Segway ES2 Kick Scooter - 2019 $625 Shipped @ BikesScooterCity ($579.16 Delivered with Price Beat at 99Bikes)


Best price I could find for a actual retailer was $625 at Brisbane based bike scooter city.

Then sent this through via the 99 Bikes website at:

Took about 2 days for the code to come through then simply checked out online.

$579.16 including free shipping or click and collect. PayPal or Zip pay available.

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    It's not a toooomer

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    They've been cheaper on previous deals I think.


    Are they better than M365 Pro?

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    Please do your research and make an educated decision before purchasing a Segway Ninebot ES2 Scooter.
    I really wanted the ES2 to be as good as it looks, but I was sorely disappointed.

    There is a well known fault with the main board causing multiple problems from general use not limited to:

    • Loss of power/speed
    • Complete main board failure
    • Electric break failure
    • Electric motor shudder
    • Headlight dimming or failure (no light at all)

    All requiring main board replacement by Segway or affiliated service centres, DIY replacement is blocked by encrypted keys and so on.
    Once the main board is replaced the issues reoccur because nothing has been done by Segway to rectify the design flaws.

    There are ways to DIY repair and replace with third party components, but it is completely ridiculous that this is required.

    Some links for reference:

    Many many more sites with posts around a wide range of issues not addressed by Segway for the Ninebot ES2.

    Buyer beware.

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      Thanks for the heads up! Almost bought. Reckon the m365 the way to go? Looks like you can get it from gearbite on ebay for $540 with popper10.

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        The M365 Pro would be the better of the two, though it is not free of issues either.
        The M365 standard is slower and less range and struggles on inclines, same issues as pro but has been discounted heavily at times in recent deals posted here, so may be at the right price point depending on location and use.

        IMPO, the M365 Pro is not worth the $800 odd dollarydoos that you can get it for all day every day, if it was discounted closer to $600 it would be worth it.

        There is a great firmware "hack" tool online allowing lots of adjust-ability depending on the distance you travel and or how fast you want to go, plus there are lots of third party bits and pieces available.

        Also, if Segway sorted out the ES2 (skinny ES4) main board issues, I would be riding an ES2 from the couch to the fridge in a heartbeat. This issue has been going on so long, I gave up waiting for that day to come a long time ago.

        But please, do research this yourself and form your own opinions, I am merely going on personal experience and my findings online.

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          I've had the M365 Pro for the past 3 months and have almost 700km on it, commuting to work every day and using it as my main means of transport. No issues so far.

          Segway just released the Ninebot Max which is basically an improved version of the M365 Pro: bigger capacity battery, slightly stronger motor, rear wheel drive, larger tires (big one), ~4kg heavier.


          Thanks. The firmware hack sounds promising. I think the standard plus hack might be the way to go.

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    Got rejected for the price beat as this is a pre-order

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    I was going for one of these with an extra battery but there wasn't many use cases for when it would be useful for commuting for me. I do 7kms each way to work. Ended up buying a bafang mid drive E bike conversion kit that goes 120km per charge. My commute is down to 13mins and I charge once every 2 weeks. 40kph max speed cruising on flats. Couldn't be happier with the decision. Haven't used my car for commuting to work since. $$$


    Is this legal to use on footpaths in NSW?


      They are actually not legal to use on public areas in NSW. You can use them legally on private property but not roads or footpaths.


    Are these legal in Canberra?