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$20 off Orders over $89 (Minimum Spend $69) @ Youfoodz


I received an email today.

Save $10 by ordering 5 'clean' meals on special for $7.95 each.

Get a FURTHER $20 discount by entering the code SPRINGBONUS on purchases over $89.00 (before discount). Minimum spend $69.00. Code expires 11:59pm on Wednesday 25 September 2019.

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    Seems like a good deal. I've been thinking about giving youfoodz a try. I got up to the checkout stage but changed my mind after realizing Perth have to pay $20 for delivery :( I think this would stop a lot of Perth customers from completing their order!
    I think i'll go for the aldi $7.95 option until there's an offer for free delivery to Perth, that can stack with a code like this


    I have been meaning to give YF a try.. Can anyone tell me if the meals come frozen, or can be frozen? or how long do they last in the fridge??


      They do not come frozen, they are packed with ice packs, you can freeze them.. Keep in mind a lot of places like aldi now stock them. Just check out the stockists page

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        Thanks for the info - might go to my local Aldi tomorrow and buy a couple and try them out before i order. :-)


    The food is pretty good overall but being fresh it's best not to stock up. Like previous poster i buy from aldi

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    Unlike the website Aldi don’t have a big selection.


    If you add 2 x 6meals($49 each), with the promo you will get around $5.6 per meal ($67.45/12)

    Example below.
    Spring Sampler Pack - 6 for $49
    Dinner Pack - 6 for $49

    Total(with promo)$67.45