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[QLD] Supreme 98+ Fuel 136.9¢ Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Algester


Good price as fuel is on the rise. Thanks to projectzerothree and its founder.

Mod: Upon investigation on Petrolspy and running Nox via GPS emulator, it seems that the station is out of 91 and is charging their 91 price for 98. See Main 7 Eleven Fuel App thread and Deal Posting Guidelines: Fuel.

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  • Thanks @OP much appreciated

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    Finally the mods allow this on the main thread.

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      Just take the OzBargain helicopter there.

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    -27.606830906 153.033499866

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    Locked in 129.9 for 95 the other day when it was posted

    I've finally figured it out. They make us think we are saving money, but we end up driving more so we can consume more petrol to get in on the next deal.

    It's a vicious cycle man, and they've got me hooked!

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      It's like crack. I have a breakdown when I have a price locked in and another better deal comes up. Driving to a servo to fill $2 in tank to reset a lock to lock in the newer deal. Or the guilt when my car and jerry cans are filled to the brim and I can only fill up a fraction of a voucher expiring in an hour lol

      Also have the 95 129.9 locked in

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        I have one account in mine and one in the wifes name, does the trick if you find cheaper.

  • ty

  • Thanks, locked in :)

  • FYI. Petroleum vaporises. And the ‘leftover’ is less combustible than the fresh one.

  • Its 154.9

    • It's expired now.

  • doesn't seem to be available.

  • Unfortunately my helicopter broke down…didn't manage to get to Algester in time. I'm not fortunate or smart enough to have a self driving plane like some.

    Win some, you lose some.

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    How to download 7-11App?
    Mine is asking for update..
    Thanks in advance…

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      Goto the Play/App Store and download/update it…

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      Open your phone manual and refer to page 43

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        Page 42 if you have the 2018 manual…

  • OMG… Only just realised the 7-Eleven Fuel app "deal" was still functional (via Nox). I'd given up on it once they'd clamped down on FakeGPS spoofing. Happy days (even though it's slightly more of a workaround now).

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      Their clamp down was more bark than bite

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