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Asus ROG 2 Mobile Phone 8GB 128GB - US$573.61 Shipped (~AU$836.86) @ ETEAM Store via AliExpress


Looks to be $900+ locally, $860+ on eBay so this is a good price if you're keen on this one :)

Flash deal, ends at 5pm AEST

Don't forget 4% cashback - Further $33.47 discount

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    Isn't 10% GST added on checkout?

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    No thanks

    Q: What is your store warranty rules?

    A: 6 Months Store Warranty


      I think we'll struggle to get much else given its not a locally sold item. Apart from well relying on some sellers to help you AFTER paypal 6 months passes… Good luck with some.

      Maybe home and contents if your excess isn't too high? Though mine is… Unless it's accidental :)

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    Marques' favourite

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    Just a note, this is the tencent china version. Has some minor differences from the other version.


    Just read the GSMarena review of this phone. Absolutely bonkers phone. Almost tempted to finally ditch Samsung after 7 years for this phone.


      It's a BIG phone though.


        I know. But that overall package is too enticing. Mind you, I'm still happy with my s8

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        Well you do know some people have big hands. So this phone maybe suited to them.


          I've got pretty big hands myself but still wouldn't want a massive phone to hold. Plus it'd look like I've got a (cool looking). tablet against my head. I want this phone, but a tad smaller, like 5.9 inches.


            @Trishool: Oh i had seen worst. We are talking 7 or so inch tablet someone was holding to the side of their face to have a phone conversation.

            Then again my galaxy tab s4 can do phone calls. Not game enough to use it like a phone however.


    So its best to buy it from Ebay then :) cool thanks


    None of the cheap ones on eBay list Band 28…is there really a variant of this phone that has Band 28 missing? I'm surprised at how cheap it is otherwise…that 6000mah battery is seriously tempting.

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    Shame it doesn't have a MicroSD slot too, it would have really been the all-in-one flagship that the Note 10 should have been.

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      That's where you get the bigger one… You won't need more than 1tb storage anyway…

      The only minor negative I see is the camera doesn't match everything else. Otherwise it's easily the best all round phone ever made. Best screen, best battery, best processor, fastest storage, most ram… Amazing accessories…

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        If they manage to get the camera (which does have the same sensor!) To the quality of the Zenfone6, then we'll be laughing!


          The camera is the ONLY reason I haven't preordered it. I wanna see a bit more. Coming from a Note 8 I'd be upset if it's worse….


            @scuderiarmani: It can ONLY be software, since the sensor is the same.

            If we can install the Zenfone6 camera software (even if front camera is disabled, because zenfone flips the rear), we can be assured an amazing experience.


        This has 128GB only. Where did you see 1TB?


      Dude, it has 1TB internally. Do you really need SD slot at that point?

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      I agree fellow At0mican. :)

      That said, with Android being so open these days, and this phone coming in up to 512gb internal, im not so upset.

      I think you'd be hard pressed to fill the phone in a day, even with 4k video and raw photos.

      A usb-C memory stick should allow you to dump created media off quick and easy.

      If you need the space for apps and vm's or such, then i feel your pain.

      That said, i dont even bother with FLAC on a phone, because the environemnt is always too noisy.

      High rate OGG, or mp3 (in a pinch) is usually as good as anyone can hear around city streets and in cars.

      I wanted the zenfone6 but this…. Hmmmmmmm


      It's not water resistant either. But then every phone is a compromise somewhere.

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    This phone has virtually everything I want. Just don't get why gaming phones have to be so hideously ugly.

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    really nice phone had a friend buy it for me from china cost $700 AUD replaced my note 9

    just install google play store from in-phone app store and you are good to go all the junk app can be uninstalled

    the battery life is so good with very heavy use still have around 20%

    in-phone power management is very good you can select which you want to run in background and terminate as soon as you exit

    the side usb charge port is the best feature if you play games, playing while charging always got in the way, now its comfy

    air trigger really gives you an edge while playing shooter games

    speaker is very very good

    headphone jack for these time when you forgot to charge bluetooth earphone

    people were saying screen is bad when using the phone in darkroom but i haven't noticed it

    can install gcam (same cam as the zenphone) for improved photo quality but im not a photo guy so cant be bothered

    phone is just warm after hours of gaming, note 9 gets hot!

    few negative point

    1. only have 2 language english US and chinese
    2. heavy and big
    3. no themes store
    4. in-screen finger scanner works around 70%
    5. some people dont like the design (just buy a case cover the back) for everyone else the phone comes with a very good clear phone case and the glowing led light is such a nice feature haha

      Does it have band 28 and what's the onboard app store? How easy is it to put on the google apps and go from there?


        works with boost 4g+, takes 1m to install google, open app store type google play, select install and you are done

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      GCAM is available on Zenfone6, however is not the same software used by Zenfone6 by default.
      There is a much more advanced camera app on there, that has all the flip camera and EIS magic.


      I love that fake RRP though :)

      2 months buyer protection, 38-59 days shipping…. No wonder I never buy from them.

      By that stage it'll be significantly cheaper

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