$8 off Food (No Min Spend) @ EASI App (Pick up / Delivered, New Users Only)


EASI (that Chinese food delivery service with the yellow logo - 悉尼送餐), will give you an $8 voucher to use with no minimum spend when you sign up via referral.
Cheap lunch/dinner sorted. Works for both pick up and delivery (though delivery fees may apply) and there is no minimum spend.
Lots of participating restaurants, they almost have a monopoly on the Chinese food delivery market.

Use the OzBargain referral links just below and punch in your (burner) phone number. Make sure you select the correct city because the coupon is region locked.
After that, you can login on the app via SMS code to use the voucher.

Apple App Store
Google Play

$8 coupon - Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart
$5 coupon - Brisbane, Geelong (sorry guys)
$300 worth of $5 delivery coupons - Canberra (sorry guys)

Also don't forget this bargain which is still running for more vouchers. There's no English banner but there's a screenshot of which banner to tap on.

Referral Links

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Referrer and Referee receives $8 credit. Credit applies to the referee's first order.

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    EASI8 gets you $8 off your first order. That's the code they have up in all the venues.


    How much is delivery?

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    The $8 referral coupon works with the Pick Up option so the $8 can be used entirely on your order.


    Thanks signed up and got $5 off Brisbane.
    There is also a button you can click in the app for free delivery (Get $6 down for all your orders from more than 600 restaurants above $25)


    I got $8 off coupon even with out referral some time back, use pickup and get your food $8 off, I also got couple of $6 coupons for delivery (over $20 orders). But there was a extra charge for Visa/Mastercard processing


    how to log out from the Easi app? no option to be seen


    I always wondered what company that was… im clearly not their target market haha


      There's a new penguin one too, I'm basing this on pictures, as there were 0 english words on it…

      Used to be called melbsc, known for deliveries on bikes that ride/drive on footpaths…


    Card transaction fee applies for online payment


    I'm not 100% sure the first delivery is free (even though it says that when you initially launch the app). I asked CS about free delivery on first order and they beat around the bush saying to look at your coupon, instead of saying 'yes'.

    Also you need a special coupon in order to pay in cash on delivery (weird) and they don't use PayPal as payment option. And(!) you can't pay half cash and the rest with a coupon. They have, to me, unusual payment options. The coupons are way too specific in terms of which coupon you can use e.g special coupons to pay on delivery with cash (shop/store and coupon specific). Very confusing.

    I thought the app was only for food/groceries, nope! You can purchase things from adult stores too.

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      It's not targeted towards you they are massively popular for the chinese market. They do charge fees for credit card but that can be avoided by paying with wechat which is fee free. Obviously as a white guy you wouldn't have that. To be hoest they aren't really worth it unless you crave some of the exclusives they are as uber eats is much cheaper.


    This has been around for years. You don't need to use a referral just make an account with a new phone number and you can the $8 off and a few other coupons. You can use it for a bubble tea pickup to save delivery and make a new account every time. The don't match you phone like Guzman y gomez, liven, etc do.


    Not the best app experience but thanks to whoever used my referral :) would only use the app with coupons

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    staggering 2.5% card surcharge (credit or debit). 1.8% for wechat or aiden pay