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Free Books for Kids at BIG W (in Store)


Giving families access to more books at home is the first step to building healthy minds and bright futures for Aussie kids.

It's easy to get your FREE books

In store only. Limited stocks. While stocks last. Up to 3 books per family.

8 books to collect - selected for your little readers.

These books have been selected for kids aged between 5 - 8 years who are learning to read and looking for that first chapter book experience.

We've chosen 8 titles by Australian Authors to appeal to Aussie kids. They all talk to an Australian experience; covering indigenous, city and country kids. The books are written and illustrated by Australian authors and artists.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this OP, appreciate it

    • Any idea of the titles?

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    I’ve noticed there are a couple of freebie book places I’ve seen around in Melbourne. There is a little book library near the Fitzroy town hall. The recycle place in Clifton Hill has a free book place. There is a reading room in Waterfront City Docklands.

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      Free books at your local library too…

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        Free magazines and too! Some states also have free access to courses on and online webzines

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          And free movies via Kanopy

          • @jv: Plenty free with videoezy coupons too!

            • @twobit: With Kanopy, library members get 10 free movies per month…

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                @jv: With piracy, everything is free.

                • @No ONE: No ONE agrees with you.

        • Yeah and the magazines you get from RBdigital, you can keep forever. I know someone who has membership with 3 libraries and has hundreds of magazines.

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        But I want to spend money on petrol and wear & tear on my car so I can get a proper free book

      • True, but, eventually, you do have to return them.

        • True, but, eventually, you do have to return them.

          You can renew the loans perpetually…

          • +1

            @jv: No late fees at my local library.

          • @jv: Not if someone else wants that book.

            • @try2bhelpful:

              Not if someone else wants that book.

              You can set up multiple memberships and keep re-borrowing it using them.
              There's usually multiple copies of the book, so as long as you stay on the waitlist, you're bound to get one of the copies each time.

              • @jv: How are you setting up multiple IDs? You would need fake IDs showing your residential address to do this.

                Yarra Library.
                Individuals over the age of 18, with proof of ID and a current Victorian residential address are eligible for an Adult Membership.

                Acceptable forms of ID include a Driver’s License, Key Pass or Passport, or two forms of other ID such as Medicare, Healthcare card or bank card. A utility bill, rates notice, signed rental agreement, bank statement or similar documentation (as determined by an Authorised Staff Member) may be used to provide proof of current residential address.

                Lot of effort to go to, not to mention illegal, to get to reborrow a book. I think I’ll continue to trawl the freebies.

                • @try2bhelpful:

                  Lot of effort to go to

                  No pain, no gain…

                  • +2

                    @jv: Must be so difficult crawling through the air ducts so you can break in to take books out of hours. Do you play the Mission Impossible music?

                    • @try2bhelpful:

                      Must be so difficult crawling through the air ducts so you can break in to take books out of hours.

                      Do you do the same at Big W ?

                      • +3

                        @jv: Yeah, but only for the Dyson vacuum cleaners and the Rocklea Road boxes.

                • @try2bhelpful: Not to mention the bit about ripping off a library. Not really right is it.

                  • @paulinspace: I agree in general, with that, for books with a request put on them. However, the Yarra library recently had a get rid of old books day where you could buy a bag of books for $5. If nobody wants to borrow the book, again, they would probably prefer it stored on your bookshelf than theirs :). With the Yarra depot free book library they said they were compacting some of the books because people weren’t taking them. I now feel no remorse with taking any books that interest me from there. I put my post up so people know these sort of places are out there.

      • Free DVDs and CDs too!

        • and free pencils !!!

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    Define Kid

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    8 books to collect. Limit of 3 per family… Not keen on the wording. But happy to get free books!

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      1 new book every week over a period of 8 weeks.. upto 3 books/week/family (depending on the number of kids in a family aged 5-8)

  • So do I need to bring a kid in to get the books?

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      I don't think so. In-laws have brought books for my kids when BigW had this running a few months ago.

      • Will they give me funny looks. I'm in my 20's not some old MIL/FIL.

        • +1

          You're getting one for your younger sibling.
          A few BigW I've seen have a stand inside the entrance for customers to grab on the way in/out.

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      Just borrow one 👍

      You'll need some lollipops.

  • The first book is titled 'Cyclone Fever'.

  • +1

    New book is out
    Tomato Sauce of Course

  • Anyone in Melbourne have a spare Cyclone Fever?

  • Picked up Crikey by Jane Carroll yesterday, thanks again ElleV!

  • This upcoming Thursday's Book "Bush Holiday". Don't forget and claim your book.

  • Picked up a book a few days ago… How to talk to a frill-neck lizard by James Maloney

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