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Panasonic Eneloop Pro Batteries 4x AAA $15.96, 4x AA $17.96 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


Shopping Square $5 off Promo Stacks with PSPRUNG eBay code, Discount shows at Checkout

  • 4x AAA $15.96
  • 4x AA $17.96

Thanks to BA for the Original Coupon Deal

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  • Lada batteries from Ikea are the new Eneloops. $15 pickup for the 2450mAh AAs. Made in Japan.

    Not sure how much delivery is. (You can get $10 off if you sign up to Ikea family on their website.)


  • Oooh, I don't have any black ones…

  • Recommend a charger?

    • Option B Ikea have a charger that does 12 at a time, and it's a smart charger so it won't degrade the batteries. We've just ordered 5 for work and the build quality is quite good.

      • I'll go with Ikea. Cheers

      • +5 votes

        I assume you're talking about Ikea's "STORHÖGEN" charger for $49.

        Despite what Ikea claim, it IS NOT a smart charger. The charge current per channel is so low, that the batteries are unlikely to ever exhibit the -dV/dT effect. Without that effect, the charger won't know when to stop charging.

        A good charger has -dV/dT charge termination AND charges the batteries in 2-4 hours. 2-4 hours is the best charge duration, if you go shorter then the batteries can overheat. Longer and the batteries won't exhibit the -dV/dT effect. There is one exception to this rule that I know of: the Nitecore D2 and D4 chargers "time share" the batteries between the charging channels, so they will correctly terminate the battery after 7-9 hours charging, using -dV/dT.

        Ikea's LADDA charger ($25) is Ikea's ONLY smart charger, and will charge AA Eneloop Pro batteries in about three hours. However, it's "display" (a single lamp) is very limiting. If you have one battery with low capacity, you'll get no indication from the charger, the light only changes colour when all of the batteries have finished charging.

        For only a little more (about AU$30), you can have a full-featured charger like the Liitokala Lii-500.
        Example: https://www.dx.com/p/liitokala-lii500-18650-smart-battery-ch...
        However you'll need a plug adapter with this particular one, it says it comes with a UK power adapter. Occasionally Banggood sell ones with AU power adapters, but it's pretty rare, as the manufacturer doesn't do AU plugs. Beware if you are looking for cheaper prices, some sellers don't supply a mains adapter at all.

      • The Nitecore D4 is a good charger if you're only charging two batteries at a time. But it only has two charging channels for four battery slots, so when charging more than two batteries, it "time shares" the charging channels between the batteries. With two batteries, each battery gets 750mA. With four batteries, because of the "time sharing", the average charging current drops to 375mA. That makes it take twice as long to charge, typically 7-9 hours for a fully-flat AA eneloop pro.

        On average, it's more expensive than the Liitokala Lii-500, which will charge four AA eneloop pro batteries in three hours (charge current 1000mA per battery for 1-4 batteries). So the Nitecore is good, but not great. I have both of these chargers, plus a Maha C9000 and an Aldi charger.

  • $15 delivery without ebay+?

  • Anyone knows what the rating are? mAh that is.

  • Ozbargain Pro

  • I'm heavily invested in Eneloop like many. Watched a YouTube review recently and they in general came out pretty poor. Unsure when it was done and pricing of others though..
    But generally they were near the bottom.

    • That's not good :(

      • I'll look for it

        Found it.

        • The advantage of Eneloops is their low self-discharge rate and long cycle life, not raw capacity. Eg https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?392229-J...

          • @299792458: ProjectFarm (the video channel linked) has said they're doing a follow-up at (from memory) 3, 6, 9, 12 months. I assume that it'll be out 12 months from the last video. Jan 2020.

        • Unfortunately, the results are not statistically significant due to the tiny sample size (1 per brand or possibly 2).

          Results that are statistically not significant, just means the results are meaningless, and no inferences can be made about the battery population as a whole, for each brand.

          I'm not criticising the video (which looks well designed from a technical perspective) but from a statistical perspective this video/test tells us nothing about any brand.

          And no, these tests don't even give an indication or rough idea either, not from a mathematical/statistical point of view.

          Having said that, even I am tempted to draw some conclusions after watching the video, because it seems to make logical sense, but I have to remind myself that statistically the results should be ignored.

          I'd be interested to see a test involving more batteries of each brand, bought at random locations, to calculate a confidence interval, which would show statistically significant results (assuming that the total number of each brand of batteries produced is known, or can be reasonably estimated).

          Statistics is a hell of a hard subject, and one I probably struggled with the most at uni, but the small sample size and statistical significance are basic concepts covered in first year, and I'm not sure how to explain that the results are meaningless without possibly offending someone.

    • I also find them underwhelming. I love that they are Made in Japan. And TBH, I haven't found a better rechargeable AA. But I use them for camera gear, and compared to stock batteries that can accept say a Canon battery or AA, the Canon battery utterly destroys them in performance, and by more than the capacity would suggest. They also seem to discharge much higher than advertised too. I'll stick with them for now, but it's not case closed.

      • I've got a bridge camera (aka "fancy point and shoot"), tempted to get some for that purpose versus regular AAs. Your comment about discharge rate is concerning though. I take it that it's not too bad considering you say you haven't found a better rechargeable?

    • the review was using eneloop not eneloop pro which probably explains the performance difference vs the Ikea LADDA which are higher capacity and are supposed to be same as the eneloop pros. From what i read all rechargeables come from only one manufacturer in Japan and branding just gets slapped on.

  • Finally got some. Need to get the nitrate charger?

  • Good timing - my Ebay Plus trial expires tomorrow!

    Bought 8 x AAs in two separate transactions to get 2 x $5.00 discounts.

    This deal prompted me to check my Eneloop collection - 18 x AAAs and only 3 x AAs.

    Now I'm sort of back in balance.

  • I just bought Aldi 4x AAA rechargeables for $6. Most likely not as good as these but for those interested check out this thread

    They are right where you check out, next to the alkaline batteries.

    • The Aldi rechargeables are not bad at all. I have the Eneloop and Ikea white cells as well. The actual capacity of the Aldi ones are real, they just don't hold charge as long as the Eneloop and Ikea cells, but hey, they are more affordable

  • +2 votes

    Remember the good old days when a pack of 8 (not pro) was under $20?

  • I am a simple ozbargainer. I see eneloop, I upvote.

  • It's a good price but recent last deal from this seller (on their other ebay account https://feedback.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&...

    took them over 2 1/2 weeks to deliver my batteries. Don't believe the expected delivery date on eBay.

    Check their recent feedback in the link above for the eneloop batteries, consistently negatives and neutrals for delivery time.

    In saying that if you ain't in a rush pull the trigger

    • Last time they promised Botanicals (Eneloop White in fancy packaging) and delivered Pros.

      Unfortunately, in some use cases Pro is not an upgrade.

  • In the future, the price per barrel of Eneloops will supersede that of oil.

  • 1/4 My last lot of these have died 2 years on, always charged with an intelligent charger so as not to over heat, just general use like remote controls, portable radios, I guess 2 year use is acceptable in this day and age.

  • We are in a thread of decent batteries not rubbish that some seem to think the cheapest rechargeable batteries compete with the title one !

    What is a decent quality charger ( please the rubbish cheapest guys your nasty crap won't cut it ) ?

  • They should make orange-coloured OzBargain branded eneloops!

  • So, I read the Pros hold more charge (in mAh) but can only be recharged up to 500 times.

    While normal eneloops hold less charge bit can be recharged up to 2,000 times (possibly up to 2,500).

    I remember reading this on the Panasonic website itself, under specifications, but it's possible I didn't remember it right (I'm 90% sure).

    • At 500 charges they would last me ~20 years.

      • Exactly.

        Plus they lose a small amount of total capacity every time they're recharged, so I'd prefer the higher capacity Pros (500 recharges is more than enough, even if they did lose a significant amount of capacity after one or two hundred recharges).

        For the money, I don't think there is a cheaper option (especially when they're on sale).

        It's just absolutely critical to get the ones made in Japan.

  • Does the 'production date' affect the performance of these? I just got 4 of the 4 packs delivered, and 2 of the packs have a production date of 05-2018. Should I message the eBay seller about it?