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[QLD] Logitech X50 Speaker - $20 in Store @ Officeworks


Popped into my local Officeworks in Townsville this afternoon and noticed a stack (20+) of the X50 on markdown from $29, down to $20.

Can't see it anywhere on their website, so methinks Logitech and Officeworks are phasing this old girl out!

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  • Also available for $23.20 @ Bing Lee eBay when you use P20BLEE at checkout.

    Although it's only worth it if you have eBay Plus or you are able to pick it up

  • +3

    I've had one for a couple of years. Still goes strong. Not AMAZING quality, but sure beats the phone speaker!

  • perfect for podcasts and you tube I have 2 of these highly recommend

  • Wait for 15 bucks or lower.

  • bought one 3 years ago for $15.

  • The button on these sometimes have issues

  • For the money, this is a great speaker. Had mine for a couple years and still going strong. Is also fairly durable if you have a toddler who likes to throw things on the ground!

  • These are not waterproof aye? No good for a eurotrance dance session in the shower?

    Just a little too slowwwwww

  • Decent little speaker. Bought a handful for around $20 three years ago for Christmas (also at office works if I remember correctly)
    RRP was somwhere around $50 back than.

    • they are stil more than $30 on eBay - at least if there's a problem you can always get a warranty claim from Officeworks.

  • -3

    I've had one of these - ended up throwing it out - no way are they worth $20.

    • I feel like I could get something very similar for $5 on ebay and I have not even checked yet.

      Honestly no need for a wireless bluetooth speaker as I prefer to be undercover and silent whenever I need to listen to music or youtube but yeah if I had to buy something I would probably just chance it from ebay.

      I mean how much do you exactly NEED from a wireless bluetooth speaker.. just decent battery life and if possible waterproof for me maybe double as a battery bank but that is it honestly.. a solar powered one would be pretty cool or solar powered rechargeable one maybe but yeah unless you really attach more money and a higher price tag to value these are really not that worth it.

      Flashy yes.

      Hotel. Trivago.

  • Should also be available throughout NSW (Five Dock had stock as of this morning)

  • +1

    The sound on these is terrible. I returned mine it was so poor

  • $15 each at Lismore Officeworks

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