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[PC] Claim Free Copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas through Rockstar Games Launcher @ Rockstar Games Social Club


Log in to Rockstar Social Club (free sign up) through the newly released Rockstar Games Launcher and claim a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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  • +14 votes

    Wow you are 11 minutes faster than the grab free games steam group thread.


    Much respect I guess there always is a bigger fish.

  • Been 15 years and I still answer my phone expecting to hear the yay is leaving San ferriro

  • Took ages to spray every tag, collect every shell and take that last sliver of gang territory…but that 100% completion was so worth it.

    Now where is that save file……

    • Nice my friend did that too

      He used the official strategy guide.

      Did you use something?

      I was going to , but I think God of war and shadow came out and I realised I'd spent enough time in gta world.
      Only so many times I could jump out of a plane in my suit over Vegas.

      I plan on doing the same thing for my wedding actually

    • I put 50 hours into a genuine 100% completion when I replayed this game on PC a couple of years ago. They updated it to remove music with expired licenses and nuked my save file. Only negative review I have ever left for anything in my life.

      Later discovered that the steam version of GTA SA was just a ported mobile game after the update. Not sure if that has changed.

    • I did that on PS2 , played so much at the time I was hearing the music when I walked around and dreamed about it at night

  • Another launcher?

    Looks like no GTA VI on Steam.

    • The launcher has been around since GTA IV

      • Social Club has, but it wasn't really the same design as it is now. It's always been a PITA.

        From the pic it looks like it's going to be a storefront as well now.

        • I wonder if it's literally just going to be a store for Rockstar games? I'm happy with my VC/SA copies I have on Steam :)

  • Not for Mac? 😓

  • +31 votes

    I acknowledge San Andreas is a better game, but man, Vice City is where it’s at.

    • At least Vice City didn't have the pesky eating and exercise mechanics.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      I loved 3 and San Andreas ( especially pc version with your own music!) but you having played vice city, it's indefinable how awesome it was.

      • Agreed. It was the last GTA that didn't feel like it was crammed full of pointless collectables and mechanics that aren't used beyond the tutorial. Plus, for me, it still has the most memorable missions, cast and map (despite the quantity and size being smaller). I've loved every GTA since, but Vice City is still the best overall package the series has produced imo.

        Though you can drive trains in San Andreas, so I take everything back; San Andreas is GOTY.

        • All the De Palma movie references were amazing.

          Vice City still my favourite ever. Yes, even more so than V.

  • I too preferred the tone of Vice City, but San Andreas is a very good game and is more expansive than Floirida confine Vice City.

    I found a GTA San Andreas modding guide here, for people who want to make it more up to date with today's standards: http://www.skyrim-beautification-project.com/gtasa/

  • Ah s#%t, here we go again…

  • is there any graphic mods for this?

    • Heaps, but it depends on your taste.

      First thing though, I have to say that i'm not sure if the version here is the same as the Steam version, but if it is, you'll have to downgrade it to get the best mod compatibility.

      If you wanna stay more true to the original style, there's SkyGFX which is a great starting point. If you wanna go more in depth, you can get mods which port things from the mobile remaster into the PC game. There's also a couple of people who have made lore-friendly cars in the original style (They've got workshops on GTAforums. Read below).

      If you wanna overhaul it and go as fancy/new as possible, there's ENB Series, Render hook, various texture mods, various texture packs (Eg, HRT or SRT). There's heaps of HQ car replacers too (HQ as in the models and whatnot, because they're usually ripped from other games. Downside is most of them are half-assed and poor in optimization and handling). There's the very high quality V Hud mod by DK22pac too.

      If you want to research more for yourself, or find more mods, GTAforums has years upon years of information on numerous projects. There's also alot of interest there in porting features/visuals from the mobile, ps2 and xbox iterations of the games to PC, like the SkyGFX mod I mentioned.

      Some general mods I'd recommend regardless: The Widescreen fixes. Silentpatch, Ginput and Silent's ASI loader. Modloader is super convenient too.

  • Another games launcher?

    • Yeah.. my PC is already swarming with Steam, Epic, Uplay and Origin… also have the Xbox App and now this new launcher…. I hate this. I hope someone will come up with a unified app which integrates all of these together.

      • GOG is creating the Galaxy 2.0 app which is designed to unify all of these different stores

      • Gog 2.0 unifies all launchers. It is in beta at the moment and available for download by registering for trial. I downloaded yesterday under invitation and so far integrated all games from each launcher. You still need the original launcher installed but it canoe hidden away.

      • The xbox app isn't neccesseary, it's just an alternative client for the Windows Store.
        And while it's preinstalled on most versions of win10, it's also now used for updating integral parts of windows that are no longer coupled to the core operating system (Like mspaint, notepad and …. cortana, and most of the standard apps you probably never use).
        Since it runs on Windows Update, it's nothing really out of the way and quite fascinating how it works (when it works smh)

        They made the xbox app so GAMERS could actually use it :T

  • Gosh I spent my days playing this on SAMP

    Still the best gta in my books.

    • SAMP, even with the bugs, lag and hackers was so much better than GTAV online ever was.

  • Anybody know if the game obtained through the launcher can be modded? Stock version is kind of dated these days.

    • You'll need to download a patched gta_sa.exe and then you can downgrade the version. Means you don't need the launcher too

  • The launcher kills the deal.

  • I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large…

  • Now with a cup of hot coffee

    • God damn that was hilarious.

      I assume you can't get that to run on this version?

      Will the original release still work with modern computers?

  • The steam version has never run properly for me , just started up again and the save game is gone again, maybe the rockstar version will run better

  • Confession time: I played GTA 1, London, GTA 2, Vice City, GTA IV, GTA V and completely skipped San Andreas… :(

  • I'm pretty sure there might be clues for GTA VI inside the codings

  • Don't understand why some people hate all the launchers other than steam. Steam has been an oligopoly for 10 years. When was the last game in San Andreas range that steam gave it for free?


    Thanks OP.

  • Didn't they remove a ton of music from this recently? Not really tempted with yet another launcher

  • Launchers - streaming services of the gaming world.

  • I downloaded the launcher and made a new account. Can't find how I get the free game, please help :)

  • I guess this means we'll only be getting Red dead redemption 2 on the R* launcher… Lame.

  • Why I couldn't see this on ozbargain yesterday? I checked it every hour.

    Saw it on facebook and claimed.

  • anyone had an issue installing on Windows 10? I am getting currently Rockstar launcher is not supported on your current OS - i have windows 10?

  • thanks op, i guess i am willing to install another launcher for the sake of a free game.

  • I'm sick of these launcher wars

  • if i get vice city on pc, can i play it using a game controller?

  • seems expired. I finally removed the 2 step verification and loaded up the launcher only to find san andreas isn't free =(