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iPhone 11 64GB $699, 11 Pro 64GB $1249, 11 Pro Max 256GB $1649 with 12 Mth $65 Telstra Plan 60GB (In-Store) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys running special pre-order promotion on new iphone models till 19th Sep.

To be eligible to receive $500 off selected pre-order iPhone 11 handsets (Eligible Handsets) customers must:

  1. Pre-order an eligible iPhone 11 handset in store,
  2. bring their mobile number to Telstra and
  3. sign up to the $65 Plan per month with 60GB Data (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with
    minimum cost of $780 over 12 months from 14 September to 19th September 2019

Offer not in conjunction with any other offer and available in store only. Phone credit can’t be used on any other items in store. Handset must be pre-ordered the same day the connection is made. Please refer to store staff for further enquiries. See www.thegoodguys.com.au/telstra-mobile-and-broadband-plans for terms and conditions. #Available to port-in Telstra customers only who pre-order a iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Space Grey MWC22X/A, iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Gold MWHL2X/A or iPhone 11 64GB Black MWLT2X/A.. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $780. Offer ends 19/09/2019.

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  • Link to t&c's?

  • So effectively $23.33/ month phone plan for the next 12 months.

    • I doubt that. I think it's $500 off $1999 (iPhone 11 Pro 256GB), and on top, $65/month for 60GB plan.

    • @cloudie9 not sure why you got downvoted. That's accurate. $500 off would basically mean $500/12 = $41.67 savings per month over 12 months. Which means $65 - $41.67 = $23.33/month plan.

    • Not quite because you have to preorder and pay for an IPhone 11 and then sign up for the $65 / month plan. It doesn’t make sense to apply the $500 off to the phone plan when the $500 is being taken off the price of the IPhone 11.

  • Can't seem to see any information on this?

  • The T&C say it only applies for:

    Eligible Handsets Discount Amount
    iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Space Grey MWC22X/A $500
    iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Gold MWHL2X/A $500
    iPhone 11 64GB Black MWLT2X/A $500

    • Those are the only three models available for preorder.

      • Everyone seems to have a hardon for midnight green, since it’s apples only actual innovation for this new model iPhone.

        • +4 votes

          Yep, the A13 chip being 20% faster with a 40% reduction in power use is not innovative at all.

          • +5 votes

            @Ryk: 20% faster means the interactive response is 8 nanoseconds instead of 10 nanoseconds.
            All flagship phones are fast enough for normal use, unless you edit videos ON a TINY Mobile.
            40% reduction in power is great - finally coming close to more acceptable standard. How many devices do we have to charge EVERY day?

          • @Ryk: Evolution is not innovation.

            Any newer socket is faster and more efficient than the previous one.

          • @Ryk: Wow, such innovation

  • So effectively pay full retail price for the phone and get very competitive plan.

    iPhones hold their value pretty well, so tempting to get the deal. Sell the phone for almost retail price and keep the cheap plan.

  • So basically the JB Hifi plan from the other day, but gotta spend the monies on iphone. Good deal

  • This is almost like the JB Hifi deal on their website.

  • How much are they selling the phones for? I can't seem to find a price on their website.

  • looking for iPhone 11 128gb ><

  • Good value for the iPhone XR if included now that it’s dropped to $1059

  • Well, I prefer JB’s gift card.

  • no choice of color, they want to sell you the color that they have listed, so no go. I am after midnight green.

  • Give us back the gift card deal so I can buy an apple watch

  • Any chance this can be turned into a $55/month plan by talking to Telstra online?

  • I'm on Telstra "Mobile BYO Plan $69" with a discount so I'm actually paying $49 pm, getting 60 GB data

    Contract end date May 2020, early termination charge $285

    Am I eligible to for this offer? Can I recontract to this $65 plan or would I have to pay the $285 first?

    • Looks like the answer is no, point 2 of the T&Cs is

      bring their mobile number to Telstra

      How quickly is it possible to port your number out? lol

  • I just running out of contract with Telstra last month, do I need to port out the number to take advantage of this deal? Or I can just re-sign the contract?

  • No Optus plans?

  • No midnight green = no deal.

    I will wait for optus doing promotion

  • No stores trying to clear out the XS or series 4 watch yet? :\

    • I’m looking for the same , watch 5 is disappointing other than the always on feature which is no big deal , it adds zero new features

    • JBHIFI had the X for 1079 but it is no longer showing on their website.

  • need your guidance here… please!
    If i buy iPhone 11 Pro through apple.com.au, can I use the 'Apple Store & iTunes' gift card to pay the balance? I saw 15% off at Aldi until 24/09. Also I am trying to use shopback 1.5% cashback and take advantage of 10% GST refund at airport.

    Anyone tried before using such gift cards to pay for iPhone purchase online?

    • What are my payment options?

      We accept Apple Pay(opens in a new window), most credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Apple Store Gift Cards — though PayPal, Apple Store Gift Cards, and financing options may not be available for all products. Financing options are also available to qualifying customers. You can call 133‑622 for more information

    • i think thats for the apps and music, not for iphones, ipad, macbook, etc…

    • iTunes is different to Apple Store.

  • Hope someone can help answer a question. My Teltsra contract end 6th October. So to grab this deal I would have to port out first yes? When can you Port back in and get this deal? (a week? a month?)
    What would be the best/cheapest carrier and plan to port too?

  • i just need a deal on a phone, I prefer not to pay full price. I will get my plan a lot cheaper from another provider. i just need a phone deal for the iphone 11 pro max preferably the 512gb

  • Doesn't seem clear in the T&Cs.

    Can we pay for the iPhone 11 (minus $500 discount) using TGG gift cards?

  • Will this work if I do have a Telstra account with one sim but want to port over a second sim from Optus? Or is this just for new customers to Telstra?

  • How is this any different from the previous jb deal with the $500 store voucher?

    Sorry I honestly can’t tell

  • So basically this is buying the phone outright with a discount and locked into a plan? You can’t pay off the phone over 24 months with the discount ?

  • It's a shame these plans don't have the option of adding the $10 international calling pack….

  • I’m having blonde moment and can’t work out if the $65 a month includes the phone ? I just assumed it ment the phone is bought seperate at a $500 discount but then read the comments at the top about the plan working out to be $23 or something and now I’m confused.

    • Phone is purchased outright with a $500 off RRP discount.

      The $23 per month number came from someone calculating effective monthly spend if you applied the $500 saved over the 12 months.

  • Little bit of breakdown.
    Let's say you are buying iPhone 11, With RRP 1199, You get $500 off and only pay $699.

    For that 500 discount you are contracted to overpriced $65 SIM only plan for 12 Months.

    Which comes out to be $780. Add Price of the phone you paid and the monthly cost for 12 months is 123.25. So after 12 months if you do your research and move to another Telco like Kogan you will pay around $314 for another 12 months for 40gb of data and your cost over 24months is around $75pm and u get 60gb for 1st 12 months and 40 GB for another 12 months. Still cheapest in the market. So a good deal.

    EVen if you pay 1200 outright and get 40gb pm, it would still almost be same. But if you jump Telco every other month, you save great deal of a money.