives because they are small with no Power Cord needed, but they are more expensive and harder to find a good deal for lately.