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[PS4, XB1, Pre Order] Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint for $19 When You Trade-in Two Eligible Games @ EB Games


Four days only, $19 when you trade two eligible PS4 Xbox One or Switch games, I believe they have to be over $10 in trade value per game.

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  • Do they accept any games in good condition? Considering the game is $69 from jb, getting roughly $25 value per game traded in. Seems pretty good

    • They did away with trade-in 'lists' that EB and GAME used to have back in the day, and instead the game just has to trade in for more than $10. So a lot of older titles won't qualify, but hopefully plenty will!
      If you're like me and have tons of games hanging around, likely works out to be a decent offer as you suggest.

      • The last time I thought about doing this, I just sold a bunch on Gumtree and got a lot more than I would have if I traded them in. Really depends on the value of the game.

        • And therein lies the decider for me - I used to sell some on eBay etc as well, but the hassle it all took outweighed the extra money I'd get. I usually just take all of mine to EB whenever there's a special offer on (i.e extra value when put towards pre-orders, or these trade two game deals).
          But if you have something brand new which you finish within a few days, you could definitely get a great price for it on eBay or Gumtree!

          • @X2Jason: Even last week I sold RDR2 for $40. Worth trying. If it doesn't sell then yea try trading it in. I prefer gumtree as I don't want to post anything, they come to you.

  • After playing the beta, I'm not sure I'd be rushing into this, even for what is effectively $39+