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Arlo Pro 2 - 2 Camera Kit (VMS4230P) US $360.15 + Shipping (AU$523.16 + Shipping) Delivered @ Amazon US


Not as good as the previous deal on 3 cam kit.

Price updated with shipping cost and mandatory GST. Shipping charge varies from $15 USD to $25 USD depending on speed of delivery.

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    Looks WAY Overpriced to me

    • Bingo. That's all this Arlo gear, ridiculously overpriced. I wouldn't go near it with a barge pole.

  • Paid $299 for pro kit with 2 cams. Not sure it's worth the premium.

  • No shipping to australia??

  • Add 10% GST on top

  • Not really a deal, after adding it to cart the total price comes to $567.25 (breakdown below)

    Items: AUD 492.09
    Shipping & handling: AUD 23.59
    Total before tax: AUD 515.68
    Estimated tax to be collected: AUD 51.57
    Order total: AUD 567.25

  • Just want to take a moment to give some feedback on Arlo as my father has a few of these on the family home.

    Arlo still require Flash player to work on desktop which is hugely problematic as all major browsers make it extremely difficult to enable. If at all.

    With Chrome you need to manually reset every time. This isn’t just ‘click to play’ I’m talking about enable, warning prompt, reset browser, re-login to Arlo (oh did I mention you can only have one ‘session’ logged in at a time? so no multi-window and/or mobile app concurrently), re-enable EACH TIME. Oh and as of January 2020 Chrome will hard stop supporting it at all. So basically this product has less than 4 months of life left.

    In the case of Firefox no matter how much I try I cannot get it to work. For context I’ve spent close to 20 years in IT and tech startups and been through every imaginable setting.

    To even understand what was the root cause problem of it not working in the first place is maddening. Go Google the terms ‘Arlo flash player new version’ as basically it’ll insist you update Flash on Arlo’s site - not mentioning that actually the problem is the browser, not your version of Flash.

    A new mobile app was released on Android that has the same name, icon as the old one. It even looks feels the same - virtually indistinguishable except for the fact one will be silently deprecated.

    The product itself is fine but Arlo is a terrible company that cares not to update software so that it works. Highly recommend avoiding.

    • I have the two camera kit and it is working fine for me on Firefox. Recorded clips play perfectly without any intervention, but since the last update, if you choose "Live", it says "A newer version of Flash Player is required.", even though I have the latest version installed. I then click on the 'lego block' icon next to the padlock in the address bar, select "Allow", close the error message and then click on Live again and it works until the browser is restarted. It's a poor workaround, but it does work with a lot less fuss than Chrome, where you are forced to reload the page in order for the allowance of Flash to work.

      The browsers are the problem as they block Flash by default and there isn't a way to unblock it permanently.

      One would hope that Arlo will switch from Flash to HTML5 before Adobe discontinue it in late 2020 (not January).

      • We have a had the Arlo 1st gen since it was on clearance, and must say this “flash player required” message is a recent thing. The whole world knows flash is out-dated so I’m sure they will switch over soon enough.
        Also we very rarely use the Arlo website on the computer, we do all the management from the Arlo App (all the functionality is there - sometimes a bit tricky to find but it’s all there).
        And so I’m sure Netgear knows most use the App so they have put less priority on the website.

        The rest of the product (Arlo) has been just fine, and support has been great: one camera developed a fault where the image would always have a strong red tint, they asked us to send it in postage paid by them.
        And a new camera was delivered within a week or two.

        The comment above recommending to avoid this product seems a little harsh just because the website is recently out-dated.
        You use the App to set up the Arlo so it makes sense to use it to control the product.

        • I would agree that the App is all you need, but it is nice to have a larger image to look at than the mobile phone screen. I've had zero problems since setting it up and would happily recommend it, even with the current browser problem.

          • @wombat1955: We have the App on both phone and iPad.
            iPad is large enough for us, especially since you hold it close to you.
            There is a Apple TV App as well, but we never use it so deleted it recently.
            Also heard reports they will be removing the Apple TV App, and it makes sense since we never used it.

    • Thanks for the detailed info provided. This is such a bumper

  • There are other issues then just a flash browser issue. I purchased the ultra's and I have to pay the monthly fee to enable recording and notifications. These would not work without it, basic functionality that I have to pay for to use. This can be avoided by buying the PRO's but I wanted some of the functionality only available from he Ultra's.

    Notifications can be up to 30mins after the event, not really great if you want to monitor from break-ins, they will most likely be well gone by then. The notification areas you can setup doesnt stop notifications in the range outside of that area that you would like. So if your camera has a road in the image that you don't want a notification for each time a car passes then tough. The range is also [email protected] for the cameras. I have one on the garage and also on one side of the house that constantly drops out. The funny thing is the one that never drops out is probably the furthest away with more walls in between. Arlo's solution to get better range is an extra base unit. the units aren't any good if they have no connection to record. So out of a $1k+ system I get slow notifications and one camera that I can trust is working all the time.

    I used to really not like the swann kit I had as their app is outdated and the camera quality isn't great but it was spot on with recording movement without fail. The Arlo's funtionality needs a lot of work for the price we pay.

    • This can be avoided by buying the PRO's

      Seems like you pay a premium to use the top model.
      We get free cloud storage / access to use up to 5 cameras for 1st gen Arlo.

      Notifications can be up to 30mins after the event,

      There must be an issue with your WiFi, or Arlo product. We have the old Arlo 1st gen, and when the camera is on, notification arrives within 2-3 seconds after you walk in front of it.

      The range is also [email protected] for the cameras.

      We always thought the range was great. Better than we expected actually.
      Again possibly an issue with WiFi.

      The only thing I can think of is an issue with your WiFi or the Arlo Ultra model is causing the issues. I had been reading up on it before it came out, and it’s release had been delayed a number of times (due to some issues I presume).
      I think they tried to cram in too much into the tiny camera modules.

      • Yeh I assumed I would still get basic functionality without having to pay the monthly fee and then pay if I wanted the smarts of person, animal etc detection. Was definitely wrong on that one, paper weights without forking out $15 a month.

        It seems to be random the length of time, sometimes quick and sometimes slow. The recording of the event is spot on but the notification to me vary's so its not the wifi. All your home wifi does is provide access to your router for access to the app and remotely. The Arlo base station is what communicates with the camera directly.

        The shed camera really is a stretch since Its a fair distance but the one on the carpark side is closer then the one that seems to always work.

        I had one notification while I was out but close to home one day and I watched the video of a person walk up to my door, knock and then a few seconds later the recording stopped. So I was left with no clue as to whether they left or forced their way into my house, as I have no internal cameras I had to shoot home to make sure.

        Just not what I expect for what I pay. I either wish I had the Pro's or if I could id return them and go back to a wired system.

        • All your home wifi does is provide access to your router

          You are right here, I forgot it plugs directly with Ethernet.
          My only other conclusion is the Ultra product itself is just a flop.

          What I remember reading was it took forever to make it out of beta testing (kept having issues) and people were complaining about the delayed release.
          So it’s possible they just put a bandaid on the issues (software fixes on hardware problems) and released it, or that they could fix it in the future with firmware updates. Either way quite disappointing for Netgear which makes solid products.
          I have heard only good things about Arlo 1st gen, Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro 2.

          Obviously 4K video requires much larger file sizes and bandwidth to perform properly, and I think that’s what’s bottle-necking the Ultra (more demanding on the camera internals & wireless connection between Base Station & cameras).

          You could try reducing the video quality to 1080p to see if things improve, but then you may as well get a refund and buy the Arlo Pro 2.

          and then a few seconds later the recording stopped.

          You may have already done this, but you can adjust the recording times through the settings in the App (can be difficult to find sometimes) try extending the recording time.

          • @thebadmachine: I cant see a recording time adjustment anywhere. I was under the impression it would record for as long as it senses the movement. I have recordings of upwards of 5 minutes when I am outside doing something in the camera zone for that time.

            • @worthy1: With the Arlo 1 there is a setting for recording time limit, and the amount of time it rests between recordings (ignores the sensor).
              Search Arlo support forum for where the settings are specific to Arlo Ultra.

              You should also be able to change the sensitivity, maybe your sensitivity is too high on certain cameras & sometimes you have all cameras recording 5+ mins at the same time, and that is also causing some issues.

            • @worthy1: In the App, go to Mode - tap on your base station - tap on the pencil icon next to the mode you have set (mine is Armed) - tap on the pencil icon next to the rules for your camera - tap on the pencil icon next to record video - choose record for a fixed length of time and adjust the slider.

              Maximum recording time is 120 seconds using this method as opposed to up to 300 seconds, but I have found that even if there is still activity, it stops recording in the auto mode. Setting a fixed recording time overcomes this and I found around 40 seconds covers most things.

              • @wombat1955: Gotcha, handy to know. Most of my recordings are over 1 minute and some to. At the moment that is the only notification/recording i have that stopped midway so maybe it was a one off, just was a crucial one that made me wonder the point of the whole system.

                • @worthy1: I just thought to add, I mentioned ‘WiFi’ in my original post, and what I was trying to refer to was bandwidth. So in the Arlo Base Station’s case, that would be your internet connection’s upload speed.

                  I always thought 4K was overkill, and while some countries like America may have the internet upload speeds to deal with it, in Australia the upload speed becomes a bottle-neck.

                  So imagine multiple Gigabyte video files waiting in a queue to be uploaded, and then the notifications waiting in between.

                  • @thebadmachine: Gotcha although the notifications are handled separately by the unit so it sends a notification as soon as there is movement and also starts recording in parallel. This allows you to jump on and view it live, set off alarm, talk to the person etc. But yes since it records direct to the cloud there could be a lag in the recording process although it is sending up constant smaller chunks rather then records locally and tries to send a complete big video at the end.

                    Local storage is a secondary/backup solution so it would be then the time taken to drag it down and store whichever ones you want locally but by then its after the recording anyway

  • I found it idiot proof to set up. Then again, I am an idiot, so the odds were stacked in my favour.
    Using an iPad to setup was a seamless experience.
    I have 8 cameras across two Arlo Pro 2 systems. I’ve linked one account to the other, so I get to view all 8 cameras and have 1 week recording for free from inside the one account/user control panel.

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