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[VIC] Huxtaburgers $1 (22/9) @ Huxtaburger, Eastland


Hi all/ Annyeonghaseyo~!

I've been using OZbargain for a long time, but this is my official first post.

Celebrate the opening of our brand new weather protection canopy with $1 Huxtaburgers!

Date: Sunday 22 September

Time: 12.00pm - 7.00pm

Location: Huxtaburger, Townsquare

Enjoy $1 Huxtaburgers (usually $10.50) all day.

Also featuring drink specials including $5 beers and cider, $2 slushies and a local DJ performing from 12.00pm - 2.00pm and 5.00pm - 7.00pm


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    Ayy, I actually have to swing through Ringwood on Sunday, let's see if the queue ain't too bad and I can snag a cheap lunch.

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    Happy brand new weather protection canopy day!!

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    감사합니다 :D might have to head on over! not too far from me.

  • Annyeonghaseyo


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      It’s Korean for ‘hello’.

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        Haha, thanks. Annyeonghaseyo to OP :)

  • had these burgers in the cbd many years ago, pretty good back then. might have to make the trek and get some more.

  • Are you the cook

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      If you were asking me, no I'm Admin officer and not related to the restaurant. I just saw the regular email from Eastland and decided to post very first time.

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      I doubt the cook would want to advertise it.

      They'd be run off their feet as is, let alone trying to attract more customers.

  • You guys got vegan burgers?

    Edit: nvm.. you don't work there.

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      Not vegan.
      HUXTABURGER 10.5Grass-fed beef patty, cheese, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, lettuce, pickles

      They have vegan burgers but this deal is for the Huxtaburger.

      • ah ok. Thanks mate!

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    I was there the other weekend and it was a ghost town.
    My burger cost about $19 and was fairly "meh".

    • Agreed, I would only bother trying it again if it was $1… maybe Sunday will be a go then

      • Agreed too.

        I tried their beer but never tried burger.

        I guess this post make Eastland ghost town crowd on sunday

    • You mean your meal cost $19?

      Burgers are better than average IMO

      • nah my burger just cost whatever the price on menu is - something like $13-$15

      • Price was 15.5 but I was going off memory.

  • A burger place named after a Bill Cosby character?

    Maybe not great branding these days.

    • Most people wouldn't even know about the Cosby Show these days.

  • Hungry now! Buy it! Thanks OP.

    • wow well waiting 4 days… you'll be skin and bones!

  • Lunch is sorted!

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    Yo, is there a limit or…

    Like I'd like to grab five or so and sod off but if it's just one it ain't really worth the queue tbh

  • Ssibal

  • Greasy burgers though…

    • your statement make me think of HJ.

      burgers are better at hungry jack haha.

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    Hey OP, is there a limit? If not, I’m sure many people would order half a dozen+

    EDIT: I’m a dingus and should have read all the comments, OP said he wasn’t affiliated with restaurant

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      well use common sense, of course it's 1 per person.

  • They are open now, serving $1 burgers… No queues.

    • Ain’t it start from 12pm onwards?

    • Amazing!!

  • Queue is massive now all the way till realm library from entrance. I'd say about 1.5 hour wait? Deal available for dine in and takeaway

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    A youngish girl prob in uni cut in line to meet her other friend in front of my family. Didnt even say a word and just started chatting with her friend the whole time. The line is huge so people behind would not have liked it. What would you do? Tell her to go back of the line?

    Notes: my family was waiting in the line for 30+ minutes before this happened and the girl that asked her friend to come only told her where to meet over the phone.
    Is there some rule for this? I wasnt that angry as i am quite close to the front but my family thinks this isn’t right ethically.

    • I would not have been lining up for 30+ minutes for a burger, but if I had I would probably have said something.

      Not sure it would have made a difference though.

      • Say what exactly?

        • I've been lining up for 30 minutes so please join the queue?

    • my family was waiting in the line for 30+ minutes…

      For a standard burger? Why?

      • It was a huxtaburger valued $10. We dont have work. Other people was in the queue. Many reasons but just to name a few. At the end if the day it’s your choice.

    • I think that is acceptable, her friend was holding her place which is common practice. Unless both her friend and her just simply cut in front of you, i would be mad if that happened.

      • Don't agree with this when the queue is so long, and it's only 1 burger per person.

        It's different to a normal line where the person could just buy a burger for their friend anyway.

  • Have the lines subsided? Thinking of going around dinner time when the lines won't be so crazy (I hope!)

    • Around 30 people last time i saw. Wasnt as far as the library.

  • They are sold out now