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[NSW] AirPods $99 and $500 Discount with any iPhone 11 on Optus 24-Month $65 Plan @ Harvey Norman Auburn


Saw this in Harvey Norman Auburn store, not sure if available in other Harvey Norman.

Pre order any iPhone 11 on a Optus $65 24-month plan and get an Apple AirPods with Charging Case for $99.

$500 Discount on Eligible Mobile Phones on Optus $65 My Plan Plus SIM Only plan for 24-months with 80GB data and unlimited talk & text

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    if 12 months plan, it will be much better. Otherwise go to JB Hi-Fi deal.

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    Weak cf TGG deal

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    Does the $500 discount apply to iPhone 11?


    Is it possible to buy the AirPods and cancel contract within cooldown period?

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    $65 x 24m = $1560

    Assuming you order iphone 11 Pro 256gb rrp$1999 - $500 = $1499

    $1560 + $1499 = $3059 over 24m = $127pm

    dont get sucked into these bs deals its only roughly 10% cheaper than going on a rip off plan, optus 100gb plan $141pm = $3384 over 24m worlds gone mad paying stupid prices for a phone

    better off if you really need to pay $2k for a phone (smh) buy outright go on cheap sim deal $20-$40 pm depending on data you need & likely better sim inclusions when Optus has promo offers that include international roaming data/calls

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      Basically with these $500 deals is that they give a solid discount on a phone, then terrible deal on the plan to even things out.
      The phone isn't even put into the monthly phone bill so you are effectively paying interest on the phone yourself.
      I'm on Telstra and the download speed is pretty shit @ <10mbps making it useless having 50GB a month.


        i agree with this…Assume you gee an S10+($1499) from JB with the $65/m + $500 GC from last week.

        ((1499-500)/12)+65 = $148.25/m
        or for 24m plan comparisons
        ((1499-500)/24)+65 = $106.25/m

        I'm currently S10+ $83.75/m for 24m 200gb data and all that jazz. If it turns to shit theres no exit fees, you just payout the handset so really you are back to square one with no loss.


      I see students regularly on plans when new iPhones come out paying like $200 P/m.. its not uncommon


      link on the 65/month sim only plan?

      Only saw 59 and 79




      This actual price should be in the heading. OzB does not normally allow posts with just a discount stated, and consumer law requires it in advertising for good reason.


        I went to HN today.. They were not able to provide the details of the 65/month plan advertised..

        If only this deal can be in conjunction with this online offer :

        Taking into account an Iphone 11 Pro 256 GB, total cost out will only be 2675. This would have been a super deal.

        49 X 24 months = 1176
        1999 - 500 = 1499

        Not taking into account any access to 5% discounts on HN gift card.


        titles not misleading I just used the iphone 11 pro 256gb as example in my breakdown as likely that will be popular choice, the $500 can come off any iphone 11 model, whoever is looking at taking up this deal just need to break it down & realise they arent getting much of a deal & just trapped in a $65 sim for 2 years


          I just think it is good to put actual minimum cost. Nobody is getting anything for $99.


    If you want both the iPhone and AirPod, the discount reduce the plan to $38/month. Not a bad deal. Not sure the $500 discount applies to iPhone though.

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      Your reading the deal wrong, you need to purchase the iphone 11 outright at rrp & get $500 off the price, you also have to sign up to a $65pm sim plan for 24 months

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    Without iOS, I cannot find a reason to pay such an ugly and expensive phone.