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[VIC] Metro Trains Compensation - Free Daily Ticket (if Used > 10 Days in August & Active >28 Days)


Oops they did it again (or not so to speak)…

Get a free daily ticket but you need to have used a myki pass for more than 10 days in August.

Same again as this deal

Note: at 9:30 AM 13 Sept 2019, it appears to be working now after a few attempts. Metro might have fixed the system glitch

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  • Nice of the Vic government to do this.

    Wish the NSW government would also make a similar gesture for all the suffering they cause Sydney commuters.

    • +15 votes

      If they did this in Sydney trains would be free forever lol

    • I'm used to how crap the trains are, after commuting for over 20 odd years now. I'm still peeved they got rid of quarterly and yearly tickets though and forcing us to pay more for this junk

      • There is a yearly ticket, called the commuter club. But good luck getting it if your work doesn't organise it.

    • Not to be particular, but the government isn't the ones behind this. Metro is a private company that has won the rights to provide a service on government track.

      • PTV sets the prices though as they collect the revenue. PTV is a part of a Department of Transport in Vic.

        • the government isn't the ones behind this

          The Government privatised the sector. Privatisation has been an economic disaster for the country according to Professor Rodney Sims.

          PTV sets the prices

          So they get the revenue they would have got had they not privatised it, at the same time as a for profit business adds it's own costs such as CEO and owner profits that the public transport user now pays for.

          Privatisation and deregulation leads to poor services at high prices yet again. When will the idiots realise it though?

    • This process should be automated. Metro have all of your travel data, they can automatically calculate eligibility and apply the credit. It’s grubby cost saving to make customers manually go through this process.

      Wonder how hard it’d be to code something to auto-submit a claim every month…

      • Myki Money users cannot claim. But as you say, they have the data that shows I travelled 20 days during the period. Just credit my card with one of those dailies you charged me. The whole thing is a bushlit rort.

      • reading wiki, MYKI belongs to PTV, not Metro. maybe that's why they can't do the claim?

  • If only there are true competitions or they will never learn. Perhaps Connex vs Mtrain could have been better for commuters in long run.

    • That experiment got us to where we are now unfortunately.

    • I feel Connexx 15 years ago were better in Melb.


        it wasn't. i remember

      • nah connex was the worst. i think metro do an ok job of holding it together and the infrastructure work is starting to produce benefitsa - alot less signalling problems than there use to be.
        never seen a trian skip stations other than bypassing the loop when running late. which i don't have an issue with. best to get the train back on track (haha) given the passengers kicked off the loop run just have to jump on next train headed that way. its a minor inconvenience. but people will whinge at the slightest thing these days (see there's me whinging now).

        • I am a frequent user of Upfield line. This line has been terrible. If the train is running late in the morning, then it either run express Southern Cross - North Melbourne - express to Coburg - express to Gowrie then Upfield


          Run all station and terminate at Coburg and head back to City.

    • If only there are true competition

      That only exists in an economic theory which is wrong. Free markets do not exist, there are simply people with things to sell who set about rigging the system for their own benefit.

      In case the economic disaster that privatisation and deregulation has caused hasn't convinced you yet.

      The moron that runs the ACCC still believes in the theory but he claims deregulation has severely damaged the Australian economy.

      Don't expect the economy to improve any time soon, Australian's still believe the highest prices in the world are cheap because of competition when it comes to electricity and as the ACCC head pointed out, electricity prices are threatening economic viability.

      • To understand free markets you also need to understand all the times the economic theory falls down.

        Such as natural monopolies (independent train lines and petrol station locations for instance)
        Imperfect information
        Barriers to entry/exit

        A lot of the people trying to 'sell' conveniently forget about these things, but doesn't mean that competition is not extremely beneficial. Look at airline tickets in europe for instance.

  • They rejected.

  • Got rejected. I used monthly pass and went to work everyday in August.
    How am I not eligible for the claim?
    When they say a claim must be made in the month in which the results are published - does this mean we have to make a claim in August? Anyone successfully got a claim?

  • is myki pass number the same as the myki card number?

  • Are Myki pay as you go customers are not eligible ?


    • not eligible

    • We are not eligible, despite them having data showing that I travel almost every single weekday.

      • -4 votes

        Yeah I feel you.
        I am their pay as you cum (pun intended) customer and I am not eligible as well.
        Usually someone drops me and I come back on public transport.

      • What kind of ozbargainer are you? :-P

        Switch to the 28 day pass at least. It's a significant saving ($6.90 per week / $358.80 per year).

        • Depends on a lot of factors, in particular how often you travel. My daily commute is in zone 2 but my weekend travel is zone 1 so passes simply don't make sense for me.

          • @SoresuMakashi: I reach city/touch off before 7.15 most weekdays so no point buying the pass for me either even though I travel to city almost daily

          • @SoresuMakashi: It will be still cheaper to get a Zone 2 Myki pass for 28 days or more than using Myki money if you travel every weekday in Zone 2. You would just use Myki money on your weekend travel.

        • The type that travels zone 1+2 and touches off prior to 7:15am to get free travel in the mornings, and thus only pay $4.40 in the afternoon.

          It's ridiculous that we can't claim compensation even for travelling every day, heck, even if it's just the $4.40 I'd be fine with.

          The network and lack of maintenance and quality of service affects everyone that uses it, not just the Myki Pass users.

          They are an absolute joke.

        • what sort of ozbargainer are you?

          switch to a 33 day pass. saves $110 a year. i'll let you work out the how and why for yourself.

        • I work from home a few days a month. I never travel on Myki on weekends. Last time I did the math it wasn't worth getting the pass.

  • Mine was approved. Annual pass

  • My card expired, got a new one 2 days ago. So they rejected based on new card and no history. What a crock! It's got a valid pass and used it all of August (previous card).

  • +2 votes

    Screw you if you pay for your Myki the normal way, like most sane people do.
    I remember checking, the Myki Pass is only a saving if you're travelling for the full days including the weekend. And it's only a small saving.

    • Yep it's honestly not a big savings for most people. As someone who occasionally works from home and occasionally takes trips elsewhere it comes out more expensive than myki money. Everyone should do the math for their own situation.

    • For some people it's the only way to go. My work buys mine at 40% discount (commuter club discount in told) and pays upfront but docks my pay fortnightly to cover the cost. I know employees for PTV get them free all together.

    • If you work Monday to Friday, a 33-day pass works out about 20% cheaper. So you can "miss" one work day a week and break even.

  • I lodged a claim in July and it went through. However the compensation was never credited to my card..

  • Rejected as well, daily commuter annual pass…

  • Should be automatic for those with passes

  • Mine got rejected as well??? I use the 28 day pass.

  • I got rejected :( I have a 33 day pass.
    I go uni basically everyday and work both weekends…

  • You suffered many days in a month and they give 1 day free. Amazing.
    and you can NOT choose when to use it.

    Most of us who use mykI pass usually expire on Friday, +1 day free mean extends to Saturday. [email protected]#$#%

    • I thought they give it as myki credit, no?

    • You can use myki money to buy a pass. Just load the difference and pay with myki money. Not sure if this feature is still available on card vending machines but you can do it at staffed station ticket windows.

    • nah its a single daily, and so you only use it when you travel. means you get to buy a 32 day pass next time.

  • Got one day's worth of compensation from a 31 day pass

  • Sydney Train still got nothing compensated
    one train breakdown affected millions of people

  • Just submitted a minute a go, got approved immediately.

    But they should just automatically apply the credit, as they have it in their system. I guess doing it this way they can get out of paying some money through people not applying or getting rejected.

  • Something doesn't smell right - Had a 33 day pass where most of it fell into August. Might swing past the Kiosk at bogan cross one of these days

  • I saw this thread leaving work tonight and submitted a claim through the link.

    I got an email which appears to be successful, "Please accept as compensation the equivalent of one daily myki fare, which has been applied to your myki pass. Crediting your myki takes up to 10 business days to process, with the funds then available when you next touch on."

  • Mine was accepted, received email pretty quick.

  • Reading these comments and having dealt with them before, I'm convinced Metro Support be like: https://youtu.be/iC65OoXDMvo

  • Did anyone get approved but not get an email?

    • Not this round but happened to me last round. They had recorded my email address incorrectly. Submit a query/complaint if unsure

  • myki pass must be valid for 28 days or more Yes No

    What does this mean? My Myki was topped up for 33 days in August and will expire on 21-Sep. Clearly short of 28 days as of today.

    To be eligible for this claim, must I now top up to 28 days?

    • You need to have touched on 10 days in August.
      If you have then you should be eligible.

      • Note: I personally have met all the listed criteria (Yearly Pass valid till mid next year, have used 4 days in a week in August) of the Compensation but my claim didn't go through

  • Hi all! Just a note to say I have a yearly, used it for 10+ days in August and was rejected. I used multiple browsers and resubmitted the form about 10 times. It finally went through.

    Please persist!

  • I used two myki cards in AUG.

    First card that (33 days pass ended on 16 AUG) was rejected.

    Second card (39 days pass started on 19 AUG) was accepted.

    I tried third card that was not used in AUG and it was accepted.

    Buggy claim system…. Let's see whether the third card will be approved.

    Last time I used two cards with passes in JUN and both were approved for JUN compensation.

  • My first two attempts were unsuccessful. On the third attempt, my claim was approved.

  • Just tried it again, this time on my computer,and it worked. Not sure why it didn't work on my phone