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Fitness First - 20% off + up to 4 Weeks Free


20% off and 4 weeks free on all 12 and 18-month membership options.
2 weeks free on all 3-month options.
* Offer ends 17th September 2019. 4 weeks free on 12 & 18 month memberships, 20% of 12 and 18 month membership dues. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. 18 month memberships not available in the ACT. Start-up fee applies.
Full terms and conditions at www.fitnessfirst.com.au

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Fitness First
Fitness First

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  • Watch out for their cooling off period. I had 4 weeks free but realise cooling off was only 14 days. Cancellation is either pay out whole contract or transfer to someone else.

    Edit: I was on 18 months passport

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    The concept of a 'joining fee' when you're still locked into an expensive 12 or 18 month contract is ridiculous.
    Not to mention how difficult they make it to quit, even after you've served your contract period. They even require 28 days notice to cancel your membership, so it's really minumum 13/19 months. This mob are crooks.

  • Still double the weekly cost of my local Zap Fitness.

    Pretty big stretch to call this a "bargin"

    • What is Zap fitness?!? Fitness First isn't cheap by any stretch, but I don't know that you can compare local gyms like that to any of the larger chains like FF, Anytime etc. It doesn't matter where I am in the country, I can almost always find a FF to go to. In fact, even overseas in Singapore/Malaysia last month, I was able to go to FF gyms in those countries with my membership. Its obviously not as cheap as most local gyms but I'd say there are benefits to it

      • It has 100+ gyms in Aus from memory.

        Not really the point though not sure anyone is arguing FF doesn't has a use case more that a gym membership requiring (even at this discounted rate) a least $1300 + and a twelve month contract probably doesn't belong on ozbargin …

        • Oh OK there you go! Thats decent. In NSW? Yeah fair….I'd still say if people are actually paying the Fitness First membership prices, a sale of 20% off is not bad. I signed up there about 18 months ago at the Barangaroo club. Its their only titanium one and is usually like $40 a week but thanks to a company discount and then taking advantage of one of these 20% off sales, I only pay about $20 a week, which is only $6 more than I was paying at Plus Fitness. The titanium one includes vastly superior facilities to the Plus Fitness gyms I was generally at, a personal locker, washing of my clothes daily (come in next morning they're in my locker washed and ironed) and access to every club around the world. Agree with your point in general but for some such as myself, this would actually be a good deal

  • They will keep calling until you tell them to piss off

  • I’m not the biggest fan of Fitness First but when I threatened to cancel my membership (contract had expired) - they sent me an offer of $18.50 a week, no rejoining fees or any of that rubbish on a 12 month contract. I signed up again because of convenience, there is natural light coming into the gym (rare with gyms) and there is always parking. This is at Westfield Bondi Junction.

    That’s $37 a fortnight at a platinum club (Bondi Junction).

    The equivalent deal on this “sale” is $62 a fortnight + joining fee.

    Tell em’ they’re dreaming.

  • I was with fitness first many years ago. From the time I joined to the time I left the weekly fees went up over 300%. Moved to a competitor at a cheaper rate and that’s locked in for life (until I cancel), even after my initial contract period ended. I would never go back to fitness first.

  • use a temp $2 sim if you just want to try it as they will call and xt u daily afterwards even when you ask them to stop.

  • 18 month contract with a joining fee and inflated prices.
    Oh but you get 1 month. It's just the remaining 17 that you'll be sucked in for.
    This is not a deal at all, it's a marketing ploy.

    There's decent gyms around for $9.99 a week.
    Planet Fitness is like $4 a week for those around them.

  • 18 month contract still with joining fee and minimum $24 per week is ludicrous.

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