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[VIC] Google Chromecast Audio $30 @ Officeworks Fountain Gate


Cast your favourite music from your phone, tablet, or laptop straight to your home speaker.
Plug into the AUX input of your speaker to make it WiFi enabled
Supports apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, and other favourites
Works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac®, Windows laptop®, or Chromebook

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  • Australia wide? These are awesome.

  • This or Alexa dot?

  • +10 votes

    Note, these also have optical outs, so you can plug them into TOS-link sockets as well. No requirement to go Aux unless that's all you have.

  • These are v good

  • I had a terrible experience using them! Maybe I got a shitty old router!

  • Anyone seen in store elsewhere?

  • Great price. I just returned mine to OW that I had sitting on my dining table for a few weeks. Paid $41 on clearance, so glad I returned it seeing as though they're now cheaper. Couldn't quite think of a use for it. It was more of a buy now ask questions later purchase at the time.

  • Sold out called them

  • Leave it with Google to kill off a good thing.

    • Agree but I don't think they would've sold too many of them - this is a bit of a niche product. Love mine though.

    • Yep, a device that turns your old stereo in a voice controlled device that can play most songs you care to play. I can see why they killed that off (sarcasm). Maybe it's because they wanted to sell more smart speakers?

      • Don't forget device which didn't actually turn your old powerful stereo into spyware when turned on. Those "smart" speakers only have smarts to progress Google's own ulterior objectives and nothing more.

    • +2 votes

      Potentially killing it to replace it with the next generation of google home mini. Rumoured to have a 3.5mm jack.


      Doesn't really replace all use cases though, so glad I have a CC audio.

  • anyone found any stock anywhere? called a bunch and all sold out

  • Doesn't Amazon have a similar product they introduced recently

  • Couldn't you just get an old regular Chromecast to do this through an hdmi port at a similar price ?

    • No. The point is that these have audio outputs - instead of providing video/audio over HDMI, they exclusively provide audio, and over either 3.5mm or Toslink. A regular chromecast provides neither, so needs a TV or HDMI equipped amp to work.

      Lots of people have speakers/stereo amps with only Aux/RCA/Toslink.

      • the reason why audio and hdmi are different is due to the processing of HDMI every device that takes input of HDMI has a process time that help sync audio and video where audio system normally play audio directly.

        while chromecast v2 device now can be part of a audio group its not worth it there to much delay and while you could tune it i dont think its worth it best just to get a CC Audio.

        also not on a Google Home you in the Home app you can define your default audio device that can be a chromecast audio target where voice commands will be process on the home all music/audio task will be play on the define cc Audio

  • If they add a 3.5mm jack on the mini they might have won the battle already

  • Bought one recently from JB in Joondalup for around $55, this is a great deal

  • My chromecast audio died, died before 1 year, but reported to kogan/dick-smith >1 year after purchase. They didn't ever bother replying to my email even though I went through the trouble of posting a video.

    Does anyone know if we can flash these? The reset button won't work to reset it.

  • anyone in Vic having any luck? I'm just looking for 1 to add streaming to a set of old speakers.

    I had to buy one before from the UK, such a pity google discontinued this

    • Have you looked at alternatives. I have 2 of them, and have been passively looking for a while to create a cheap home audio solution. They were great for this so a bit disappointed also.

  • For a brief second the thumbnail looked like a washing machine (front loader) as I scrolled down the page.

  • I'd say are probably killing it as the majority of users would buy the normal google with video chromecast since it's about an extra $10 and you get video etc.
    or is it any different?

  • Sounds like these are getting hard to find regardless, wouldnt mind picking one up and claiming on 28d later. I assume the home mini won't have the same audio quality for streaming FLAC files from a nas to my DAC and monitor speakers?

  • Found a Goodguys that had a few and managed to get it price matched when showed the pic From officeworks